3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Sump Pump in Hernando, MS

Your sump pump keeps you protected from flooding, pumping away any excess water it detects. It’s important to regularly check it for any problems, as any hindrances to its normal operation can put your house and property at risk for high-cost damage. Setting a calendar reminder on your phone or other mobile device to check it with some regularity is a great preventative measure. If you’re not sure what exactly you should be looking for when you check it, though, don’t worry — here are three common signs that you should call a plumber for help repairing your sump pump in Hernando, MS.

  1. You notice a musty odor when you are around the sump pump: This one is generally noticeable even if you’re not doing a regular check — if you notice a musty smell in the vicinity of the sump pump, one reminiscent of mold and mildew, that probably means that significant growth has built up and needs to be cleaned out. If it hasn’t been addressed for quite a while, it may require repairs in addition to cleaning, so make sure you call a professional to come check it out.
  1. The sump pump is noisy during operation: If your sump pump is making a lot of loud, mechanical noises, you should call for repairs right away. Normal pump operation is ordinarily quiet, and the sounds could be a sign of serious technical problems that may prevent the pump from doing its job and lead to flooding and/or water damage.
  1. You notice water starting to come in around the sump pump: This one, of course, is the most obvious of all. If you’ve already got leaking or flooding around your sump pump, it’s a sure sign that it’s not doing its job correctly. This is another case where you should immediately call for repairs; holding off can have damaging consequences for your property.

If you notice any of the above problems with your sump pump in Hernando, MS, don’t delay — call Stewart Plumbing for the best service. With their help, you’ll ensure you and your family never have to worry about flooding or the property damage that comes along with it.

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