5 Reasons to Upgrade to Tankless Water Heating in Memphis

If you own a home in Memphis, then you know that replacing your hot water heater is one of those dreaded necessary evils most property owners will eventually have to face. If you’ve haven’t had to yet and you’ve lived in your home for the last 8 to 10 years, your time is coming. Regardless of the reason why you haven’t needed to research water heating options its important to know that there are a lot of great options available to homeowners including tankless water heating.

Tankless water heating in Memphis come in a larger variety, are more energy efficient and more manageably priced than ever before. However those are just a few of the reasons to switch to tankless water heating in Memphis.

You should consider tankless water heating in Memphis because:

1.) It’s hot water “on demand.”

What does “on demand” tankless water heating in Memphis? With tankless heating, all you have to do to have hot water is turn on the faucet is turn it on. And there’s no waiting for the tank to refill after someone takes a shower. Water is heated, as it’s needed.

2.) They use less space.

Water heaters are big and bulky. They take up valuable storage space. Insulation guidelines have recently been increased, which means even larger tanks than before. Tankless water heaters are small enough to mount on walls.

3.) They’ll get you more money.

Buyers want upgrades. They want problem free homes that have energy efficient appliances and are move in ready. When it’s time to sell, having a tankless water heating in your Memphis home will make it stand out from other less-modernized options.

4.) They’ll cost you less money.

Even if you’re not thinking about selling now, you can still take advantage of monetary benefits of having tankless water heating in Memphis. Installing tankless water heating in Memphis is more expensive putting in a water heater with a tank. However, tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years need and require less maintenance.  When repairs are needed they are typically less expensive than traditional models as well.

 5.) They’ll cost you less money. Part II.

In a traditional water heater, water is warmed up and stored until someone turns on the dishwasher or other appliance. Think of all the money you spend each night while you are sleeping or while you are at work, keeping water – that is not being used – warm. Having tankless water heating in your Memphis home means having water that is “on demand,” which can result in lower monthly energy bills.

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