6 Benefits of Giving Your Water Heater a Flush

At Stewart Plumbing, we offer a variety of services for repairing and replacing your water heater. However, wouldn’t it be better to know how to prevent some of the issues we can resolve? A major issue for tank water heaters is the accumulation of sediment inside the tank. Over time, sediment and build up and cause a variety of problems for your water heater. By regularly giving your water heater tank a flush, you can clear out sediment and extend your water heater’s life.

Here are six ways that giving your water heater a flush can help you:


Clean out sediment

The main reason you’ll want to flush out the tank is to dispose of any sediment inside it. Water heaters can fail for a wide variety of reasons, such as a leaking tank or it works too hard. Sediment plays a role in multiple causes of failure, so cleaning it out can make your water heater healthier.


Improved heating

A common problem caused by sediment is that it settles and solidifies at the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it blocks the heating element from the water, making it harder to heat the water. It’s always possible something else can cause your water heating problems, but this is a common cause with a simple solution.


Reduced energy costs

Reduced energy costs and improved heating go hand-in-hand. When a sediment buildup is making your water heater inefficient, it’ll take longer to heat your water. This means you’ll be paying more for what you normally get.


Warranty protection

Some warranties won’t cover the costs of repairs or replacement if scale buildup is what ruined your water heater. If you regularly flush out your water heater, you can prevent scale buildup and help ensure your warranty will be good.


Extend your water heater’s life

Flushing out your tank regularly can help prevent some of the major ways a water heater’s tank can fail.  Scale buildups in electric tanks can ruin the electrodes that heat the water. As for gas models, scale buildup on the tank’s bottom can make the bottom of the tank hotter than it should. Worst case scenario, the stress this causes can cause cracks and leaks.


Reduced noise

Noisy water heaters are often caused by buildups of scale and sediment. When sediment settles, small pockets of air can be mixed in with the hardened sediment. As the water heats up, the heated air pockets make a variety of noises.


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