3 Ways to Avoid Drain Clogs in Hernando, MS This Spring

Are you grossed out by standing water in your shower or foul odors emanating from your kitchen sink or garbage disposal? Sluggish drains and annoying clogs can be a major pain. Here are three easy ways to avoid drain clogs in Hernando, MS. Check out these simple solutions for preventing clogged drains in the first place.

  1. A Little Piece Of Mesh: A metal or plastic mesh screen that eliminates bits and pieces of solids from going down your drain are the simplest cure for drain clogs. Use one to cover the drain’s opening and you’ll see a major reduction in drain clogs and issues. Mesh filters and screens simply lay on top of, or conform to the size of, your drains and can be laid in place in seconds. Try one in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and in your shower where hair plays a huge role in causing clogs.
  2. A Little Bit Of Grease Collect: Used grease, fat and cooking oils in a safe container – try an old coffee can – and dispose of them properly with your garbage. These items are frequently and negligently poured down kitchen drains. Once they congeal and form a solid, they create a mighty clog that often requires time, money and a ton of elbow grease to loosen and clear on your own.
  3. A Little Bit Of Water: Regularly running very hot water down the sink after each use helps grease the wheels, so to speak. Hot water helps eliminate buildup and breakdown certain solids as they make their way through your plumbing. Try adding a scoop of baking soda prior to the hot water deluge to also decrease foul odors and smells.

One of the best ways to prevent sluggish drains is to be mindful of what you pour down your pipes. Kitchen grease, hair, pliable solids and coffee grounds are the biggest enemies of your home plumbing. Call us today and we’ll have your pipes as clean as a whistle and show you how to safely prevent and avoid drain clogs in Hernando, MS.

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