5 Water Heater Accessories To Improve Your Heater’s Effectiveness

Water heater accessories

A properly installed and maintained water heater will operate efficiently and effectively for years after it’s purchase. And while most systems are more than suited to keeping your household comfortable, we at Stewart Plumbing believe even good things can be made better. That’s why we’ve compiled this quick list of five water heater accessories you can purchase and install to improve the effectiveness and safety of your equipment. 

  1. Timers Perfect for the energy-conscious customer, these devices help cut down on the power your heater draws when not in-use.  These devices get wired directly into the unit’s electrical supply and can be set so the water heater only draws electricity at specified times, making sure your water heater is never acting like an energy vampire. 
  2. Expansion Tanks These are pretty simple, as they just provide extra tank-space for more water. Ideal for homes that have had additions built and require additional heating, more tank space means more water, which inevitably means more heat. 
  3. Water Heater Pan Another fairly standard item, the pan acts as a reservoir to collect excess/overflowing water. The pan has an opening in the side for a drain hose to carry away any overflow water. While seemingly mundane on its own, the pan is especially effective when combined with our next entry…
  4. Leak Detectors and Alarms. These little gizmos can be real life-savers. They sit either in the pan beside the water heater. If the heater leaks or overflows, the alarm will sense the liquid coming into the pan and give an audible alarm to alert the homeowner that there’s a problem. Some of these alarms are even equipped with Wi-Fi so you can be alerted on your phone. A leak detector/alarm can be a huge money-saver should your water heater ever spring a leak, giving you an early heads-up on the problem. 
  5. Water Heater Stands. These accessories raise gas units off the ground, protecting them (and your home) from fire should flammable liquid spill nearby. When installing one of these devices, note that it will have an impact on your measurements along with your plumbing and venting. Unless you’re a plumbing expert yourself, are absolutely going to want to have a professional on-hand for a stand installation to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Consult With Your Plumber  There are plenty of water heater accessories out there to make your equipment that much more effective at keeping your home comfortable. Give us a call at Stewart today and ask us about possible water heater accessories and other ways you can increase your equipment’s safety and effectiveness!

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