Ask a Memphis Drain Cleaning Expert: When is Excavation Necessary?

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If you are one of those homeowners that rarely gives a second though to sewer and drain maintenance, tree roots will soon become your worst enemy. Left unchecked, tree roots will be able to overpower your sewer line—quite literally choking it into submission. In many cases, extremely neglected debris will be allowed to accumulate to the point where cabling takes an excessive amount of time to complete.

  • If a half hour’s worth of cabling with a variety of cutting heads to only clearing away debris, but not actually opening the line for business, it’s time to make some important decisions.
  • It often deemed impossible to determine the full extent of the debris—specifically how much a given blockage has been burrowed through by the cabling process and how much is still hindering normal pipe flow.

When we cable a problematic drain lines and continually run up against an obstruction, we will usually draw out our cables and re-attempt the process a few times before we turn our focus to the values of excavation. Now, this is always a last resort for us, but the unfortunate truth is that some drain clogs are too far gone or stubborn to be solved through normal channels.

You Know You Need Excavation If:

  • The cable is pulled out of the line for inspection and mud or clay or a shiny surface is found on the cutting head. When a sewer line does break, rain and groundwater will often wash mud and clay into the line, causing or contributing to an obstruction. This is a common indication that the line itself is collapsed, punctured or otherwise damaged and therefore can likely only be repaired with excavation.
  • When a drain lines collapses, shears or root infestation is too large, the only reliable solution is exaction and partial or complete replacement of the entire line.

Excavation should always be a last resort to the experienced drain cleaner we will strive not to disturb your property unless we determine it is the absolute only way to solve your drain problems. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more or to schedule an in-home consultation.

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