6 Signs You Require a Garbage Disposal Replacement

Your sink’s garbage disposal acts as a convenient way to dispose of trash and keep your sink and pipes clean. However, over time, it’ll get worn down and need replacing. Even if you haven’t been putting the wrong kinds of garbage in it, you’ll eventually need a replacement. A worn-down garbage disposal can affect the way you cook, clean your dishes, or keep your kitchen clean. Stewart Plumbing can help you identify when you need a garbage disposal replacement.

Here are six signs it’s time for a garbage disposal replacement:


Strange noises

Since garbage disposals make use of moving parts, any new noises coming from it are a sign of concern, especially a metallic one. You’ll want to use some tongs and a light to check the disposal for anything odd, like a loose utensil. If you find something, carefully remove it and test your disposal to see if the problem is fixed. If that doesn’t help, check the disposal components to make sure they’re aligned properly. Should the disposal still make odd noises, you should call in one of our professionals or consider a replacement.


Foul smells

Garbage disposals can smell sometimes because of how they breakdown wet food. It’s usually easy to fix this problem with some rinsing and cleaning. However, if the smell persists, you should call in a plumber. They can help you take it apart and find the source of the smell. Note that you shouldn’t use chemical cleaners on your disposal. They’re generally too hard for your disposal and can damage the blades and components.


Frequent resetting

Your garbage disposal has a reset button to help it recover from unusual situations, like large loads or clogs. In general, you shouldn’t have to use it very often. However, if you find yourself resetting frequently, your garbage disposal may be on its way out. Alternatively, there might be a loose wiring problem, which should be handled by one of our plumbers or electricians.


Frequent clogging

You probably know that you should only wash small amounts of food particles down at a time to avoid clogs. In addition, you probably know what not to wash down there. However, if you’re getting constant clogging, the problem might not be with your cleaning habits. This might be a sign you need a higher capacity device or that there’s a malfunction in the device.



Over time, water may seep through where the disposal connects to the rest of your plumbing system. These leaks can cause water to show up in a variety of places, like under your sink, by your cabinet, or under the disposal itself. It’s easy to mistake a disposal leak for something else leaking. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have a plumber check your plumbing if there’s a chance the leak is from your disposal.


Lack of power

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on or stay on, the motor might be having issues. Before you call us, check to see if resetting the garbage disposal does anything. In addition, you should also check on your circuit breaker to see that it’s working alright. If both of those don’t solve your issue, then you’ll likely have to call us about the motor.


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