6 Benefits of Water Jetting in Southaven

If you have some kind of plumbing in your home, it’s inevitable that it’ll eventually have a clog in it. There are a variety of methods that can be used to fix them, but water jetting offers a variety of benefits. Water jetting involves a video inspection to locate the location of the problem before spraying it with a water jet ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 psi. Stewart Plumbing can help you learn about its benefits and get you scheduled for water jetting in Southaven.

Here are six reasons water jetting in Southaven is superior to similar clog-clearing options:


It’s highly effective

Traditional plumbing methods can clear out clogs, but water jetting fully clears the line of any traces of the clog and any other debris in the pipe. Traditional plumbing methods leave behind residue that can build up over time, leading to slow draining or another clog.


It’s cost-effective

As mentioned previously, water jetting cleans out the clog and any traces of debris in the pipe. Clearing out other debris helps prevent future problems, which would cost money to have fixed. In other words, this treatment can pay for itself in saved maintenance costs.


It’s faster and more sanitary

Plumbing of any sort is a dirty job, but sanitation is still important. With traditional jobs, debris and sewage can come into contact with the plumber or worse, your home and the surrounding environment. Water jetting is faster than traditional methods, reducing the time the plumber has to spend in contact with sewage.


It’s environmentally friendly

It’s true that water jetting uses a lot of water, but it’s not nearly as environmentally wasteful as other methods. Other methods make use of procedures and chemicals that cause more environmental damage than simply using a lot of water. The lack of chemicals also makes it a viable cleaning choice for homes and buildings near water sources like rivers and likes.


It’s highly versatile

Water jetting isn’t just for commercial jobs. It’s fully capable of dealing with bigger and smaller jobs. Residential pipe clogged with sludge or grease? Water jetting can take care of it! It’s also able to take on heavy-duty problems like tree roots blocking a city’s sewer line.


It’s good preventative maintenance

Since water jetting fully clears out the pipes while unclogging them, it’s a great way to help prevent future problems with your plumbing. It’s a good idea to schedule a water jetting appointment whenever you buy a new building. The video inspection by itself can identify future problems and save you a lot of time and money on later issues.


How did Stewart Plumbing become a local expert in home service?

Originally founded in 1993, Stewart Plumbing is a home service company that has helped numerous customers over the year. Our company got a big break early on when we became the trusted client of Graceland, the estate of Elvis Presley. From there, our industry-leading results, unrivaled customer service, and observance of Nexstar policies gave us years of steady growth. If you’re looking for professional clog clearing, call Stewart Plumbing today to schedule a water jetting!

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