6 Benefits of a Water Softener in Memphis

6 Benefits of a Water Softener in Memphis

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water softener in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

Water softeners are mechanical devices that attach to your plumbing system and removes minerals from your water. The minerals it removes cause your water to be “hard.” Hard water is known to cause rust, clogged pipes, and can wear down your clothing among other issues. However, having soft water isn’t the only reason you should get a water softener in Memphis. Stewart Plumbing can give you six reasons you should consider a water softener for your home.


Here are six reasons to get a water softener in Memphis:


Lower energy bills

Just about every appliance in your home works better with soft water. When you have hard water, the limescale and other minerals in the water can clog pipes or make heat transfer harder. Soft water is particularly nice for your water heater. Since the average American household uses a lot of water every day, your water heater is a big contributor to energy bills. Making it more efficient can help reduce your bills.


Longer pipe and appliance life

Limescale in water has a tendency to encourage corrosion in anything slightly conductive to electricity. This can shorten the lifespan of your pipes as well as clogging them. In addition, hard water is known for leaving behind soap scum on tubs, sinks, and anything else that uses water. The more you have to scrub off soap scum, the more likely you’ll scratch up the surface, weakening your appliances. Using soft water will also leave your dishes looking cleaner and shinier.


Environmental benefits

This reason ties back to the benefit of lower energy bills. When you’re using softer water and your appliances are more efficient, they’re using less energy and water. This means you’re reducing your carbon footprint and using less of humanity’s valuable resources.


Reduced soap usage

You might know how cleaning yourself with hard water can lead to dry skin and hair. However, hard water also interferes with the usage of soaps and shampoos by making it hard to lather. If you use soft water, you can expect to use about 75% less shampoo, saving you more money.


Softer, brighter clothes

When used in washing clothes, the minerals in hard water get caught in the fabrics. When this happens, clothes get stiff and their colors fade. Using soft water helps keep your clothes in prime condition and increases their overall lifespan. Once again, this acts as yet another way soft water helps you save money.


Water plants safely

If you’re into gardening, you might know there are certain water-based chemicals you don’t use on your plants. One of these is chlorine, which water treatment plants often use to treat your water. If you want to water your plants with chlorinated water, you have to let it sit in an open container for half an hour. That way, the chlorine drifts out and your petunias don’t get a dousing of chemicals. With soft water, you don’t have to worry about what’s in your gardening water.


Why is Stewart Plumbing a local expert on plumbing?

For over 25 years, Stewart Plumbing has been helping homeowners around Memphis with their plumbing systems. Starting out as a one-man operation, one of our earliest clients, who we still work with today, is Graceland, the estate of the famous Elvis Presley. However, we credit our growth to our high-quality workmanship and unrivaled customer service. Our highly-trained and licensed plumbers also strictly observe Nexstar policies and best practices. At Stewart Plumbing, we stand by our work, and we want you to call today if you need plumbing help.

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Immediate Benefits of a Camera Inspection

Immediate Benefits of a Camera Inspection

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  • sewer repair
Sewer pipe repair

Spring and summer cause a wide range of plumbing issues to pop up. Because most of your plumbing is located behind walls or underground, inspections and repairs used to involve extensive cutting into walls or digging into your yard. With the help of a camera inspection, you no longer need to ruin your walls or lawn!

Using this non-invasive tool, plumbers can see directly into your pipes to diagnose the problem without harming your system. Maintaining your plumbing is important, and a camera inspection can help to prevent and treat the following problems in your home.

Problems Camera Inspection Can Detect

  • Tree root damage. Did you know that plumbing problems are often caused by tree roots? Because a majority of your plumbing is located underground, it’s likely that they will come face to face with roots.  Your main sewer line is full of running water. For trees and plants, this is their source of food. In their quest for nourishment,  they may break right into your pipes. This can cause the affected pipes to break or collapse.
  • Old pipes. As your pipes age, they are more susceptible to leaks and breakages. Wear and tear over years of use can weaken and warp your plumbing. A camera inspection will be extremely beneficial in confirming the age and condition of your plumbing.
  • Extreme clogs. Because some clogs are impossible to reach without professional help, and a camera inspection helps your plumber treat the clog efficiently by finding the direct source.
  • Cracked or misaligned pipes. Deep clogs are often caused by a crack in your pipes or a bad connection between them. A camera inspection makes it significantly easier to detect cracks, clogs, and leaks without having to cut into your walls or yard.

How Stewart Plumbing Can Help

Besides the obvious benefit of less destruction while looking for the source of the problem, camera inspection done by Stewart Plumbing will benefit you in the following ways:

  • The ability to locate the exact location of the issue: This helps keep the repair localized and less expensive for the homeowner.
  • Early problem detection: While you may have called us out for a drain clog, while using the camera we can see if your pipes are corroded, have damage or need replacing. This can catch a small problem before it becomes a major leak or repair.
  • Accurate repairs: We no longer have to guess at the cause of your problem. With camera inspection, we will be able to guarantee that the work we did will fix your problem.

Don’t rip open your pipes until you are positive it is necessary. Call in the Stewart Plumbing camera inspection squad today!

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6 Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement in Memphis

6 Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement in Memphis

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toilet replacement by Stewart Plumbing in Memphis

Toilet repair here and there can be common. However, sometimes you’ll notice the damage too late or the issue is something that can’t be repaired. If that’s the case, you’ll have to call on us to get a toilet replacement in Memphis. The key is knowing when your toilet is ready to be retired.

Here are 6 signs you should get a toilet replacement in Memphis.

Built-up mineral deposits.

Does your home have hard water issues? If that’s the case, the minerals in the water might build up in the inlet holes or siphon tube. The buildup can make your toilet inefficient by preventing the water from flowing effectively. You might be able to chip away the buildups, but it may not always work and you’ll have to get a new toilet. If this is a problem, you might want to get a water softener installed to keep this from happening.

Frequent repairs.

If your toilet needs frequent repairs, it might be time to replace it. All those repair bills can add up, and it might be less expensive to simply buy a new one outright. Similarly, if your toilet requires multiple repairs at once, it might be cheaper to replace it. Talk with your plumber to determine if a new toilet is the best option.


A wobbling toilet might just have some screws loose. If that’s the problem, a plumber can easily fix it for you. However, wobbling can represent a bigger problem. The floor beneath the toilet might be rotting or damaged by water. Either way, call a plumber if you notice your toilet wobbling.

Old age.

If you have an older toilet, it might so happen that it works just fine. However, it’s very likely not as efficient as newer models. Buying a newer toilet can help you save water and money in the long run.

Inefficient flushing.

Are you concerned about how much money you’re spending on water bills? If so, it might be worth considering a more water-efficient model. The average toilet uses three to five gallons of water per flush, while a low-flush model only uses about two. If your toilet gets a lot of use or you’re environmentally-conscious, it might be a good idea to replace your toilet.

Surface damage.

If your toilet is heavily-scratched, you might want to get a new toilet for cosmetic reasons. All those scratches can make it difficult to keep your toilet clean. The damage is likely to show up on older toilets that have been scrubbed a lot over their lifespan. If you’re cleaning your toilet more than you should, it might be time for a replacement.

Why should I rely on Stewart Plumbing to help with my plumbing?

Since 1993, Stewart Plumbing has helped folks in the Memphis and North Mississippi area, including the Graceland estate. We offer a no-nonsense approach and high-quality workmanship with every single job. In addition, we rigorously follow Nexstar policies and practices to ensure our professionals are completely qualified for their work. If you’re looking for a toilet replacement in Memphis, call Stewart Plumbing today!

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Clogged Toilet in Memphis

Clogged Toilet in Memphis

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stewart plumbing in memphis TN

More Than One Clogged Toilet Could Mean Sewer Line Backup

If there is one plumbing fixture in your home that’s used most often, your toilet is probably it. So, if it gets clogged up to the point where it’s not usable, then you know you have a problem!

There are a number of different causes for your toilet clogging up – too much toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, children’s toys, unauthorized objects like a toothbrush, or tree roots.

If plunging away doesn’t work, and you can’t pull up any toys or gunk with a clothes hanger, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Stewart Plumbing Toilet Clog Removal

  1. The first step in a successful clog removal is to use a plumber’s snake. The snake helps to get rid of any standing water and gives us proper access to the drain.
  2. Then, out come the drain cameras. The video camera is used to see the severity and location of the clog. It also lets us know exactly what we’re working with so we can get the job done right the first time.
  3. The last step is to use our hydro jets to clean the drain. Hydrojetting involves sending high-pressure water quickly into your drain to remove almost any item that’s clogging it up. The jets break up obstructions into small pieces that can easily wash through the sewer. This process also completely cleans your pipes, leaving them in like-new conditions. For those especially tough clogs, like one made up of tree roots, hydrojetting is the best option.

More Than a Toilet Clog

If your toilet suddenly became blocked and you can’t unclog it yourself, it’s possible that you have a bigger problem on your hands.

Check the other drains and toilets in your home. Are your drains running slower than normal? Are your other toilets completely unusable? If the answer is yes, then it’s possible you have a main line clog.

Your main sewer line carries all the wastewater out of your home to the city’s main. If it gets backed up, you’ll have sewage backing up into your home. Keep this thought at the back of your mind just in case it ever happens in your home.

Whether it’s a toilet you just can’t unclog, or it’s a main line blockage, Stewart Plumbing can handle it. Give us a call today! 

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6 Benefits of Giving Your Water Heater a Flush

6 Benefits of Giving Your Water Heater a Flush

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  • Water Heaters
water heater flush in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

At Stewart Plumbing, we offer a variety of services for repairing and replacing your water heater. However, wouldn’t it be better to know how to prevent some of the issues we can resolve? A major issue for tank water heaters is the accumulation of sediment inside the tank. Over time, sediment and build up and cause a variety of problems for your water heater. By regularly giving your water heater tank a flush, you can clear out sediment and extend your water heater’s life.

Here are six ways that giving your water heater a flush can help you:


Clean out sediment

The main reason you’ll want to flush out the tank is to dispose of any sediment inside it. Water heaters can fail for a wide variety of reasons, such as a leaking tank or it works too hard. Sediment plays a role in multiple causes of failure, so cleaning it out can make your water heater healthier.


Improved heating

A common problem caused by sediment is that it settles and solidifies at the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it blocks the heating element from the water, making it harder to heat the water. It’s always possible something else can cause your water heating problems, but this is a common cause with a simple solution.


Reduced energy costs

Reduced energy costs and improved heating go hand-in-hand. When a sediment buildup is making your water heater inefficient, it’ll take longer to heat your water. This means you’ll be paying more for what you normally get.


Warranty protection

Some warranties won’t cover the costs of repairs or replacement if scale buildup is what ruined your water heater. If you regularly flush out your water heater, you can prevent scale buildup and help ensure your warranty will be good.


Extend your water heater’s life

Flushing out your tank regularly can help prevent some of the major ways a water heater’s tank can fail.  Scale buildups in electric tanks can ruin the electrodes that heat the water. As for gas models, scale buildup on the tank’s bottom can make the bottom of the tank hotter than it should. Worst case scenario, the stress this causes can cause cracks and leaks.


Reduced noise

Noisy water heaters are often caused by buildups of scale and sediment. When sediment settles, small pockets of air can be mixed in with the hardened sediment. As the water heats up, the heated air pockets make a variety of noises.


What makes Stewart Plumbing one of the area’s top plumbing companies?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our water heater services!

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5 Signs There’s a Gas Leak in Your Memphis Home

5 Signs There’s a Gas Leak in Your Memphis Home

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  • Plumbing
gas leak in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

A gas line problem is one of the more dangerous plumbing problems you may have to deal with. The health of your gas pipes is very important to your health and the health of your home. A wide variety of problems can damage your pipes and release the flammable and unhealthy gas that they transport. When you’ve got a damaged gas line, it’s important to be able to tell there’s a gas leak in your Memphis home. At Stewart Plumbing, we can advise you on what signs to look for.

Here are five signs of a gas leak in your Memphis home:


Sulfurous odors

Propane and natural gas don’t have any smell or color, making them hard to detect normally. To counter this, gas companies add harmless chemicals to the gas so you can detect it easier. Chemicals like ethyl mercaptan have a very unpleasant smell, similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. You might not always notice the smell, but you should call a professional immediately if you do notice that smell.


Sickly plants

Gas leaks that happen underground can be harder to detect. Fortunately, you might be able to notice the gas leak if you keep an eye on your plants. Leaking gasses can compete with oxygen to get at your plants’ roots. Too much of the gas can prevent your plants from getting oxygen and cause them to die out.


Higher gas bills

Some gas leaks can stay hidden from normal view and can quietly leak gas for a while. If that happens, there’s a good chance you’ll notice your gas bill going up. Rising gas bills are a good indicator of leaking gas somewhere on your property.


Health issues

One of the main reasons gas leaks are so dangerous is because they can make people ill. Breathing in the gas can add carbon monoxide to your respiratory system, essentially poisoning you. As it builds up, you might feel symptoms like:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Confusion and difficulty focusing
  • Drowsiness and vision problems

These symptoms can eventually lead to death, so go outside if you notice these symptoms. If being in your home is making you sick, call on us to look for a gas leak.


Hissing noises

A hissing gas line is a certain sign that you’re dealing with leaking gas. However, you’ll only hear the hissing noise if there’s a serious leak in the gas line. If you hear the hissing, you should call a professional as soon as you can.


Why call Stewart Plumbing to keep my gas line in good condition?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our gas line services!

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Protect Your Drinking Water with Backflow Prevention

Protect Your Drinking Water with Backflow Prevention

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backflow prevention in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

The water that comes through the public water system gets treatment before it reaches your home. However, this water can still come into contact with contaminants before it reaches your home. One of these ways is through backflow. Backflow can cause health problems for you and your family. That’s why at Stewart Plumbing, we offer backflow testing, prevention, and certification. If you get our help, you’ll be certain that your drinking water will be safe.


What causes backflow?

Backflow usually happens because of changes in your home’s water pressure. Events like the water main breaking can cause a sudden and extreme drop in your plumbing’s water pressure. The drop can reverse the flow of water in your pipes, creating a powerful suction that can draw in contaminants. Another way backflow can happen is because the pressure in your plumbing pipes exceeds the pressure in the drinking water system. This causes the drinking water to reverse the direction of its flow through the cross-connection between the two systems. The reversal can also allow contaminants into your drinking water. Both of these methods can even get contaminants into the public water supply.


Backflow identification, prevention, and certification.

When you call us for backflow help, we help you find the problems that can cause backflow. Our professionals are certified to help you find ways to protect your home. One of the best options is to get a backflow preventer, which only lets water flow one way. They’re highly effective at the cross-connections where backflow could cause contaminants to get into your drinking water. With our certification, our employees can help you properly install a backflow preventer.

Backflow prevention devices are very important for protecting your drinking water and the public supply. Some municipal governments require businesses to get annual backflow testing. The city service offices also require those test results to get updated annually.


What makes Stewart Plumbing qualified to keep my drinking water safe with backflow prevention?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today and learn more about how we can protect your home’s water!

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5 Reasons to Get Water Heater Repair in Memphis

5 Reasons to Get Water Heater Repair in Memphis

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  • Water Heaters
water heater repair in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

All of your home’s appliances will get worn down as you use them. However, you don’t have to go running to get a replacement just because it’s a bit run-down. Something like your old water heater may just need a repair job from Stewart Plumbing, the Memphis plumbing experts. Avoiding a breakdown can save you a good deal of money. However, you have to know what signs to look for. If you can recognize these signs, you can save yourself a major headache and avoid having a broken water heater.

Here are five signs you should get a water heater repair for your Memphis home:


Mineral problems

Minerals in your water can do a lot more than make your water taste strange. When minerals build up around a water heater’s heating elements, it can have trouble heating the water and can even overheat. Also, build-ups can happen in the pipes and prevent you from getting hot water. Worst-case scenario, you might have to deal with a leak when the minerals corrode the inside of the tank. If your home’s water pressure seems low, you might have problems with minerals. Buying a water softener can help with these problems.


Leaky tank

A leaking tank is an obvious and major issue for any tank-based water heater. However, unless you regularly look at your water heater, you may not notice any leaks. Sometimes you can find leaking coming from the fittings, temperature release valve, and connections. Leaking from those areas is more easily fixed. If you don’t find any in those places, your tank might be leaking and need a replacement.


Rusty water

Rusty water has a couple of causes, but the exact cause can be determined by what water is rusty. If you’re only finding rust in your hot water, the rust is likely coming from a corroded water tank. However, if all of your water has rust, your rust is coming from a pipe. Whatever the cause, you should call Stewart Plumbing to find and fix the problem. On a similar note, water that’s cloudy and smells strange represents a mineral buildup in your water heater’s tank. You can often fix this by flushing your tank, but be careful. Flushing the tank of a poorly-maintained water heater might open up a hole in the tank that was filled with mineral sediment.


Loud noises

Major appliances like water heaters will inevitably make some noise. However, loud popping, crackling, or rumbling noises are serious issues. Sediment in the water heater tank can build up around the heating element, making it harder for it to work and causing noise. Without a flushing and thorough cleaning, the tank may corrode from the inside out and start leaking.


Difficulty heating

When your water heater isn’t heating your water, that means you have a problem on your hands. Electrical models may need a trip to the circuit breakers while gas models might need to have their pilot light relit. When it gets particularly cold, poorly-insulated pipes and tanks may freeze and make it harder to get hot water. Some of the other problems that can cause heating problems include worn heating elements, a faulty thermostat, or sediment build-up.


Why call Stewart Plumbing to attend to my water heater’s needs?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our water heater replacement services!

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4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Memphis

4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Memphis

  • Plumbing
  • sewer repair
sewer camera inspection in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

Are you having problems with your plumbing and can’t discover the cause? It might be time to call someone to perform a sewer camera inspection on your Memphis home! A sewer camera is a long, flexible rod with a camera at one end. The other end connects to a computer that’ll show a live feed of what the camera sees inside your sewer pipes. From there, we can decide the best way to get your pipes cleaned out. But how does sticking a camera into your pipes help you get your pipes fixed?

Here are four ways a sewer camera inspection in your Memphis home can make your life easier:


Get the right fix the first time

There are a variety of reasons your drain pipe may not be working. Things flushed down the toilet or the sink drain may have caused a blockage, tree roots might have grown into the pipe, or the sewer line may be cracked or disconnected. There’s also the possibility you have a water leak. Each problem requires a unique solution, and a sewer line camera can help us figure out exactly what we need to do to fix it.


Receive a reference video for insurance

Some insurance companies can be a little unwilling to give out insurance money unless you have hard evidence of a problem. Fortunately, we can help. After we clean out your pipes with the help of the camera, we’ll give you a copy of the camera footage. This can be useful if you have to explain to your insurance company what happened and get the insurance money you deserve.


Much cheaper

As well as being cheaper and faster than digging for pipes, a sewer camera inspection can help you locate early warning signs of bigger problems. By finding these issues and dealing with them quickly, you can save more money by not undergoing serious repairs.


Avoid unnecessary digging

Normally the only way to examine your pipes involves digging a trench into your yard and ruining your lawn. However, with sewer camera inspections, we can offer a non-intrusive way to look at your pipes without tearing up your garden. All we need is access to the sewer pipe’s opening and we can get a good look at the insides.


Why call Stewart Plumbing to handle your sewer problems?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our sewer cleaning services!

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5 Signs You Need Repiping Work in Memphis

5 Signs You Need Repiping Work in Memphis

  • Plumbing
repiping in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

Even though your home’s plumbing is safe from the elements, the very water they carry can damage them over time. As they get rusty and worn down, plumbing pipes can become prone to structural failure, leading to major water damage. However, if you’re aware, you can notice the signs that your home’s pipes need to be changed out. Stewart Plumbing, one of the best plumbers in the Memphis area, can help you learn when to call us for a repiping.

Here are 5 signs you should call for repiping in Memphis:


Outdated piping

Some kinds of piping materials are considered outdated due to the existence of superior materials. For example, polybutylene pipes have a tendency to break down often, costing you a lot in repairs. Meanwhile, galvanized metal pipes are heavy and often suffer from internal rusting, causing water discoloration. Swapping out your older pipes for more modern materials can alleviate plenty of plumbing problems.


Lead piping

Speaking of outdated materials, one of the most concerning materials you may see is lead. These soft pipes are gray in appearance and are known for causing a variety of serious health issues. If you have lead pipes, you should call us as soon as you can. Depending on your health, you may also wish to talk to a doctor.


Discolored water

Discolored water, as mentioned before, can be caused by internal rusting and corrosion in your plumbing. As well as making your water taste and smell strange, rusty water can damage your piping over time. However, it may not be your pipes causing the problem. If you have a tank water heater and only your hot water is affected, the problem is with your water heater’s tank. However, if the problem is with all of your water, you should call us for a repiping.


Age and pipe material lifespans

Another consideration when it comes to pipe materials is how long they generally last. For example, galvanized metal pipes last 20 to 50 years, but were used from the 1930s to 80s. If your home has galvanized metal pipes, they’re most definitely too old for your plumbing. Newer materials, like copper and PVC, not only last longer but haven’t been around as long, ensuring they haven’t already reached retirement age. However, be aware that pipe fixtures and joints also have lifespans to consider separate from the pipes. If the pipes seem fine but are acting up, ask us about preventative maintenance.


Low water pressure

When your faucets aren’t running as strong as they used to, it’s worth taking a look at your pipes. Sometimes the problem might just be a clog, but it could also mean there are leaks and pinholes in your pipes letting water escape. As well as hurting your water pressure, these leaks can cause water damage and promote mold growth. If clog clearing doesn’t seem to help the issue, you might want to talk to one of our experts.


What makes Stewart Plumbing my best choice for replacing my piping?

Stewart Plumbing has spent over 25 years helping people around Memphis (including the Graceland estate) with repiping and other plumbing jobs. All of our professional plumbers are fully trained, certified, and drug/background tested so you can be sure they’ll provide top-quality service. In addition, we provide some of the best warranties in the industry and closely follow Nexstar policies and best practices. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about how we can repipe your home!

By Brian Renadette

5 Tips for Proper Garbage Disposal Maintenance

5 Tips for Proper Garbage Disposal Maintenance

  • Plumbing
garbage disposal maintenance in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal can help you minimize the garbage you send to the landfill and keep your kitchen clean. However, garbage disposals need maintenance to work at their best. Failure to perform routine garbage disposal maintenance can result in damage to your garbage disposal and your kitchen smelling worse. Luckily, the experts at Stewart Plumbing are here to give you advice on keeping your garbage disposal working efficiently.

Here are five tips on efficient garbage disposal maintenance:


Personally chop up larger items

While your garbage disposal’s blades are sharp, sometimes it’s better to do some cutting yourself. Larger items, like carrots, can cause clogs if they go down the disposal as-is. It’s a good idea to chop up such items into smaller pieces before disposing of them. In addition, put larger items down the disposal one at a time to avoid more clogging issues.


Keep your hand out of there

It sounds pretty obvious, but you should never put your hands down the garbage disposal. Even if it’s off and you’re trying to dislodge something, the sudden release of tension can cause the blades to spin around dangerously fast. Tongs or a similar tool are your best bet for dislodging something stuck in the disposal. If you still can’t get it out, call one of our professionals to help you out.


Dispose of biodegradable food only

Despite the name, your garbage disposal isn’t meant to take any type of garbage. The simplest way to tell what should go down there is to determine if it’s a biodegradable food. Anything that isn’t food or any non-biodegradable food should stay out of the disposal. However, keep in mind that there are certain biodegradable foods that should stay out of the disposal. Some of these include:

  • Bones and other solid trash
  • Celery and other fibrous foods
  • Coffee grounds and other foods that make lots of sediment
  • Fruit pits
  • Excess grease and oils
  • Pasta and rice
  • Potato peels and other starchy foods


Clean the garbage disposal’s inside

It’s important to remember that the inside of your garbage disposal needs cleaning, too. Fortunately, there are a couple of homemade ways to clean it out. A mix of baking soda and vinegar down the drain can clean quite a bit. In addition, squirting dish soap down the disposal along with a steady stream of cold water is also useful. While cleaning it out, make sure the garbage disposal is running so every part of it can get cleaned.


Run it regularly with cold water

Like many appliances, your garbage disposal can get worn down if it doesn’t get enough use. Frequently using your garbage disposal can prevent rust and corrosion, clear potential obstructions, and ensures all the parts are working correctly. Also, whenever you’re using it, make sure to have the cold water running. By doing this, the cold water helps solidify any grease and oils that have made their way down there and could otherwise clog the trap.


Why choose Stewart Plumbing for my plumbing needs?

With over 25 years of experience helping people around Memphis (including the Graceland estate,) Stewart Plumbing’s experienced plumbers know the best way to repair a faulty garbage disposal and will do so safely. We’re known for offering industry-leading results, high-quality workmanship, and a no-nonsense approach to plumbing. In addition, we back all of our work with the best warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need help with garbage disposal maintenance, call Stewart Plumbing today!

By Brian Renadette

The Signs and Risks of a Plumbing Leak in Memphis

The Signs and Risks of a Plumbing Leak in Memphis

  • Leak Detection
  • Leak Repair
  • Plumbing
plumbing leak in Memphis by Stewart

The plumbing that makes up your home is a complex system, and sometimes things go wrong. All sorts of wear and tear can cause a plumbing leak in Memphis. If you don’t realize there’s a leak in your home, it can cause some major damage to your home and your bank account. Fortunately, there are signs that can tell you when a plumbing problem is imminent.

What Happens When You Have A Plumbing Leak:


Mold and mildew

A big sign that water is leaking in your home is the growth of mold and mildew. Both of these things tend to grow in areas with high moisture and can cause health problems for the household.


Damaged paint and wallpaper

It’s possible for leaks to happen inside of your walls. If that happens, paint can peel or warp, and wallpaper can crack or become discolored.


Stained walls and ceilings

The color may be able to tell you what caused the leak. As a rule of thumb dark brown or copper stains tend to be caused by leaking pipes.


Musty odors

Mold and mildew have a very distinct scent. If you smell a musty smell that isn’t normally there, it might be a sign of a leak, and you should call a plumber as soon as you can.


Warped wood

Any kind of leak is very harmful to wood and can cause it to warp. The damage may be subtle, but it’s a good idea to check the wood in your house for curved planks, uneven surfaces, and slight discoloration. In addition, warping can also affect the doors in your home, making it hard to open or close them.



Does it look like the walls are sweating? That’s condensation, and it’s a sign that there’s a lot of moisture accumulating behind the wall. If there’s condensation, the most likely reason for this is because something is leaking behind it.


Damaged flooring

Leaks can damage flooring other than just wood. When looking for leaks, be aware of warped floors, stains, soft areas, loose or cracking tiles, peeling caulk, and damp carpets.


Cracked garage floor

Leaks in your home can also occur underground. If you notice cracks in your garage floor, an underground waterline may be leaking. Broken pipes beneath your home may also cause soil erosion, causing parts of the house to settle at a lower level.


Warm and damp floors

Damp floors can indicate a plumbing or foundation leak. However, if the dampness is also warm, the problem may be with your water heater. If your water heater isn’t the problem, you might have a sewer line leak. Hot water leaks are a bigger problem since mold grows better with hot water.


Now, here are some ways you can detect a leak that needs fixing:


Check your water meter

A great way to check your plumbing system is to check on your water meter. First, turn off all the water in your home and make sure your dishwasher and laundry machine aren’t running. From there, take a look at your water meter and see if it starts to change. If it changes quickly, then you have a fast-moving leak. If you don’t see a change, wait two hours and check back to see if you have a slower leak.


Watch your bills

Are your water bills rising despite there being no change in your water use habits? That might be a sign something is wrong with your plumbing. Take a look at your bills over the course of a few months and compare how much you spend on water. You want your bills to stay in the same range from month to month. Don’t forget that you also pay for your underground piping as well. If you suspect the leak is coming from an underground pipe, call one of our plumbers.


Use some food coloring

Toilets generally account for about 30% of a home’s water usage. Because of this, it’s important to make sure they aren’t leaking. To check for leaks, add a few drops of food coloring to the tank and wait 10-30 minutes before checking the bowl. If you find that the coloring has moved into the bowl, then that means you have a leak.


Check outside

Leaks aren’t restricted to appearing in your home. If you have outdoor spigots, test them by attaching a garden hose and turning it on. If water is seeping through the connection, replace the rubber hose gasket and make sure all the connections are tight. It’s a good idea to have a plumber check your irrigation system at least once a year.


Condensation and other wetness

A little bit of condensation in some areas can be normal, like your bathroom after a shower. However, if there’s a lot of it, it can damage your walls, floors, and ceiling. If you’re seeing condensation in an odd area, there might be a leak there. Similarly, keep an eye out for wet, warped, or discolored stains that might hint at a leak. When you’re doing repairs, double-check for the actual location of the leak, not just where the damage occurred.


What makes Stewart Plumbing my best option for leak repair?

Getting a plumbing leak in Memphis can be a serious problem. That’s why Stewart Plumbing offers several different methods to find leaks before they cause major damage. We don’t go digging through your walls and tearing everything apart in search of leaks. Pipe cameras, thermal imaging technology, air testing, and smoke testing all offer non-intrusive ways to check your pipes. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our leak detection and repair services!

By Brian Renadette

6 Benefits of Water Jetting in Southaven

6 Benefits of Water Jetting in Southaven

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water jetting in Southaven by Stewart Plumbing

If you have some kind of plumbing in your home, it’s inevitable that it’ll eventually have a clog in it. There are a variety of methods that can be used to fix them, but water jetting offers a variety of benefits. Water jetting involves a video inspection to locate the location of the problem before spraying it with a water jet ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 psi. Stewart Plumbing can help you learn about its benefits and get you scheduled for water jetting in Southaven.

Here are six reasons water jetting in Southaven is superior to similar clog-clearing options:


It’s highly effective

Traditional plumbing methods can clear out clogs, but water jetting fully clears the line of any traces of the clog and any other debris in the pipe. Traditional plumbing methods leave behind residue that can build up over time, leading to slow draining or another clog.


It’s cost-effective

As mentioned previously, water jetting cleans out the clog and any traces of debris in the pipe. Clearing out other debris helps prevent future problems, which would cost money to have fixed. In other words, this treatment can pay for itself in saved maintenance costs.


It’s faster and more sanitary

Plumbing of any sort is a dirty job, but sanitation is still important. With traditional jobs, debris and sewage can come into contact with the plumber or worse, your home and the surrounding environment. Water jetting is faster than traditional methods, reducing the time the plumber has to spend in contact with sewage.


It’s environmentally friendly

It’s true that water jetting uses a lot of water, but it’s not nearly as environmentally wasteful as other methods. Other methods make use of procedures and chemicals that cause more environmental damage than simply using a lot of water. The lack of chemicals also makes it a viable cleaning choice for homes and buildings near water sources like rivers and likes.


It’s highly versatile

Water jetting isn’t just for commercial jobs. It’s fully capable of dealing with bigger and smaller jobs. Residential pipe clogged with sludge or grease? Water jetting can take care of it! It’s also able to take on heavy-duty problems like tree roots blocking a city’s sewer line.


It’s good preventative maintenance

Since water jetting fully clears out the pipes while unclogging them, it’s a great way to help prevent future problems with your plumbing. It’s a good idea to schedule a water jetting appointment whenever you buy a new building. The video inspection by itself can identify future problems and save you a lot of time and money on later issues.


How did Stewart Plumbing become a local expert in home service?

Originally founded in 1993, Stewart Plumbing is a home service company that has helped numerous customers over the year. Our company got a big break early on when we became the trusted client of Graceland, the estate of Elvis Presley. From there, our industry-leading results, unrivaled customer service, and observance of Nexstar policies gave us years of steady growth. If you’re looking for professional clog clearing, call Stewart Plumbing today to schedule a water jetting!

By Brian Renadette

6 Signs You Require a Garbage Disposal Replacement

6 Signs You Require a Garbage Disposal Replacement

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garbage disposal replacement by Stewart Plumbing in Memphis

Your sink’s garbage disposal acts as a convenient way to dispose of trash and keep your sink and pipes clean. However, over time, it’ll get worn down and need replacing. Even if you haven’t been putting the wrong kinds of garbage in it, you’ll eventually need a replacement. A worn-down garbage disposal can affect the way you cook, clean your dishes, or keep your kitchen clean. Stewart Plumbing can help you identify when you need a garbage disposal replacement.

Here are six signs it’s time for a garbage disposal replacement:


Strange noises

Since garbage disposals make use of moving parts, any new noises coming from it are a sign of concern, especially a metallic one. You’ll want to use some tongs and a light to check the disposal for anything odd, like a loose utensil. If you find something, carefully remove it and test your disposal to see if the problem is fixed. If that doesn’t help, check the disposal components to make sure they’re aligned properly. Should the disposal still make odd noises, you should call in one of our professionals or consider a replacement.


Foul smells

Garbage disposals can smell sometimes because of how they breakdown wet food. It’s usually easy to fix this problem with some rinsing and cleaning. However, if the smell persists, you should call in a plumber. They can help you take it apart and find the source of the smell. Note that you shouldn’t use chemical cleaners on your disposal. They’re generally too hard for your disposal and can damage the blades and components.


Frequent resetting

Your garbage disposal has a reset button to help it recover from unusual situations, like large loads or clogs. In general, you shouldn’t have to use it very often. However, if you find yourself resetting frequently, your garbage disposal may be on its way out. Alternatively, there might be a loose wiring problem, which should be handled by one of our plumbers or electricians.


Frequent clogging

You probably know that you should only wash small amounts of food particles down at a time to avoid clogs. In addition, you probably know what not to wash down there. However, if you’re getting constant clogging, the problem might not be with your cleaning habits. This might be a sign you need a higher capacity device or that there’s a malfunction in the device.



Over time, water may seep through where the disposal connects to the rest of your plumbing system. These leaks can cause water to show up in a variety of places, like under your sink, by your cabinet, or under the disposal itself. It’s easy to mistake a disposal leak for something else leaking. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have a plumber check your plumbing if there’s a chance the leak is from your disposal.


Lack of power

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on or stay on, the motor might be having issues. Before you call us, check to see if resetting the garbage disposal does anything. In addition, you should also check on your circuit breaker to see that it’s working alright. If both of those don’t solve your issue, then you’ll likely have to call us about the motor.


What makes Stewart Plumbing a high-quality home service company?

Stewart Plumbing brings professional service to every job, from basic electrical job to fixing up Graceland’s toilets. Our plumbers have all completed a rigorous set of tests to makes sure we’ve got the best. We back all of our work with 100% satisfaction guarantees and the best warranties in the industry. If you need a garbage disposal replacement, call Stewart Plumbing today to find yourself a new model!

By Brian Renadette

4 Advantages to Using a Sump Pump in Memphis

4 Advantages to Using a Sump Pump in Memphis

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installing a sump pump in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

A sump pump is a kind of pump that removes water build-up in basements and other crawlspaces by depositing it into a building’s wastewater system. They are useful for any home or building located somewhere with a high water table. Sump pumps require professional help to install but are simple to operate once it’s hooked up to your drainage system. Let Stewart Plumbing tell you some of the benefits you get from installing a sump pump in Memphis.

Here are four of the benefits you can expect from installing a sump pump in Memphis:


Prevent flooding damage

While sump pumps are good at dealing with gradual water build-up, they really shine when dealing with large-scale flooding. If torrential rains cause your basement to flood, you could easily have over a foot of flooding. This could be disastrous if you store anything valuable in the basement. Fortunately, a working sump pump can prevent this problem.


Reduced mold and mildew

If you have stagnant puddles of water and constant dampness in your basement, molds and mildew are likely to grow there. Not only can this damage building materials and other goods, but it can also cause various health problems. Having a sump pump can keep your basement dry and avoid heavy mold and mildew growth.


Increase property value

This may be an obvious advantage, but homeowners like it when their homes, current or future, are safe from damage. Installing a sump pump in your home can help maintain its value and keep the structure of the house from being compromised by water damage.


Reduced fire risk

“Less fire” may sound like a strange benefit for owning something that keeps your basement dry. However, flooding is a big cause of electrical fires. The water that builds up in your basement can cause short circuits in any appliances you might have down there, like washing machines and heating systems. Even if the water doesn’t cause a fire, your appliances will be ruined. A sump pump can protect your appliances from water damage and electrical fires caused by said damage.


Why should I have Stewart Plumbing be my plumbing company of choice?

Whether working with the average homeowner or the Graceland estate, Stewart Plumbing brings high-quality service to every job. Since 1993, our drug tested and background checked plumbers have been helping people across Mississippi. In addition, every single one of our jobs comes with the best warranties in the business to ensure you’re satisfied with our work. If you’re looking to install a sump pump, call the pros at Stewart Plumbing!

By Brian Renadette

7 Signs You Need A Toilet Repair in Memphis

7 Signs You Need A Toilet Repair in Memphis

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toilet repair by Steward Plumbing in Mississippi

Out of all the water fixtures in your home, your toilet probably is the one you use the most. They make life much more convenient, but it’s easy to forget about them until something goes wrong. You might be able to solve the problem yourself, but if you see any of these signs, it might be time to call in a plumber to get a toilet repair in Memphis.


Here are seven signs our plumbers can help with a toilet repair in Memphis:


Frequent clogging

Assuming you aren’t having any digestive issues, your toilet shouldn’t be clogging very often. However, if your toilet is clogging more than once per week, it might be having issues. There might be a partial blockage deeper in the pipes or the parts that manage flushing might be worn out. Either way, you’ll need a professional plumber to fix the clog or the parts.


Weak or no flushing

If your toilet can barely flush if at all, that’s definitely a sign somethings wrong with the parts. You’ll want a professional to handle the installation of new parts.


The tank or bowl won’t refill

The tank or bowl won’t refill fully only if the fill valve is malfunctioning. You’ll need to find the right fill valve and replace the old one properly. Unless you have experience with this, you should call a professional.


Standing water around the base

Standing water is a sign of a leak. If it’s around the base, it’s likely a problem with the seal. You’ll need to replace the seal, and you’ll want to do it quickly. A leaking toilet can cause water damage and run up your water bills.


Leaking cracks in the porcelain

When you clean your toilet, check the porcelain for any cracks, especially around the tank or bowl. These cracks could also cause leaking. You can tell if your toilet is leaking by putting some dye in the tank or bowl. You should also examine your toilet if anything heavy or solid falls onto it.


The toilet constantly runs

You can sometimes handle this problem by jiggling the flapper valve to make it close correctly. If this keeps happening, you might need a new flapper or even a new toilet. Only a professional can tell you what you’ll need to get.


Rust and corrosion on the metal parts

Rust and corrosion is a sign your toilet is getting worn out. If it only appears on certain parts, you may be able to get by replacing the worn parts. If the rust and corrosion are widespread, you might just need a new toilet all together.


How can Stewart Plumbing help with my plumbing?

Stewart Plumbing has provided high-quality plumbing services for Memphis and the north Mississippi area since 1993. We believe with serving our clients with exceptional service, whether they be an everyday homeowner or the famous Graceland estate. We back all of our work with 100% satisfaction guarantees and the best warranties in the industry. If your plumbing is acting up, give Stewart Plumbing a call today!

By Brian Renadette

Five Simple Ways to Take It Easy On Your Garbage Disposal

Five Simple Ways to Take It Easy On Your Garbage Disposal

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garbage disposal services by stewart

A garbage disposal is a great appliance to have, but contrary to popular belief, most waste should never go down your garbage disposal. Unfortunately, plumbing problems can be common, and your garbage disposal is no exception. Like any appliance, your garbage disposal needs routine cleaning and maintenance to function properly. No homeowner wants to deal with a busted garbage disposal and clogged plumbing. Luckily you can avoid both of those problems with five simple tricks.

How You Can Prevent a Busted Garbage Disposal

  • Mind what you put down the disposal. A good rule of thumb is to avoid flushing down as much food waste as possible, as most foods are notoriously bad for your garbage disposal. Fats, oils, and greases harden with cold water and can easily cause a blockage inside your drain. Avoid starchy foods such as pasta or rice, as they soak up water and expand inside your pipes. Stringy fruits and vegetables can wear down the blades by wrapping themselves around the blades. Hard items that you can’t break down with your teeth, such as bones and seeds, should never go down your disposal either.
  • Clean often. Being mindful of what you flush down the disposal is important, but so is routine cleaning. Frequently cleaning your garbage disposal helps to ensure the blades and drain are clear of any obstructing materials. One of the best methods to clean the garbage disposal is flushing it down with some vinegar and baking soda. Never use any cleaning chemicals such as bleach or a chemical drain cleaner, as they can help harden grease and eat through your plumbing.
  • Grind thoroughly. Whatever does get flushed down the disposal should have adequate time for grinding. Make sure with every use that you run the disposal long enough to avoid any leftover food waste that can sit and cake over time. Flushing down ice cubes and citrus peels is a good way to maintain the blades.
  • Flush after use. Another easy trick to avoid clogging is by flushing enough water after every use. Make sure to flush some water down with the food waste when the disposal is in use, to help push the waste down. Running water down the drain after using the disposal for a few seconds helps to ensure nothing remains on the blades or just inside the drain. It’s best to flush food down with cold water it hardens the food waste, making it easier for the blades to break it down.
  • Turn off your disposal before any action. Garbage disposals can be a safety hazard, which is why you should always make sure it’s off before taking any action. Never stick your hand down the disposal. Use tongs or pliers if you need to pull something out.

The Warning Signs of a Damaged Garbage Disposal

 Accidents happen, no matter how well you’ve maintained your garbage disposal. Knowing when it’s time to call in a plumber however, can be tricky. Your plumbing can be complicated, but the good news is that there are plenty of clues if the problem is with your garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is damaged, it’s best to act quickly. If you think it’s time for a repair, here are a few warning signs to watch out for.

  • It’s tripping your circuit breaker. Garbage disposals use a lot of wattage which means when in use, you may experience some flickering lights or a slight power surge. If however, your garbage disposal starts to trip the circuit breaker, there could be a wiring issue with either the disposal or your home’s electrical panel.
  • It makes loud, unusual noises. If something is wrong, you’ll definitely hear it, as the sound of metal on metal is very unpleasant. Loud, unusual noises are usually an indicator of a loose part or damaged part, and require urgent repair.
  • It’s leaking. Unfortunately, a leaking garbage disposal can mean the entire unit needs to be replaced, especially if there is a crack in the disposal itself. Watch out for signs of a leak, such as any dark or wet spots on the floor and cabinets.
  • It’s not working, period. The most obvious sign of a damaged garbage disposal is when it stops working entirely. The good news is that most garbage disposal issues are easy fixes which rarely require an entire replacement.

Your Garbage Disposal Works Hard Enough

 A garbage disposal is a fantastic kitchen appliance, and it deserves proper care and maintenance. No homeowner wants to deal with the cost of replacing the garbage disposal, especially when it can be avoided. Keeping your kitchen drain clear and clean sometimes requires the help of a licensed plumber. Stay clog-free by treating your disposal right, call a plumber to inspect your plumbing today.

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Stewart Plumbing Partners With Local Companies and MAPA to Ramp Up Plumbing Program at Technical College

Stewart Plumbing Partners With Local Companies and MAPA to Ramp Up Plumbing Program at Technical College

  • Plumbing

Educational Initiative an Effort to Keep Interest in Plumbing Trade Alive

Unfortunately, Tim Stewart of Memphis’ Stewart Plumbing said, there’s not a lot of places down in the south for people to learn trades.

Well, that’s about to change.

Stewart, along with the Memphis Area Plumbing Association (MAPA), is partnering with Moore Tech – a local Memphis technical college – to ramp up the plumbing program.

Moore Tech is a non-profit organization in Memphis and, Stewart said, they want to target local community people and educate them into the trades.

Stewart Plumbing’s Involvement

Stewart said he is a member of MAPA, a 20+ year organization that’s there for the purpose of expanding the plumbing industry in Memphis.

“We’ve come together with leadership from MAPA to put together a program working with a local technical college,” Stewart said.

But, what drew him to get involved with this school in the first place?

“It’s been my passion since day one, when I started this career in plumbing 30 years ago,” Stewart explained,” to launch a functioning apprenticeship program to help train people.”

If he had to do anything for the community, he said, that would be it.

And so, he and other industry leaders, did just that. He said, “We worked together in an effort to partner up with a local community trade school, Moore Tech. It was a natural fit for our association to partner with them for the administration of this plumbing program.”

Currently, Stewart said, his company has one apprentice enrolled in the class. “We’re committed to stick in the course with them and help them succeed with the program and assist them in developing other plumbing programs to benefit the community,” he said.

About the Plumbing Program at Moore Tech

Launched in the fall semester of 2013, Stewart said it’s a 3 year apprenticeship program that’s completed over nine trimesters. This means the students take classes in the fall, spring, and summer.

“Our desire with [Moore Tech] is to provide education through our plumbing association effort,” Stewart said, and to also use this educational initiative as a recruiting opportunity to gain candidates for our industry for future employment.

With a total of 9 students that have entered the program in the first year, Stewart said, “We’ve got good cooperation.”

But Stewart Didn’t Do It Alone

Stewart said he fell in behind the efforts of several hardworking fellow industry leaders that had the same passion for this effort.

These men are Benjie Sneed – the current president of MAPA and owner of National Economy Plumbing Company – Cody Childress with Splash Plumbing Company, Red Leblanc with Red Leblanc Plumbing Company, Harold McDonald with McDonald Plumbing Company and a handful of other industry leaders behind the scenes working to make this a success.

“There was a lot of effort from these men over the years to bring us to where we are today,” Stewart explained, “and I jumped in there with them to assist. Together we worked on this effort really hard last summer [and] I’m excited to be partnered up with this group of industry leaders.”

In addition to those mentioned above, Stewart said the other plumbing shops that are working with Moore Tech and MAPA by sending students are Cobb Plumbing Company and Culpepper Plumbing Company both located in Memphis.

“But,” he said, “we need other plumbing shops to help support this effort.”

All of these companies, Stewart himself included, he said, “Hope to keep the participation level going and keep educating people simply to make our trade better for future generations.”

Long-Term Goals for Moore Tech Program

Stewart said that the main opportunity this program offers the community is, “A resource to educate properly in the plumbing trade for the foreseeable future. The program is designed to take someone with no experience and bring him into the trade, train them, and line them up with employment.

So, what challenges will Stewart and the supporting plumbing companies face?

Well, Stewart said, “Our challenge ahead is to get the participation from our industry and the community. And to increase the speed of that process.”

Stewart said that he and all the others really want to sustain their industry and get young people interested in the trade. To do that, they plan on taking some recruiting efforts through local high schools and vocational schools.

While this plumbing program is still in its infancy, Stewart said, they are working toward getting proper accreditation. That way, there will be some financial assistance through grants and other programs to offset the cost of tuition on the student.

“There’s strength in numbers for the demand of applicants,” he said, “It’s something that we’re working on.”

If you live in the Memphis area and are interested in learning about the plumbing trade, then look no further. Stewart said Moore Tech is, “The only one trade school  that I know of in the area that offers a program of this caliber.”

He continued, “Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of something great for our community and help us get the message out!”

Financial aid is available for those that qualify. To apply, visit the Moore Tech website. And, to inquire about an apprenticeship with Stewart Plumbing or other partnering companies, give Stewart a call today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Signs Your Water Line is Leaking Memphis

Signs Your Water Line is Leaking Memphis

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A water leak inside your home? Chances are you’re not going to miss this. But a water leak outside your home? That could be a bit harder to detect. Fortunately, there are a number of warning signs to alert you when you have an outdoor water leak on your hands.

  • One of the first places to look for signs of a leak outside your home is actually on your water bill. While most households can’t manage the exact same amount on a water bill every month, there’s a very good chance it usually falls within a certain range. And if you use an excessive amount of water one month for whatever reason, you will likely be aware of it. So if your water bill suddenly jumps for no clear reason, there is reason to believe an outdoor leak may be the culprit.
  • Unexplained puddles or soft, wet ground in your yard can also be a warning that an underground pipe is leaking. Fixing underground pipe leaks is a testing task that requires specialized equipment so if you notice something like this, it is a good idea to call a Stewart Plumbing professional.
  • In some cases, your water line may just be old, defective or poorly installed to begin with. Improper installation or shoddy workmanship can all lead to problems down the road. As frustrating as it is, there is very little you can do besides having your water line repaired or replaced.
  • If your water line has been through a few hard winters, another possible problem is that extreme temperatures have been doing harm to the pipe for some time. Constant exposure to freezing temperatures will take its toll even on the highest-quality pipes, causing them to leak. In many cases, they will need to be replaced.

No matter what caused the problem, though, or how you realize that it exists, it is important to get leaky water lines replaced quickly. Call Stewart Plumbing today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Broken Pipe Repair Memphis

Broken Pipe Repair Memphis

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Confirm You Have a Leak by Checking for Water Damage Throughout Your Home

Having broken pipes is bad enough, but having it dwell in a hidden location is even worse. Unfortunately, pipes breaking within the walls or under floors is more common than you might think.

As a homeowner, it’s important to know that once you confirm you have a leak, you should shut off the main water valve so no water will be flowing through the pipes. Left alone for an extended period of time can cause some serious damage to your home, and rack up your water bills.

But, before you can take that step to shut off the water, you may need to know how to confirm a water leak or broken pipe in your home. Believe it or not, there are a few ways you can check for these things, even if they are unseen.

Check for Water Leaks and Broken Pipes

  1. Check your water meter box when the water is shut off. If the meter moves, and you know nothing is being used, then water is leaking somewhere in your system.
  2. Check your walls for water damage – bubbled paint, stains, and/or cracks. But don’t let the spot of the water marks or stains fool you. Water could run the entire length of the broken pipe and pool at a different location. However, it’s not your job to know where exactly the problem area is – it’s ours. As long as you know that you have a leak, we can do the rest.
  3. If you find any water damage in the walls, check your basement or crawlspace for puddles of water. where the plumbing pipes run through holes in the floor.
  4. Check out any exposed pipes in your basement or crawl space to see if there’s any corrosion or moisture building up, as that indicates a water leak is not far off. Also look for mildew or rotted mold. The broken pipe is probably right behind that wall.

Once you have confirmed you have a leak – or if you just want to ease your mind – give Stewart Plumbing a call. We have all the tools necessary to find and repair any broken pipe or leak problems you’re having. Call us today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Water Heater Repair Memphis

Water Heater Repair Memphis

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  • Water Heaters

Leak From the Tank Usually Means Replacement is Necessary


If you are having hot water problems in your home, we’re willing to bet the first thing you do is check to see if your water heater is working. You head on over to it’s location and notice a pool of water at the base. Now what?

Well, it certainly explains your temperature problems, but now you have a water heater leak to deal with. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways a water heater can leak. It’s important for you, as a homeowner, to understand the differences because in some cases water heater leaks call for a bit more than a repair.

Water Heater Leak Causes

  1. Temperature and pressure valve: The whole purpose of the temperature and pressure valve is to release water if there is too much pressure in the tank or if the water gets too hot. The water that it releases goes down a tube purposely directed at the floor. But, if you see water pooling at the bottom of your water heater, check the inside of the discharge tube for any moisture. If there is some, you know it’s because the valve is faulty or because there is too much pressure in the tank.
  2. Leak from the tank: This is the most common cause of water heater leaks and, sadly, it does typically result in needing a replacement. When water leaks from the tank, it means that there is something wrong internally. Most often, it’s because sediment has built up to the point of rusting and cracking the tank.
  3. Drain valve: The drain valve, located at the bottom of the tank, is used to remove any built up sediment. If it’s faulty or if it’s not tight enough, it will begin to leak water. This is actually a very fixable problem, only having to replace the single drain valve to get the water heater back to working like normal.


Stewart Plumbing will do a thorough check of your unit to determine the cause and go over with you the best course of action for repair. Whether it’s a repair or a replacement, our team promises to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Call us today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Water Softening Memphis

Water Softening Memphis

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Hard Water vs. Soft Water: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of water that can flow through your residential pipes: soft water and hard water. We know, it seems strange that water can have different “types,” but it can – and the difference is significant!

What is Hard Water?

Water is considered “hard” when it carries an abundance of mineral deposits with it. It is common, and will not be a danger to the health of anyone in your family. However, the health of your pipes are a different story. The longer hard water exists in your pipes, the more those minerals can start to corrode your plumbing. There are many different symptoms of hard water, including the inability to lather, streaks on your drinking glasses, and your clothes not getting fully clean.

What is Soft Water?

Soft water is exactly the opposite – water free of those additional minerals. Soft water is preferred over hard water, because it just feels cleaner. In order to ensure you have soft water in your home, you may need a water softening system.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softeners do what it sounds like – soften water by removing all the minerals that make water “hard.” It may not seem like such a big deal, but when you go from having hard to soft water, you will notice a huge difference.

Here’s why:

  1. Your pipes won’t deteriorate as fast. The rust and corrosion that are caused by those mineral deposits speed up the deterioration process and, in turn, can cause damage to other plumbing fixtures like water heaters and dishwashers.
  2. You will get more wear out of your clothes, as soft water keeps them clean, soft, and fresh.
  3. You will have cleaner, more appealing glasses and dishes.
  4. You won’t have itchy or irritated skin after you shower.
  5. You’ll save money! By not having to replace pipes, appliances, clothes, and dishes all the time due to the aftereffects of hard water, you’ll be able to save some money in the long run.

Don’t continue to live with hard water. Call Stewart Plumbing today for more information about how a water softening system will benefit you!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Crawl Space Flooding in Memphis

Crawl Space Flooding in Memphis

  • Plumbing

Your home’s finished crawl space can be a great place to relax; while it is a major investment, it can be a comfortable spot. When a flash flood strikes, your dream crawl space can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have a plan for flood prevention. The plumbing experts at Stewart Plumbing are here to walk you through sump pumps, and how they can prevent crawl space flooding.

A Crucial Line of Defense

One of the most effective ways of defending your crawl space is a sump pump, which is designed to take in water and move it out of your crawl space through a discharge pipe. They are typically installed in a well, or “sump pit,” that acts as the seat for the pump, while also acting as a reservoir. This pit collects the flooding waters that the pump then moves out.

However, in most cases, a crawl space’s main sump pump  are electric. Storms that cause flooding are typically accompanied by lightning, which can knock out the power to your home. Every pump system should have a backup installed, and one of the best backups is a water-powered sump pump.

No matter how intense the storm is outside, a water-powered pump will continue to work by using the water pressure provided by your home’s water supply. This removes the need for an electrical connection or battery connected to your pump. When in full operation, this type of pump can remove more than 1,300 gallons of water per hour.

Not for Minor Leaks

A sump pump is not designed for your average crawl space leak. When a crawl space has a leak, water comes from the walls, cracks or other exposed areas. A sump pump is not designed to gather and remove water from these areas. In order for a pump to work in those conditions, you would need to install a troth or drainage system that would move the water into the basin, where the pump could then remove the water.

Don’t wait until you have a flooded crawl space before taking the time to consider a sump pump. Your local Memphis plumbers at Stewart are ready and waiting to help you install, repair or replace your sump pump, ensuring that you’re fully protected. Call the experts today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Whole House Water Filtration Memphis

Whole House Water Filtration Memphis

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An Affordable Way to Always Have Clean, Healthy Water

Drinking water is the best way to keep your family healthy and refreshed all year long. But, that will be pretty hard to do if the water coming into your home has a funny taste, or looks anything but appealing to drink. And, why should you have to spend loads of money on bottled water?

The answer is simple: You don’t! With whole house water filtration, you’ll always have clean water to drink, bathe in, and do dishes with. There’s no better way to promote healthy living than with a filtration system.

What Could be Wrong With Your Water?

It’s easy to want to pour a quick glass of water from the tap and be on your way. However, tap water is not always contaminant-free.

  1. City water: Though city water is clear of all bacteria, to make it so, it’s cleaned with chlorine and other chemicals.
  2. Well water: Water coming from your wall is often contaminated with bacteria and sediment.
  3. Hard water: If you have hard water, you are probably noticing that you don’t lather in the shower or that the glasses you drink from have water streaks. That’s all due to the water having excess calcium and magnesium in it.
  4. Soft water: Soft water is preferred over hard water, but that doesn’t mean it comes out of the tap perfectly. Soft water is often conditioned with sodium.

The best way to ensure your water is clean all of the time is to have a whole house water filter installed by our experts here at Stewart Plumbing.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

While always having safe, clean water to drink is a great feature of water filtration, the reality is that you’ll gain so much more.

  1. You’ll be able to install a filter on every household faucet so no matter where you are when you need water, you’ll have it!
  2. You will spend less money on bottled water.
  3. It will be easier to get your family to drink more water.
  4. These systems are affordable and environmentally friendly.


Having clean water is essential – so make it happen in your home. Call Stewart Plumbing today to schedule a water filtration installation appointment!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Drain Cleaning In Memphis: High Pressure Water Jetting

Drain Cleaning In Memphis: High Pressure Water Jetting

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Big clogs cause big problems, and if your Memphis home is facing these kinds of problems, you need help from a professional quickly. Clogs can occur because of a number of different reasons: build up from years of use, tree roots, and foreign objects may be disrupting the flow of water and causing your drains to stop all together. Choosing the right tool for the job is imperative to ensure that your drains get cleared properly so that the issue doesn’t return.

When build up from years of constant use is your issue, only a the power of a high pressure jetting system will do.

Snakes are great to break up solid objects and send them flowing down your drain. Gunky build up however can just get pushed around by the physical power of the snake, continuing to be problematic as you continue to use the drain. A high pressure water jetter can clear your pipes in no time, blasting away the gunk and build up.

With a fully trained, local Memphis plumber at the wheel, a high pressure water jetter can beat your build up in no time. The pressure of the water needs to be regulated in order to properly clear out the issue, and every issue is different.

Other major benefits of high pressure water jetting is:

  • Cleaner lines result in less of a chance that clogs returning
  • We can provide a warranty on our work
  • Superior drain cleaning power
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe

You can count on Stewart Plumbing to be your local Memphis drain cleaning specialists. Our technicians are fully trained and certified in the industry’s best drain cleaning techniques, and will arrive in a truck fully stocked solve any problem. Rely on Stewart to put the industry’s best drain cleaning technology to work for you home today.

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Drain Cleaning Memphis: DIY Problems

Drain Cleaning Memphis: DIY Problems

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Having a clogged drain can be a major frustration. You may find yourself just staring as that stagnant water slowly goes down your drain. Clogs can cause major disruptions to your day, interrupting even the most basic activities like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. You may start to consider taking on this project yourself by employing store bought chemicals or rented equipment, but this might only make the problem worse. You need a team of experts who can properly identify your issue and create a solution that solves your problem and not just its symptoms. You need a local Memphis crew who will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. you need, Stewart Plumbing.

Here are some of the issues you might encounter when dealing with the do-it-yourself approach:

Store bought chemicals: Chemicals that you buy at a super marketing or home improvement store are meant to fight one kind of drain problem, and one only: gunk. While buildup might be your issue, you won’t truly know what’s going on until you’ve gotten a camera deep into your pipes to find the issue. Sure those chemicals may have let some water through, but if your problem is bigger than that, it will be back.

Using a snake or jetter without training: It can’t be that hard, right? We train our employees in industry best practices for a reason. Operating a snake or jetter is a complicated operation, and failing to do so properly might damage your pipes, the equipment, or worse, you. What started as a minor drain issue might end up costing you huge in pipe replacement and equipment damage costs, so rely on the experience of Stewart to do the job right.

Hiring a second rate plumber: It seems that everyone has “their guy” who can rush in and save the day when it comes to minor plumbing issues. The problem here, is that if your plumber is putting the best technology in the industry to work for you, you’re not getting the full story. Ensure that your plumber is fully trained and certified to use the equipment that can clear out your drains.

Stewart Plumbing is Memphis’ best bet for drain cleaning solutions. Let us put our training, experience, and industry knowledge to work for you by fixing your drain problems right the first time. Our trucks are fully stocked to handle any issue your home might be facing, so call today. We even have emergency service, and we’re ready 24/7 to help you when you need it. Call Stewart today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Ask a Memphis Plumber: Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Ask a Memphis Plumber: Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

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Memphis can get very cold this time of year, and below freezing temperatures can take you by surprise sometimes. Frozen pipes is an often overlooked yet very serious issue that needs to be taken seriously when the weather starts to get cold. Slow moving water can freeze in place within a pipe, causing a build of water which eventually causes a pipe to burst. This won’t only damage the pipe system, but can cause serious collateral water damage to your home.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to find pipes that risk becoming frozen during a cold snap, and how to lower your risk of damage before the weather takes you by surprise.

Identifying Pipes in Risk of Freezing

Step 1: Know Your Home

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, dive down deep into your basement and learn where each of your pipes begin and end up. This may not always be so obvious as some pipes can be hiding behind walls or otherwise covered up. Learn where each pipe goes and what it is used for, taking note of where it is exposed to the open air. If you need it, call the professionals at Stewart Plumbing to come in and give you a hand. Understanding where pipes are and what they’re used for will help address most home plumbing issues you encounter, including your frozen or burst pipes.

Step 2: Find The Cold

Are there any areas in your basement where it is colder than others? These could be spots near windows, cracks, or exposed areas to the outdoors. Are there pipes near by? Cracks and exposed areas within the home increases the risk for a pipe to freeze if they are exposed to that area. Know these areas well as they will need special protection when it comes to applying any preventative measures.

Step 3: Watch The Weather

You need to know when the weather is going to drop below freezing so you can employ the preventative tips below before you have a problem.

Preventing Pipes From Freezing

Here are some helpful tips to prevent pipes from freezing this winter. Note, you will want to address the issue before the freezing weather hits: remember, it gets much more while you’re asleep, so don’t wake up to burst pipes!

1) Insulate your pipes: This can be effective when it comes to pipes that are in those high risk areas we pointed out earlier. Putting a line of insulation around a pipe will help prevent the water inside from freezing as quickly.

2) Leave the faucet running: Leaving your faucets at a drip will keep the water moving within the pipes, reducing the chance it will freeze. This is a great option if the power goes out: your home will grow colder, increasing the risk of freezing pipes.

3) Re-Route frozen pipes: A trained Memphis plumber can come into your home, help you identify problem areas in your pipes, and re-route or protect the troubled areas to help address the issue.

Don’t Wait For The Cold To Come

Pipes that burst from freezing can spell major problems from your, so be proactive and take action today. Don’t wait until you’re stuck out in the cold, call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about how you can prevent and address frozen pipes.

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Ask a Memphis Plumber: What Should I Know About Frozen Pipe Repair?

Ask a Memphis Plumber: What Should I Know About Frozen Pipe Repair?

  • Plumbing

Frozen pipes are truly one of the worst parts of the winter season. And if the calls coming into the Stewart Plumbing offices the past couple weeks are any indication, a lot of folks in the area have had to deal with them.

Not only do frozen pipes strand your home without working plumbing or access to running water, in some cases frozen pipes can burst! And when they do burst, you could find yourself facing in-home flooding, serious water damage and mold/mildew growth. Getting burst pipes fixed can be costly, so it’s always the smart move to ‘winter-proof’ them before they ever have the chance to freeze.

One cheap and fast way to fix your pipes if they do partially freeze is to simply run warm water through your pipes, even if it’s just at a slow trickle. This can do a lot in terms of preventing a full freeze of your pipes by thawing out interior and exterior ice accumulation.

If your pipes do become fully frozen, try exposing as much of them as possible. This might mean opening kitchen cupboards or a bathroom vanity and exposing those pipes to the warm air circulating inside your house. In many cases, if the freeze isn’t too bad, the house’s normal warmth may be enough to return the pipes to working order.

Stewart Plumbing trucks are stocked with some specialized tools that can be used to fix frozen pipes. One such option is a wrap that goes around the pipe itself and provides adequate insulation or indirect heat to the pipe so that it doesn’t succumb to freezing. For deeper, more severe freezes, we may need to remove sections of the pipe, especially the traps, to gain access further into your plumbing.

Don’t let winter weather get the best of you! Let Stewart Plumbing handle all your frozen pipe issues this winter!    

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Holiday Prep For Your Home Plumbing System

Holiday Prep For Your Home Plumbing System

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Prepping your home plumbing system for the holidays is not always thought of. Fortunately, there is a great deal that you can do as a homeowner to protect and prepare your plumbing system for its increased usage this holiday season. The following tips can help you get through this joyous time without the added stress, inconvenience and expense of plumbing issues:

  • Dispose of kitchen grease properly. It might seem like a convenient step to take—especially during the busy holiday cooking season—but do not pour any type of grease or cooking oil down your kitchen drain. Doing so can result in clogged pipes as it cools and solidifies. In addition, the grease acts as a magnet for other types of debris by collecting it as it makes its way down your drain. Instead, wait for grease to cool completely before throwing it away in your regular household trash.
  • Break up buildup. As you use your plumbing system, compounds and other types of buildup could occur. Stop them from becoming an issue and break them up by rinsing your sink with extremely hot water on a regular basis.
  • Avoid drain cleaning products. Drain cleaning products might claim to help you prevent plumbing problems by ridding your pipes of buildup and other debris. In reality, though, because the chemicals they use are toxic, damage to your pipes could occur and leave their integrity in question.
  • Only flush the right things. Your plumbing system was designed to have only two items flushed through it — toilet paper and human waste. That’s it. Anything else that is flushed through the system has the potential to cause backups and other problems. For that reason, avoid flushing hair, baby wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, paper towels and other items down your toilet. Instead, throw these items away in your household trash can.
  • Be prepared. Make it easy for your guests and family members to dispose of items that don’t belong in your plumbing system. Keep a trash can near the toilet to encourage them to dispose of items there instead of throwing them in the toilet. It’s also a good idea to keep a plunger next to the toilet. This makes it quick and convenient to take care of small problems before they can become larger ones.
  • Practice a good maintenance and repair schedule. Like other essential systems in your home, your plumbing system needs regular maintenance. Contact a plumber to give your plumbing system a thorough inspection so that you know it is in top shape for the holidays. If your plumbing system is experiencing clogs and backed up drains, call a plumber for repairs at the first sign of trouble rather than waiting until the problem becomes larger.

By following the above suggestions, your plumbing system should be able to handle the additional demands placed on it without negatively impacting your enjoyment of the holidays.

Call Stewart Plumbing to schedule your home plumbing system inspection today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

10 Money-Saving Plumbing Tips You Can Do This Fall

10 Money-Saving Plumbing Tips You Can Do This Fall

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Plumbing tips found online cannot always be trusted but take it from us we have compiled a list of ten money saving plumbing tips you can do this fall! Most of us forget our homes conceal intricate plumbing systems. We expect our home plumbing to function as designed, without flaw. Yet it is possible to improve home plumbing efficiency with some proactive measures. The tips outlined below just might prevent a nasty problem from rearing its ugly head down the line in the form of a broken plumbing fixture that must be repaired or replaced. Abide by the advice set forth in this article and you will rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to prevent frustrating and costly home plumbing problems. With the holidays right around the corner, some of that saved cash may just be used to make a few smiles happen too!

Why These Plumbing Tips and Tricks Matter

Before digging into the nitty-gritty of home plumbing advice, it is prudent to explain why the average homeowner should take heed of such knowledge. Incorporating the wisdom outlined below has the potential to ward off repairs and replacements, decrease your utility bills and extend the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and appliances. After all, a home plumbing system that is neglected will eventually decrease in performance across time. You can do your part to prevent time-consuming and expensive plumbing problems by taking matters into your own hands with the relatively minor tricks and tips explained below.

1. Water Heater Maintenance

An annual inspection of your water heater will ensure that it is operating at peak capacity. This maintenance session will also guarantee that the water heater doesn’t have any flaws that could lead to plumbing problems. Furthermore, maintenance gives a water heater aficionado the chance to tune up the unit and ensure everything is in proper working order.

2. Avoiding Liquid Drain Cleaners

Though it is tempting to pour liquid drain cleaners down your drains, doing so could create some plumbing nightmares. Heat is generated due to the fact that the majority of liquid drain cleaners function by generating a chemical reaction within the drain pipe. This heat can cause some nasty damage to the pipe. The chemicals will rest on the clogged area, creating the potential to weaken or even melt the pipe. When in doubt, do not hesitate to call a plumber to rectify the problem.

3. Maintaining Gutters so That They Don’t Lead to Leaking and Flooding

Your gutters matter a great deal when it comes to preventing costly, time-consuming water-related problems. Be sure to maintain and check your gutters on a regular basis to ensure they are completely clear. Clogged gutters are more likely to generate a backlog of water that has the potential to cause flooding and leaks.

4. Insulating Your Water Heater

One of the best ways to save money in the context of home plumbing is to maintain the water heater. Insulate your water heater and you will save a considerable amount of money. Even if the insulation decreases the water heater’s temperature by a few degrees, you will enjoy some nice savings over time. Do not let your water heater reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Insulating a water heater can even be as simple as applying a water-heater blanket. This insulation will allow for minimal energy to be used when warming water each time a faucet is turned on.

5. Investigating and Addressing any Water Pressure Problems

If you notice any water pressure problems, do not neglect them! Water pressure problems can spiral out of control to the point that they devolve into uber-expensive repair or replacement projects that eat into your savings. Have a professional plumber examine your home plumbing’s nuances and allow him to implement the proper solution. This way, you’ll remedy the water pressure issue before it creates an even more serious problem.

6. Investigate and Address Poorly Smelling Drains

If you notice any of your home’s drains emit an odor, don’t let it slide. An odorous drain is a sign that something is wrong with your plumbing. Drainage systems are engineered in a manner that should prevent venting within the home. Perhaps there is an issue with the water trap. Maybe there is a design flaw or a venting problem. Lean on a professional plumber for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

7. Maintain/Tune up Your Washing Machine, Dishwasher, and any Major Plumbing Appliances Before it’s Too Late

Scheduling a tune-up of your washing machine, dishwasher, and other main appliances once a year will greatly reduce the odds of a costly breakdown. These machines become less efficient as time progresses. A tune up will improve their performance, heighten efficiency and possibly even ward off a repair or replacement that busts your budget.

8. Installing Drain “Strainers” in Kitchen Sink Drain and Shower Drain

Strainers aren’t only for pasta. Use strains in your kitchen sink and shower and you’ll prevent a buildup of hair that clogs your drains. No one wants to deal with a clog so be proactive by relying on a strainer that collects hair and other gunk before it can create an extremely frustrating and costly problem.

9. Check Your Toilet Flapper

A leaky toilet can waste a ton of water and consequently, your hard-earned money. Take a look at your toilet flapper to determine if there is a leak. If a leak exists, it will repeatedly spur the fill valve to send water to the tank. You can test the toilet flapper by dropping some food coloring in the tank. Let it rest idle for half an hour. Then check the toilet bowl. If the bowl is colored with the same hue as the food coloring, there is a leak. It might be possible that debris or other sediment has accumulated around the flapper. Dislodge this debris before committing to replacing the toilet flapper.

10. Stop any Leaky Appliances

Leaky appliances create annoying noises and set you back financially. A dripping faucet has the potential to waste upwards of 15 gallons worth of water per day. There is no sense in paying for that water when you get no use from it. Remedying leaky appliances has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars on your annual water bill. Reach out to a professional plumber to fix the leak and you’ll save plenty of money in the long run.

Call Stewart Plumbing Inc today if you need any plumbing tips! 

By Matt Seidell

10 Plumbing Service Tips of the Trade

10 Plumbing Service Tips of the Trade

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Quick, tell us where your emergency shut off valves are! Not sure? No need to panic yet. Your knowledge of your plumbing system may not be dinner table conversation, but getting familiar with your plumbing will definitely help you in an emergency. Understanding the basics of your plumbing can be the difference in a minor or major disaster in the event of a pipe break or sewer problem. Some of your knowledge can also be sure that you don’t need an expert opinion in every instance – but when you do, Stewart is on call for all your plumbing service needs.


Why Stewart Plumbing?

Stewart Plumbing has been serving the Memphis community since 1993, giving us more than 20 years of experience that benefits you as a homeowner when you’re looking for trustworthy, talented professionals for your plumbing service needs. From repair and maintenance to installation or consulting on a remodel, Stewart is here to offer you quality service from a company that cares.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Follow Nexstar Best Practices
  • Unrivaled Customer Service
  • Same-Day Service
  • Licensed Technicians


10 Plumbing Service Tips of the Trade


  1. Find Your Emergency Shut-Off Valves – Your sink, washing machine, and home all have their own water shut off valve. In the case of an emergency, knowing where to turn will mean the difference in minor versus major clean-up and damage.
  2. Avoid Water Heater Roulette – Your water heater makes up a significant percentage of your electricity usage. Having the right water heater for the job ensures you aren’t using – or abusing – your energy usage. If your water heater is old, its efficiency may also be waning. Upgrades or replacements may benefit you in the long run.
  3. Got a lift station? A lift station pumps waste and runoff from low elevation to a higher elevation. If something goes wrong here, you may be in for some problems. This is not a job for the do-it-yourselfer, however, and a plumbing service professional will need to be called for regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns.
  4. Don’t Put That Down There – Your sink backs up. What’s your first thought? Draino, perhaps, but this could mean a treacherous answer if you don’t know what your pipes are made of. Even heavy duty plastic will not stand up to the acid and you could be eroding your pipes with your choice of cleaner. Always consult with a professional before you pour chemicals down the drain, and watch for signs of poisoning if you keep Draino handy in your home. If you have persistent clogs, you may need professional drain cleaning.
  5. Flush Valves May Be Costing You – If your toilet is running several minutes after you flush, your flush valves may be to blame. Your water bill may reflect a lot of unrecognized water usage – and this is a key area to be aware of. Replacing your flush valves is actually a job you may be able to learn to do yourself.
  6. Investment Mindset – Your older appliances are starting to show their age, sure, but what about their efficiency? You may not be aware how much of your consumption could be saved by replacing older appliances. Upgrading your washing machine or water heater may sound like a pricey cost, but as an investment, it will save you money in the long run and help you conserve energy in the short term.
  7. Get Out On Your Lawn – If you take note of recurring puddles, water spots, drainage, and areas around your faucets, you may notice that you have water leakage. This could be from irrigation and sprinkler systems and can go unnoticed for long periods of time if you’re not looking for it. Having these systems checked by a plumbing professional can ensure you don’t miss a thing.
  8. Take a Count of Your Plungers – You need a plunger for every toilet in your home and another for under your kitchen sink. Having to run for a plunger in the case of a backup can mean costly seconds of overflow or mess. Letting them live behind your toilet means you’ll always have one handy when you need it most.
  9. Vent it Out – Your bathroom needs a vent in order to keep mold from taking advantage of this wet, warm climate. If you don’t have a window, this is a particular necessity to make sure you’re not growing anything unwelcome. Consult a plumbing service professional in the event of remodeling to make sure you’re all set.
  10. Strain Your Drains – Your first line of defense for clogged drains is a strainer, a filter or net of sorts that can be placed in your drains to make sure you’re not calling the plumber for preventable issues. These strainers can catch hair and debris in your shower and food in your sink to make it easy to handle yourself.


 Call Stewart Plumbing today for any of your residential or commercial plumbing service needs!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

5 Helpful Tips for Plumbing Maintenance

5 Helpful Tips for Plumbing Maintenance

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Plumbing maintenance is one of the realities of being a responsible homeowner. Sure, while we’d all love to have a perfect plumbing system where clogs and pipe leaks are nothing but a distant memory, problems will arise eventually and it’s important for you to take action before it’s far too late. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new homeowner or you have been living in the same house for years. You need to stay on top of your plumbing needs so you can continue to live comfortably and conveniently. However, for many homeowners out there, maintenance is difficult simply because they’re not overly familiar with the inner workings of their plumbing system. This is especially true of first-time homeowners. When they are in the process of buying the house, they’ll perhaps only consider the state of essential plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers. This will prove a major mistake when a plumbing problem occurs months down the road, and the homeowner has overlooked some of the smaller features of their system. This includes features like water main valves, water meters, water pressure regulators, and so much more. Not paying attention to any of them may lead to you paying more on service bills and an inability to discern between minor and major plumbing issues. Before your lack of knowledge on your plumbing system proves your downfall, you need to study up!

Why Should You Call Stewart Plumbing for Plumbing Maintenance

Fortunately, Stewart Plumbing is here to provide high-quality plumbing service to ensure you continue to live in your home stress-free. We can provide a much-needed helping hand in maintaining your system so it works effectively, efficiently, and safely. Our plumbing contractors can provide greater insight. With our service, you will have far greater insight into the inner workings of your plumbing system that will allow you to make an informed decision on whether you need any replacements or upgrades. Since our work will also give you greater insight no how to handle plumbing emergencies, you will be more prepared in the event of a burst pipe and know how to remedy the situation as soon as possible, ensuring you don’t waste a single dollar more on water bills. In fact, you’ll have a better idea of how to handle any plumbing emergency, meaning you will rely less on a plumber. But perhaps best of all, you’re guaranteeing a high level of convenience and efficiency for your family. And, really, when their needs are met, what could possibly make you feel more relaxed?

What Should You Know About Your Plumbing System?

Don’t just limit your understanding of plumbing to toilets and leaky faucets. The next time you conduct plumbing maintenance in your time, please consider these following tips:

  1. Shut off the Water Main Valve: Knowing where your water main valve is located is highly important, as it controls the flow of water in your home. This will prove helpful in an emergency situation. For example, if you experience frozen pipes during the winter that eventually burst, turning the water main valve off will ensure you save gallons of water that otherwise been lost. It’s one of the most vital parts of your plumbing system and every home is required to have one.
  2. Use Cut-Off Valves for Fixtures: In addition to having a way to shut off your entire water supply, you should also know where to locate cut-off valves for toilets, sinks, and showers. Again, this will prove helpful in an emergency situation. For example, if your toilet leaks, you can utilize the cut-off valve to prevent unsanitary water out from splashing onto the surrounding floor.
  3. Invest in a New Water Meter: Several water meters available today on the market that can detect leaks in your home and give you detailed information on your water usage. This will allow you to know if you need to slow down your current water usage so you save money on future water bills. Ask your local plumber to determine if a new water meter would be right for your home.
  4. Check Water Pressure Regulator: Always inspect the water pressure regulator to ensure water pressure levels in your home are safe. This will prove incredibly beneficial when there needs to be a reduction in the water pressure coming into the house. The regulator can successfully prevent the possibility of a pipe leak or an unwelcome surprise when you go to turn on the shower.
  5. Know Where to Locate Gas & Hot Water Valves: You shouldn’t be maintaining your plumbing system just guarantee better efficiency; it’s also about safety. Knowing where the gas & hot water valves are located will ensure you can shut off your flow of these essentials in the event of an emergency, whether it be your hot water is verging on scalding or you suspect there is a gas leak in your home.

Take Pride in Your Home’s Pluming System! Call Stewart Plumbing and Ask About Our Plumbing Maintenance Services Today!

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you want to learn more on how you can guarantee greater home convenience thanks to our highly effective plumbing maintenance!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Local Plumber Tips to Prepare for the Holidays

Local Plumber Tips to Prepare for the Holidays

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A local plumber will be able to ensure this holiday season remains one filled with peace and joy by eliminating any plumbing problems. At this time of year, you may be excited for gift-giving and spending quality time with your family. However, plumbing problems can detract from any good spirits this holiday season, especially if you do not practice proper maintenance. Even allowing just one clog or leak to persist may the one thing that completely ruins your holiday season. When you are already trying to gear your savings this holiday season toward shopping, it can be massively inconvenient when issues with your plumbing system are costing you a significant amount of money on utility bills. Worse, a problem like a pipe leak can also cost you gallons of water that would have otherwise been used for better purposes. Lingering problems will also damage the efficiency of your plumbing fixtures, making you seek replacement far sooner than you expected. Plus, when you already stressed out enough trying to make holiday plans, plumbing problems will just add one more worry to your growing list of concerns. Though you may not be a licensed plumber with the tools and experience needed to complete full-scale plumbing service, you can still take action in ensuring your holiday season is free of plumbing issues.

Why Should You Call Your Local Plumber at Stewart Plumbing?

If you want to ensure your holiday season remains free of plumbing issues, you should call Stewart Plumbing immediately. We are more than willing to provide service through the holidays to guarantee your total and complete satisfaction. Having a local plumber from Stewart Plumbing take a few simple actions in maintaining your home’s plumbing system can go a long way in ensuring a high level of convenience not just for this holiday season, but for the entire year ahead. We can provide a wide range of services to meet all needs including drain cleaning, leak detection, frozen pipe repair, and so much more. If it means you live happily this season, we’ll go the extra mile. With our help, you can experience greater savings on utility bills, which will come in handy when you’re trying to buy your family gifts. Even better, you will be able to spend more quality time with your family without worrying over when the next plumbing emergency will occur. Plus, if you have guests over the house this year, you can entertain them without worrying over not having working fixtures. We’ll ensure the most essential fixtures in your home are working better than ever!

What Can Go Wrong Without Maintenance?

As we mentioned earlier, not maintaining your plumbing system right before the holidays can lead to a ton of problems. Here are 3 of the most major ones:

  1. Water Damage in Your Home: A pipe leak or leak from one of your plumbing fixtures may lead to wet spots on walls, floors, and ceilings. This water damage will prove costly to fix and may even give rise to mold growth. When you already spending so much this holiday season, spending even more on water damage restoration service can be a real financial setback.
  2. More Stress and Inconvenience: When you consider just how often you rely on fixtures like toilets and sinks, having one of them not work anymore can be a huge inconvenience. It’s also stressful if you plan on having guests over the house and don’t have working plumbing fixtures to accommodate them.
  3. Increase in Expenses: By not addressing slow moving drains or clogged toilets right away, significant damage to your pipes that will require you to spend more money on pipe repair. That means the money you would have otherwise saved on gift shopping, preparing dinners, and more will have to go toward fixing your plumbing system instead.

4 Preparation Tips for the Holidays

While you may not be a licensed, experienced plumber, you can still prepare your plumbing system for holiday festivities by taking note of these 5 tips:

  1. Avoid Drain Cleaning Products: If you experience a drain clog this season, you may just use that that trusty bottle of chemical drain cleaning product to solve the problem. However, these products do more harm than good. The chemical components will actually eat away at your drains and leave you seeking pipe repair sooner than you realize.
  2. Break Up Blockages: Buildup in your drains may be inevitable, but it can be quite easy to remove. All you need to do is run extremely hot water down the drain to clear any source of blockage. The hot water works as lubricant and will loosen any substance sticking to the walls of your drainage pipes.
  3. Be Prepared: If you do plan on having guests over the house this holiday season, you should prepare your bathroom. Make sure to keep a plunger handy in the event of any minor clog so it can be quickly removed. You should also keep a trash can next to the toilet so occupants will have an alternate method of disposal instead throwing any material down the toilet that shouldn’t belong there.
  4. Do Not Throw Grease Down the Drain: If you plan on cooking meals this season using grease or cooking oil, do not throw the excess grease or oil down the drain. It will harden and stick to the walls of your drains, almost becoming impossible to remove. You should instead discard in the regular garbage to avoid a massive clog.

Let A Local Plumber From Stewart Plumbing Help You Enjoy The Holiday Season – Schedule A Plumbing System Check Today

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you want to avoid a holiday season filled with stress thanks to work from our local plumber!

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5 Easy Toilet Repair Tips

5 Easy Toilet Repair Tips

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Toilet repair is a must this season if your current toilet is giving you trouble. After all, the toilet is the most essential plumbing fixture in your home and one clog can throw off home convenience in a hurry. Not to mention, clogs or overflows can potentially result in unsanitary consequences, especially when your toilet is leaking with water and who knows what else. Making matters even more complicated is that the number of toilets in the average American household is growing, with more homes having more than one toilet. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, the numbers of new homes with three or more bathrooms each now outnumber new homes built with one to one and one-half bathrooms by a ratio of nearly ten to one. It can be a major plumbing emergency if you experience clogs in more than one toilet, and certainly bring you more stress than ever before. Many toilets problems will occur due to a homeowner’s own lack of knowledge on how to avoid them. If you currently have no idea how you can stay away from toilet troubles, now is the perfect time to do so, right before the winter begins. Just by calling up your local plumber for advice, you can ensure you avoid the high stress of a clog and focus more on enjoying the season with your family. 

Why You Should Call Stewart Plumbing

If you want your toilet repair done as soon as possible, please call Stewart Plumbing. We can ensure toilet problems are far from your mind this season. Families who frequently deal with clogged or slow toilets are being forced to sacrifice much of the enjoyment they should get from living in the home. But as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can turn your plumbing system around and change it for the better so you’re not worried about a clog or overflow every time someone in your household flushes the toilet. Even if you experience a clog at the last possible moment, you can count on us to provide emergency plumbing repair to save your toilet from a major problem just in time. We will also provide you with a greater understanding of your toilet so you will know what mistakes to avoid with your plumbing in the future. This will guarantee you keep the costs of plumbing repair down a low, and extend the lifespan of your toilet by years.

How Can You Save Money on Toilet Repair?

While most people will simply call a plumber to fix their plumbing woes (and they’re not wrong!), you can also take action on your own time to ensure your toilet avoids clogs and keeps working to the best of its abilities:

  1. Educate Family Members: The small children and adults in alike in your household need to be taught what shouldn’t be thrown down the drain, especially children who may opt to flushing their favorite toy. But adults aren’t immune to mistakes either, and they may make a poor judgement call leading to a major clog. In general, you should inform your family these objects should stay far away from your toilet: paper products, household waste products, or other everyday materials like articles of clothing.
  2. Flush Twice, But Beware: You absolutely should flush twice in a situation where you are unable to get waste down after the first flushing attempt. However, if you need to flush twice more often, it may be indicative of a serious problem with your toilet that requires a video inspection from a licensed plumber at Stewart.
  3. Provide an Alternate Garbage Disposal: One of the easiest ways to prevent inappropriate objects and materials from being placed into the toilet is to provide an alternate disposal option for family members and guests who use your bathroom. The most common solution is to place a small trash can near each toilet in the home, which will ensure any material that shouldn’t go down the drain is properly discarded.
  4. Keep Surfaces Clear: Many clogged toilets also result from accidents where an object is knocked into the toilet accidentally, which is usually a small object from a counter or over-the-toilet shelving like jars, bottles, sponges, and more. When these objects land in the toilet and are flushed accidentally, a clog will occur quite easily, so it’s best to keep these counters and shelves clear to prevent such a situation from occurring.
  5. Learn to Plunge: When you need to flush the toilet repeatedly just to get waste down, you are losing water and hurting the fixture’s efficiency. With that in mind, you should always have a plunger handy for any last-minute drain cleaning needed. In case you weren’t aware how to plunge effectively, these are the steps you should be taking: insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, ensure there is enough water in the bowl to gain suction, position the plunger over the drainage hole, then plunge vigorously until the water levels in the toilet bowl go down. If the water levels do go down, this means you have plunged effectively.

Get Ahead Of The Problem Before It Gets Worse – Schedule A Toilet Repair Today

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you are currently experience problems with your plumbing system so our team can provide high-quality toilet repair!

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Money Savings Tips From A Plumbing Contractor At Stewart Plumbing

Money Savings Tips From A Plumbing Contractor At Stewart Plumbing

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A plumbing contractor can lead you down the right path in ensuring you save money on water bills. The average homeowner uses 100 gallons of water per day, which may be a higher average than you think. In fact, homeowners don’t really consider just how much water it costs to wash dishes by hand or wash clothes that aren’t even dirty.  It’s that lack of attention that leaves them paying more on bills than they expected or wanted. If you live with a growing family, this may apply to you, especially when your home’s fixtures need to meet a wider range of plumbing needs. Even if you don’t, essential fixtures like toilets and showers can cost you more gallons of water than you’d expect, especially when you already use them several times a day. Making matters even more complicated is that you simply cannot live in your home without running water. It is an absolute necessity. With that in mind, you may be asking yourself, “So, how do I manage to save money?” Well, the answer to that question may easier than you think. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple actions to change your plumbing system’s efficiency for the better, and you should call your local contractor to learn how to do it.

Calling Stewart Plumbing for High-Quality Service

If you want to improve your home’s plumbing system, please call Stewart Plumbing for high-quality service. As far as we’re concerned, a little bit more knowledge on your plumbing system can go a long in saving you money, so don’t hesitate to speak to a licensed, experienced plumbing contractor from Stewart Plumbing about your plumbing problems. They have the skills and experience necessary to provide insight into your plumbing system, ensuring you know how to avoid common mistakes homeowners make on a regular basis and instead establish high efficiency in your home. You should also talk with our plumbers about upgrading plumbing fixtures throughout your home, so you receive the most water-efficient plumbing possible. Just by making a few upgrades you can save 30% more on bills, while also being more likely to avoid further spending on plumbing repair due to greater fixture efficiency and longer system lifespan. Simply put, if you want to ensure greater comfort in your home, you should always make us your first choice for service.

7 Plumbing Maintenance Tips From Our Plumbing Contractor 

Here are 7 helpful tips that will ensure higher costs on water bills are crossed off your list of worries during the fall and winter:

  1. Save Money on Bathroom Fixtures: Since you already use 41 gallons of water a day on bathroom fixtures, you can reduce that amount by upgrading bathroom fixtures to more efficient toilets, shower heads, and faucets. Though something like a toilet installation will have an upfront cost, you will notice greater water and cost-efficiency over time. You will also save money by shortening shower time down to 5 minutes or less.
  2. Upgrade Dishwashers: You can also save money by upgrading dishwashers, which will save you more than 30% compared to your older, current model and 80% compared to washing dishes by hand. If you have no choice but to wash dishes by hand, however, do not allow the water to run.
  3. Upgrade Washing Machines: You can upgrade washing machines to save 50% more water compared to your current model. You should also avoid washing clothes that aren’t dirty, wear clothes more than once, and reuse towels more than once to save water.
  4. Invest in Radiant Heating Systems: Newer radiant heating systems use less water and save money on bills since they can recirculate water back into your home. Since they also lose less heat through ducts and windows, they tend to be more efficient compared to baseboard heaters.
  5. Consider Reusing Storm Water: This may sound odd at first, but you may want to consider a rain storm your next big way to save water. You can reuse storm water for your own purposes by collecting it with a rooftop drum.
  6. Consider Reusing Greywater: Your water supply in general should be recycled from daily water usage, including any water from showers, faucets, and water from your laundry. You should invest in a sanitary pipe, keeping the water separated from city potable water pipes and running it to your toilet. This method will save you 7,000 gallons of city-supplied potable water per year.
  7. Save Water While Taking Care of Your Lawn: If you love taking care of your lawn, you need to know 55% of your water is used outdoors, which may be more than you realize. You can lower that percentage by installing a more efficient drip system that waters the base of the plants instead of simply dousing it. Your sprinkler system will cause water to evaporate or blow away, but you can also prevent this by investing in low-maintenance landscaping.

If You Want To Save Money On Your Water Bill, Call And Talk To A Plumbing Contractor Today

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you want to avoid high costs on water bills thanks to our plumbing contractor!

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Pipe Repair Warning Signs To Look Out For

Pipe Repair Warning Signs To Look Out For

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Pipe repair is the plumbing service you need this fall if you suspect leaky pipes and want to ensure you save money on utility bills, and prevent the water damage from getting worse. However, knowing when the time is right for service may prove difficult. Since pipes are not immediately visible to the eye, and since many homeowners will take pipes for granted, problems with pipes can often go unnoticed. This means a serious issue may be forming in your pipes right now, and you may have no idea. Pipe problems will eventually present themselves in a number of unpleasant ways around the house. Your plumbing fixtures may suffer from low water pressure, your water supply may be hazardous, and you may even begin to notice dampness on the walls and floors of your home. These troubles can build up one right after the other, snowballing into a huge mess that will leave you unable to live in your home. But while these headaches can distract from any of your fun plans this fall, identifying the signs telling you to call for pipe repair is not impossible. In fact, sometimes all you really need to do is take a closer look around the house so you know to call for service immediately.

How Can Stewart Plumbing Help You?

Fortunately, when you do decide the time is right for repair, Stewart Plumbing will always be available to provide service. Our repairs are fast and durable, so you are not spending another moment this fall with faulty pipes. We have a team of plumbers available who offer dedicated customer service that will always go above and beyond to keep you satisfied. We can take a closer look at the inner workings of your home’s piping, assessing what areas need improvement and making quick fixes to any area of concern. Even if it is just a matter of a few tiny leaks, we can make repairs to ensure your pipes continue to work at their best. If we find your pipes are well beyond repair, we can replace them with modern piping ready to withstand anything. Once you work with us, you are guaranteed to relax so much easier this fall.

10 Warning Signs That Indicate You Need To Schedule A Pipe Repair Service

Though you may think identifying problems with your pipes will be too difficult, please take note of any of these 10 easy-to-spot signs around your home:

  1. Corroded Pipes: You may be able to see pipes outside of the house or in some other locations like the basement, which allows you the chance to inspect them for any signs of corrosion. Corrosion may be significant enough to detract from a pipe’s durability, costing you more money on repair. 
  2. Rusty Spots: In addition to rust on pipes, homeowners are sometimes going to see rust spots in odd places throughout their home. This is especially true if your pipes are older. Calling for repair as soon as possible before you experience any significant damage.
  3. Multiple Leaks: You may have to call for emergency plumbing repair if you are experiencing multiple leaks coming from all angles of your plumbing system. This is a sign of a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately.
  4. Unexplained Dampness: Noticing random water stains on the walls and floors?  Many unexplained pipe leaks occur simply due to the homeowner not being aware of the age of their pipes.
  5. Strange Noises: Be alert of any loud and unsettling noises from your pipes. You may even hear sounds of a blockage coming from your pipes, which may indicate you also need drain cleaning.
  6. You Have Older Pipes: Pipes made out of material like polybutylene, clay, or cast iron are outdated and may be on the verge of crumbling to pieces. Call Stewart to upgrade as soon as possible.
  7. Low Water Pressure: Once your pipes stop working, you may notice you won’t have enough water pressure to take a shower or wash dishes. This may be a sign of pipe failure, and you need to call for repair to stop it in its tracks.
  8. Murky Water: Water quality may take a hit once your pipes malfunction. If you are noticing a murkiness to your water supply without it ever going away, it’s time to call for repair before you put your family’s well-being at risk.
  9. Extensive Physical Damage: Even the smallest physical damage can lead to some serious problems with your pipes, so don’t allow any tiny cracks or holes within the system go unfixed. You should definitely call for repair when these problems are interfering with your pipes’ performance.
  10. You Live In an Older Home: If your home was built before 1960, you may want to consider having a professional inspect your pipes. There is a good chance you still have the piping of the original property, making it more likely to experience issues.

Stop The Problems Associated With Leaky Pipes Before They Get Worse – Schedule Your Pipe Repair Service Today

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you are looking to save money on utility bills and we’ll send of our plumbers your way to conduct pipe repair!

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Helpful Tips for Drain Cleaning This Fall

Helpful Tips for Drain Cleaning This Fall

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Drain cleaning should come before any fun activities this fall. Carving a jack-o-lantern or going on a haunted hayride will be secondary if the state of your plumbing system is threatened by clogs forming on the horizon. Even if you begin to sense the slightest problems with your drains, it is certainly worth an inspection or else it can grow into something much more serious. The consequences of neglecting your plumbing needs this season are nothing to take lightly. You will be forced to pay more on plumbing bills, be unable to use toilets and sinks to their fullest extent, and even risk plumbing fixture replacement. With troubles like this, you cannot afford to put off fixing drain problems at a much later date. You need to act immediately and save your plumbing system so you can enjoy life this fall without worrying when a clog will arrive.

Calling Stewart for Top-Notch Service

When you need help in eliminating clogs, please call Stewart Plumbing for high-quality drain cleaning. We can ensure your kitchen and bath drains are working to the best of their abilities without being interrupted by clogs. Sometimes all it takes is one quick look at your drains to determine if cleaning is necessary. From there, our team can provide excellent service that will see clogs eliminated in a hurry, such as water jetting. Calling us for a drain cleaning service is highly important if you live in a large home where many people are using fixtures at once, leaving you at a higher risk of experiencing clogs. But we don’t just limit ourselves to a particular house. We want all homeowners across the Memphis and north Mississippi area to experience our high-quality service, so that’s why our plumbers are able to adapt their service for any and all plumbing needs.

Follow These Drain Cleaning Tips 

If you expect to have a reliable plumbing system this season, you should know that even taking a few small steps can greatly reduce spending on your bills, lower the risk of unsanitary consequences like overflowing toilets, and improve fixture performance. You may not be an experienced plumber from Stewart, but you can still play a role in maintaining your drains by following these tips:

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: If you ever had to make a grade school volcano project, you will know the mixture of baking soda and vinegar will create a fizzy, eruptive effect. The same can hold true for your drain clogs. One cup of vinegar and a ½ cup of baking soda poured down the drain will eliminate clogs by pushing them up and out.
  • Boiling Hot Water: Pour boiling hot water down the drain periodically to loosen up any materials sticking to drainage walls. This will make it much easier to scoop out any sources of blockage when you go to clean out the drain.
  • Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: It may be tempting to use chemical drain cleaner when you are looking to eliminate a clog immediately. However, chemical drain cleaners are to be avoided, as they can wind up bringing even more damage to your plumbing system.
  • Consider Installing a Strainer: Your kitchen and bathroom sinks will be less likely to experience clogs if you install strainers to keep material like food, hair, and soap out. Though these strainers will also become blocked, you can clean them out periodically so they continue to work at their best.
  • Bent Wire Hangers: Have a wire coat hanger you are not using? Then it may prove helpful with drain cleaning. A bent wire hanger will clean out any smaller particles in your drains that other cleaning tools will miss, although do be careful not to scratch or damage the pipe.

Bonus Tips for Soft and Hard Clogs!

The most common types of drain clogs can be broken up into two groups: soft and hard. Soft clogs are usually found in bathroom sinks that rarely compact the drain, usually made of material like soap and hair. You can generally fix them following these tips:

  • Use a standard plunger to pull the clog up out of the sink or to push it on through the drain pipe.
  • Use a long, stiff brush made to fit down into the drain, snag the clog material and pull it back up and out.
  • Use a plastic strip with serrated edges, made to remove clogs, by being inserted into the drain and pulling out the material.
  • If the homeowner is not intimidated by plumbing work, they can disconnect the P-trap below the bathroom sink and remove the clog lodged there.

Hard clogs generally involve food and grease sticking to drainage pipes. This will compact the drain due to it forming into a hard mass. In case you experience this type of clog, here is what you should do:

  • Try using a standard plunger briefly to release a fresh clog. Do not do this for too long or too forcefully as it can damage the plumbing pipes and make them come apart.
  • For clogged toilets, pour dish detergent down the drain
  • Use a plumbing drain snake to break up the clog and clear the drain. However, be careful to not poke holes in any older, corroded drainage pipes.

Don’t Let Clogged Drains Sneak Up On You – Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service Today

Call Stewart Plumbing today if you want to live conveniently and comfortably this fall thanks to our drain cleaning!

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How a Sewer Camera in Hernando, MS Can Make Repair Easier

How a Sewer Camera in Hernando, MS Can Make Repair Easier

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Here’s the major difficulty with identifying sewer problems—you can’t see them, or at least not so upfront. While there are some indicators around the house you can identify, including wet spots on your landscape and slowly draining fixtures, many sewer problems will persist without you having any idea as to what’s going on. That means jeopardy for your entire plumbing system, but fortunately all hope is not lost thanks to the assistance of a sewer camera in Hernando, MS.

At Stewart Plumbing, we can provide you with sewer service that will see us insert a small camera down your sewer line to give you an in-depth look into the inner workings of your plumbing system. A sewer camera in Hernando, MS does an incredible job in identifying where and how sewer problems originate, allowing to devise a clear path for repair. In fact, it makes the entire repair process go by so much faster, meaning your sewer system will be restored in no time at all!

3 Ways a Sewer Camera in Hernando, MS Can Help You

As far as we’re concerned, sewer repair shouldn’t have to be time-consuming, especially not with a sewer camera that can provide you:

  1. Greater Understanding of Your Plumbing System: Your plumbing system shouldn’t have to be this unforeseen, mysterious force. Fortunately, a sewer camera can uncover that mystery somewhat and allow you to see your plumbing in a whole new light. You’ll know what can make it stop in its tracks so you’ll know what steps to take to avoid any future trouble.
  2. A Clearer Path for Repair: Since a sewer camera can reveal what exactly is preventing your sewer line from working at its best, our team of experienced plumbers will have a better sense of what repairs need to be made. Making sewer repairs without a clear, determined path will only lead to more problems, so a sewer camera proves a helpful tool in ensuring repairs are done correctly.
  3. Quicker, More Effective Repair: Sewer repair would be a long, drawn-out process if it weren’t for a sewer camera serving as a guide. Since the camera can help develop a clear path for repair as soon as possible, you’ll notice the repair process go by so much faster. In addition, repairs will be so much more precise in eliminating the problem, especially when you consider it can also pick up specific details otherwise missed.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you want to learn more on how a sewer camera in Hernando, MS can help make the sewer repair process so much easier.

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What To Do When You Experience a Broken Pipe in Hernando, MS 

What To Do When You Experience a Broken Pipe in Hernando, MS 

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A broken pipe in Hernando, MS can cause serious damage to your property and isn’t something to take lightly. But with Stewart Plumbing on your side, there’s no need to panic. Stewart Plumbing started as a one man plumbing business but has since grown to be one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the area. They have a reputation of genuinely caring about satisfying customers, and they do everything they can to help homeowners maintain functional and efficient plumbing systems. If you experience a broken pipe in Hernando, MS, all you have to do is follow these four steps.

Turn Off the Water

A broken pipe will continue to expel mass amounts of water until the water is shut off. The sooner you can get to the water shut off valve, the better. You’ll find the shut off valve on the water main, and if you’re not exactly sure where that is, check under the kitchen sink or wherever your main service pipe is.

Drain The Pipe

Once you shut off the water, there will still be water left in your pipes. To keep it from spilling out into your home, you’ll need to drain the pipes. Start by running the cold water on all faucets and flush each toilet at least once. Turn the hot water heater off and then switch the faucets to run hot water. Once water stops flowing out of the faucets, your pipes will be clear and the leak will stop.

Find The Break

Locating the break in the pipe isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but following the trail of water is a good way to start. Once you find the break, assess the damage. Did the pipe completely burst, or is it only cracked? Consider where on your property the break is located, and inspect the surrounding length of pipe for additional damage.

Call The Pros

Once you’ve contained the leak and measured the damage, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. A plumbing contractor will be able to tell you why the pipe burst in the first place, and they’ll offer an effective solution. Knowing what to do will depend on the plumber’s training and experience, and repairing a broken pipe in Hernando, MS is never something to try on your own.

Stewart Plumbing is one of the most trusted names in Mississippi plumbing. They know a broken pipe in Hernando, MS is enough to bring your life to a halt, but their services are always fast and reliable. Call them today to schedule an appointment with their team of qualified plumbers.

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How Can You Unclog a Tub Drain in Hernando, MS?

How Can You Unclog a Tub Drain in Hernando, MS?

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You may not think much about that tub drain in Hernando, MS, except maybe when you actually want to take a bath and find that the drain is totally clogged. Your nightly showers and baths may prove so much more difficult with a clogged tub drain, especially when water levels in the tub itself show no signs of slowing down. It’s one of those situations that needs to be righted immediately or else it can result in something much worse for your plumbing system.

But what can you do? And how can you stop clogs in your tub drain once and for all? Allow Stewart Plumbing to provide advice. We’ve been working on drains of all types for years, so we have more than enough experience in knowing exactly needs to be done to keep a tub drain in Hernando, MS clog-free!

Maintenance Tips for a Tub Drain in Hernando, MS

The next time you find yourself stuck with a clogged tub drain, please take the following actions to ensure that clog is removed in a hurry:

  • Use a toilet plunger. While a toilet plunger may obviously be specifically created for tubs, it can still work just as well in eliminating clogs. First, fill up the tub with a few inches of water, which will help the plunger get suction. Then proceed to plunge up to 10 times until the water goes down, which is evidence the clog has been eliminated.
  • Clean out strainers. Though strainers are effective in keeping out any source of clogging like hair and soap, they themselves may become clogged. Clean them of any substances so they can continue to do their job.
  • Pour boiling hot water down your tub drain to loosen up any source of clogging. In addition, ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar can be poured down the drain, which will have eruptive effect that will send the source of the clog up and out of the drain.
  • Use a drain snake. A snake is a long, narrow tool that can easily fit into your drains to scoop out any source of clogging. It can be incredibly effective in removing anything a plunger wouldn’t be able to get.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you want to learn more on how you can maintain your tub drain in Hernando, MS!

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