Ask a Plumber in Millington: When Do You Need Water Filtration?

Stewart Plumbing is happy to provide a plumber in Millington who can answer any of your burning questions, and one of the most popular questions we’ve received lately is on water filtration. There are plenty of enemies that are constantly fighting to invade your water supply. Local landfills, factories and farms may bring several contaminants to your doorstep, such as hard water, chlorine, pesticides, and other chemicals. You need to make sure you have an efficient solution to guard the quality of your drinkable and non-drinkable water so your family can reside in a healthy and happy home.

Luckily, Stewart Plumbing offers water filtration service to rid your water supply of bacteria, sediment, and minerals that can make your water dangerous to consume. We offer installation on whole home filtration, faucet filtration, and filtration for other appliances. But, whatever service you pursue, it’s important to know when to call us!

When Should You Call a Plumber in Millington?

If you’re unsure whether you need water filtration, allow plumber in Millington help you out. Though there are many indications where water filtration is absolutely necessary, here are a few of the most common:

  1. Significant Water Pressure Decline. Normal water filtration systems attach to the water main and are set up to filter water before it moves to its outputs. If these filters are clogged, the water flow will slow and cause a decrease in water pressure. Water filtration can actually help water pressure go back up to a normal, safe level.
  2. Discolored Water: This probably means that the containments are making their way through and the filters aren’t doing their jobs properly. Orange tints could mean iron deposits. Bluish-green tints could mean issues with an acid neutralizer. A strange tint could also mean your water filtration system is putting an excessive amount of additives in the water.
  3. Poor/ Unusual Taste: Probably the easiest warning sign to observe, as you’re most likely used to the taste of the water in your house. Any change could indicate a break in your filtration system and calls for immediate repairs. Not to mention, the water can be incredibly hazardous to consume if the problem persists as there’s no telling what sort of harmful bacteria or minerals are impacting its taste.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today for a plumber in Millington to install water filtration in your home so you can have water that’s crystal clear!

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