5 Reasons to Get Water Heater Repair in Memphis

All of your home’s appliances will get worn down as you use them. However, you don’t have to go running to get a replacement just because it’s a bit run-down. Something like your old water heater may just need a repair job from Stewart Plumbing, the Memphis plumbing experts. Avoiding a breakdown can save you a good deal of money. However, you have to know what signs to look for. If you can recognize these signs, you can save yourself a major headache and avoid having a broken water heater.

Here are five signs you should get a water heater repair for your Memphis home:


Mineral problems

Minerals in your water can do a lot more than make your water taste strange. When minerals build up around a water heater’s heating elements, it can have trouble heating the water and can even overheat. Also, build-ups can happen in the pipes and prevent you from getting hot water. Worst-case scenario, you might have to deal with a leak when the minerals corrode the inside of the tank. If your home’s water pressure seems low, you might have problems with minerals. Buying a water softener can help with these problems.


Leaky tank

A leaking tank is an obvious and major issue for any tank-based water heater. However, unless you regularly look at your water heater, you may not notice any leaks. Sometimes you can find leaking coming from the fittings, temperature release valve, and connections. Leaking from those areas is more easily fixed. If you don’t find any in those places, your tank might be leaking and need a replacement.


Rusty water

Rusty water has a couple of causes, but the exact cause can be determined by what water is rusty. If you’re only finding rust in your hot water, the rust is likely coming from a corroded water tank. However, if all of your water has rust, your rust is coming from a pipe. Whatever the cause, you should call Stewart Plumbing to find and fix the problem. On a similar note, water that’s cloudy and smells strange represents a mineral buildup in your water heater’s tank. You can often fix this by flushing your tank, but be careful. Flushing the tank of a poorly-maintained water heater might open up a hole in the tank that was filled with mineral sediment.


Loud noises

Major appliances like water heaters will inevitably make some noise. However, loud popping, crackling, or rumbling noises are serious issues. Sediment in the water heater tank can build up around the heating element, making it harder for it to work and causing noise. Without a flushing and thorough cleaning, the tank may corrode from the inside out and start leaking.


Difficulty heating

When your water heater isn’t heating your water, that means you have a problem on your hands. Electrical models may need a trip to the circuit breakers while gas models might need to have their pilot light relit. When it gets particularly cold, poorly-insulated pipes and tanks may freeze and make it harder to get hot water. Some of the other problems that can cause heating problems include worn heating elements, a faulty thermostat, or sediment build-up.


Why call Stewart Plumbing to attend to my water heater’s needs?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our water heater replacement services!

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