The Advantages of Bio-Clean Drain Treatment

You may have seen in our last blog that we discouraged the use of chemical drain cleaners.  These formulas are powerful and can frequently break down tough drain clogs, but they come with a heavy price: after repeated use, brand-name chemical drain cleaners like Drano tend to corrode the inner lining of your pipes.  This causes sediment to get lose inside of your plumbing system, often resulting in further build-ups and blockages.  Your immediate problem may be solved, but each time you use chemicals on your pipes you’re actually creating a bigger headache for yourself down the line.

Luckily, though, there’s an alternative: it’s called Bio-Clean, and it’s an organic drain treatment solution that never does damage to the inorganic material of your pipes.  Stewart Plumbing strongly supports Bio-Clean for homeowner drain maintenance — in fact, we’ve become a certified dealer of Bio-Clean in order to help with the distribution of the product!  Why?

Because Bio-Clean works differently than other brands.  Instead of being made of destructive and dangerous chemicals, the Bio-Clean formula is comprised of bacteria and enzymes than literally digest clogs. They don’t do any harm to your pipes, and they’re significantly better for the environment because they’re naturally occurring.  Plus, they’re safer for people as well!  No more worrying about the use and storage of nasty chemicals.  You can do just as good a job keeping your drains obstruction free without all of those negative and dangerous elements.

What’s even cooler is that, because Bio-Clean is an organic, living substance, it isn’t restricted by gravity.  Once you put it into your drains, it spreads throughout the entire plumbing system, cleaning as it goes!

So, to review, Bio-Clean is:

  • Better for the Environment
  • Safer for your Family
  • More Effective for Cleaning Your Drains
  • Not Damaging to Your Pipes

What are you waiting for?  Put down those chemicals and call Stewart Plumbing to ask about how you can have Bio-Clean in your home today!  And in the case of a plumbing emergency, remember to call Stewart Plumbing to take care of any and all of your drain cleaning needs.

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