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Confirm You Have a Leak by Checking for Water Damage Throughout Your Home

Having broken pipes is bad enough, but having it dwell in a hidden location is even worse. Unfortunately, pipes breaking within the walls or under floors is more common than you might think.

As a homeowner, it’s important to know that once you confirm you have a leak, you should shut off the main water valve so no water will be flowing through the pipes. Left alone for an extended period of time can cause some serious damage to your home, and rack up your water bills.

But, before you can take that step to shut off the water, you may need to know how to confirm a water leak pr broken pipe in your home. Believe it or not, there are a few ways you can check for these things, even if they are unseen.

Check for Water Leaks and Broken Pipes

  1. Check your water meter box when the water is shut off. If the meter moves, and you know nothing is being used, then water is leaking somewhere in your system.
  2. Check your walls for water damage – bubbled paint, stains, and/or cracks. But don’t let the spot of the water marks or stains fool you. Water could run the entire length of the broken pipe and pool at a different location. However, it’s not your job to know where exactly the problem area is – it’s ours. As long as you know that you have a leak, we can do the rest.
  3. If you find any water damage in the walls, check your basement or crawlspace for puddles of water. where the plumbing pipes run through holes in the floor.
  4. Check out any exposed pipes in your basement or crawl space to see if there’s any corrosion or moisture building up, as that indicates a water leak is not far off. Also look for mildew or rotted mold. The broken pipe is probably right behind that wall.

Once you have confirmed you have a leak – or if you just want to ease your mind – give Stewart Plumbing a call. We have all the tools necessary to find and repair any broken pipe or leak problems you’re having. Call us today!

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