5 Tips for Water Heater Maintenance in Memphis

If you’re looking to ensure greater water heater performance this fall, then consider water heater maintenance in Memphis! We’ll soon be experiencing cooler temperatures here in Memphis in the upcoming months, and you’ll undoubtedly be relying on your water heater to get you through the season. But without maintaining it, your water heater may bust during the season’s coldest days, leaving you without comforting hot water for showers, laundry, and dish washing.

It’s best you seek professional care, and you can find great water heater maintenance in Memphis at Stewart plumbing. Our team of water heating experts can survey your water heater for any potential problems that grow worse without professional attention. We can also test all of your plumbing fixtures to make sure you’re receiving a steady flow of hot water for all of them!

Water Heater Maintenance in Memphis: 5 Tips

Sometimes all it takes to ensure your water heater is working by doing some maintenance work of your own. That’s right: you have the power to keep your water heating system up and running! Here are 5 tips to maintain your water heater:

  1. Make a Clear Path. Sometimes water heaters can be in hard to reach places, like hiding away in the corner of your basement or attic, so make sure you have a clear path to it in case of an emergency. If you have a gas-powered unit, it’s also helpful for it to get enough oxygen so it can sustain a proper level of efficiency.
  2. Know What Fuels Your Water Heater. Different types of water heaters include those run by natural gas, electricity or propane. Storage tanks and tankless water heaters operate on different fuel. Also pay attention to things like model number and age to know what type of fuel your water heater can handle.
  3. Locate Shutoff Valve: Get familiar with its power supply in case of an emergency, like a leak or if you smell gas. You’ll want to shut off your main gas valve and water shutoff valve, so make sure you know their locations. This is especially important to know during an emergency situation.
  4. Drain Your Water Heater Annually. Flush out your water heater utilizing the drain valve into a 5-gallon bucket. You risk a higher chance of sediment contamination if you do not drain water regularly, making your water dangerous to consume and use for daily activities.
  5. Check Thermostat: Your water heater’s thermostat is responsible for keeping hot water at a temperature that comforts you. However, it can malfunction sooner than you realize. Please check the thermostat often and change the temperature so it keeps everyone in your household satisfied.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today for water heater maintenance in Memphis and as always, follow these 5 tips!

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