3 Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair in Southaven, MS

Garbage disposal repair in Southaven, MS is an important step in maintaining a high level of convenience in your home. When you’re looking to discard food particles and other waste, your garbage disposal can work to chop it all up. But even though it can perform at a high level of quality for years, your garbage disposal will reach a point where it needs to be repaired to ensure it keeps working to your liking.  Otherwise, you suddenly have one less place to get rid of any waste.

Stewart Plumbing is here to provide you with garbage disposal repair in Southaven, MS that will keep your garbage disposal working to the best of its abilities. Besides, when your garbage disposal isn’t working, you need to hire a professional to do the job. It’s unwise to hire an unlicensed handyman to conduct garbage disposal repair as you may be only risking further damage to the disposal to the point where you may need to replace it entirely. Instead, refer to one of our fully trained plumbers and we can provide repairs to make your disposal work better than ever.

When Should You Call for Garbage Disposal Repair?

If you notice any of these 3 signs, please don’t skip a beat and call Stewart for garbage disposal repair immediately:

  1. Dull Blades: After years of chopping up waste to bits, the blades of your disposal are bound to start weakening and become dull to the point where they are rendered ineffective. This problem can only result in a higher chance of clogs due to the blades’ inability to chop up larger food particles, which will only cost you more on repair in the future. Once you suspect your blades are dulling, please call a professional for inspection.
  2. Humming Noises: Your disposal runs on a motor to spin its internal blades. It may make some noise when you turn it on. However, a louder, humming noise is certainly not what you want to hear and indicates there is a problem with the motor that needs to be fixed. The humming can overheat the motor and damage its operational parts.
  3. No Power: This sign indicates big trouble. If your garbage disposal is failing to turn on, you definitely need repair immediately. Power failure may indicate faulty electrical connections, either due wiring problems or circuit breaker trips. Either way, it needs professional attention right away.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today for garbage disposal repair in Southaven, MS especially after noticing these 3 signs!

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