6 Signs It’s Time For a Sump Pump Replacement

Having a sump pump for your home gives you about a decade’s worth of flood protection. However, sump pumps, like any other bit of plumbing, can fall prey to unexpected mechanical problems. If homeowners don’t catch on to these problems, they may find themselves taking unexpected damage from flooding. However, you can’t call for help if you don’t know what to look for. Let the experts at Stewart Plumbing help you learn when it’s time to call for a sump pump replacement.

Here are six signs that you’re due for a sump pump replacement:


A loud pump

Machines and appliances tend to get noisier when they have a mechanical problem, and sump pumps are no exception. When you hear rattling and grinding, you should examine the impeller, which is the fan at the bottom of the sump pump. Meanwhile, noisy motors signal that a bearing isn’t working properly.


Clogged pump and switches

It’s a good idea to get an airtight lid for any sump pumps you own. The lid will keep contaminants such as dust from getting into the pit, onto parts, or on the switches. All of these things could clog uncovered sump pumps.


Constant running

Your sump pump isn’t something that should be constantly running. If it runs too much, it’ll use more electricity and get run down quicker, reducing its lifespan. There are several reasons your pump won’t stop running:

  • The float switch is tangled or clogged.
  • Your pump is too big or too small for the pit.
  • The check valve is missing or broken.
  • There’s a continuous heavy flow into your sump pit. This could be caused by a high water table or underground spring.

Give us a call if your sump pump is constantly running to get someone to help you find and solve the pump’s problem.


Irregular cycling

Make sure your sump pump’s floater switch is adjusted correctly. If it isn’t, it can cause your sump pump to turn on and off irregularly, even when there’s heavy rain. Your sump pump’s improper switch setting makes it think you want it to turn on when it only has a few inches of water. Irregular cycling can also happen if the sump pump has a wiring problem or a short circuit.


Old age

You’ll always have to replace a sump pump eventually. On average, it’ll last for about a decade before it needs replacement. However, certain factors can make your sump pump die out quicker. Some of these include how often you use the pump, its quality, and how long it takes the pump to discharge water.


No water in the sump pit

When your sump pit has no water, even when the pump is running, the pit might not be properly installed or connected to your drainage system. Disconnect your sump pump and give us a call to see what the problem is.


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