3 Methods For Sewer Repair in Memphis

The plumbing in your home plays a very big part in your daily routine. Imagine trying to go a few days without running water—you would certainly be inconvenienced, and probably very irritated. It’s not easy to live without indoor plumbing, that’s why it’s so important to keep your plumbing properly maintained and regularly serviced.

Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever. Your home’s plumbing, and sewer line, will eventually need replacements, and repairs. When you need sewer repair in Memphis, you need to call in a professional that you can trust! That’s why Stewart Plumbing is your source for reliable, high quality plumbing services. Don’t settle for less than you, and your home, deserve! Call Stewart at the first sign of damage!

Sewer Repair

  • A damaged sewer line can be a major problem. Not only does it prevent you from being able to use several amenities in your home, but it can also lead to a serious mess, and a very expensive repair. Whether it’s a clog, leak, or blockage, you need a professional to address any sewer line issue as soon as possible.
  • Stewart Plumbing is your go-to plumbing service in Memphis. They will quickly have one of their experts assess the damage to your sewer line. By using a special drain camera, a licensed technician from Stewart will be able to detect the exact location of your sewer troubles, and help you avoid unnecessary excavations and expensive repairs.
  • Stewart Plumbing also offers slip-lining repair. This method is trenchless, meaning it doesn’t require excavating the entire sewer line. A slip-line repair is an installation of a smaller pipe at the source of the line’s damage. The small pipe fits inside the damaged section and the space is filled around it. In no time at all, your sewer line will be flowing properly. This resourceful option saves you a ton of money on expensive excavation, and lot’s of time as well!

For the best in the business, and all of your plumbing needs, call Stewart Plumbing today!

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