6 Signs It’s Time For a Sump Pump Replacement

6 Signs It’s Time For a Sump Pump Replacement

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sump pump replacement in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

Having a sump pump for your home gives you about a decade’s worth of flood protection. However, sump pumps, like any other bit of plumbing, can fall prey to unexpected mechanical problems. If homeowners don’t catch on to these problems, they may find themselves taking unexpected damage from flooding. However, you can’t call for help if you don’t know what to look for. Let the experts at Stewart Plumbing help you learn when it’s time to call for a sump pump replacement.

Here are six signs that you’re due for a sump pump replacement:


A loud pump

Machines and appliances tend to get noisier when they have a mechanical problem, and sump pumps are no exception. When you hear rattling and grinding, you should examine the impeller, which is the fan at the bottom of the sump pump. Meanwhile, noisy motors signal that a bearing isn’t working properly.


Clogged pump and switches

It’s a good idea to get an airtight lid for any sump pumps you own. The lid will keep contaminants such as dust from getting into the pit, onto parts, or on the switches. All of these things could clog uncovered sump pumps.


Constant running

Your sump pump isn’t something that should be constantly running. If it runs too much, it’ll use more electricity and get run down quicker, reducing its lifespan. There are several reasons your pump won’t stop running:

  • The float switch is tangled or clogged.
  • Your pump is too big or too small for the pit.
  • The check valve is missing or broken.
  • There’s a continuous heavy flow into your sump pit. This could be caused by a high water table or underground spring.

Give us a call if your sump pump is constantly running to get someone to help you find and solve the pump’s problem.


Irregular cycling

Make sure your sump pump’s floater switch is adjusted correctly. If it isn’t, it can cause your sump pump to turn on and off irregularly, even when there’s heavy rain. Your sump pump’s improper switch setting makes it think you want it to turn on when it only has a few inches of water. Irregular cycling can also happen if the sump pump has a wiring problem or a short circuit.


Old age

You’ll always have to replace a sump pump eventually. On average, it’ll last for about a decade before it needs replacement. However, certain factors can make your sump pump die out quicker. Some of these include how often you use the pump, its quality, and how long it takes the pump to discharge water.


No water in the sump pit

When your sump pit has no water, even when the pump is running, the pit might not be properly installed or connected to your drainage system. Disconnect your sump pump and give us a call to see what the problem is.


What makes Stewart Plumbing a local expert on all types of plumbing?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to learn more about fixing your sump pump!

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4 Advantages to Using a Sump Pump in Memphis

4 Advantages to Using a Sump Pump in Memphis

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installing a sump pump in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

A sump pump is a kind of pump that removes water build-up in basements and other crawlspaces by depositing it into a building’s wastewater system. They are useful for any home or building located somewhere with a high water table. Sump pumps require professional help to install but are simple to operate once it’s hooked up to your drainage system. Let Stewart Plumbing tell you some of the benefits you get from installing a sump pump in Memphis.

Here are four of the benefits you can expect from installing a sump pump in Memphis:


Prevent flooding damage

While sump pumps are good at dealing with gradual water build-up, they really shine when dealing with large-scale flooding. If torrential rains cause your basement to flood, you could easily have over a foot of flooding. This could be disastrous if you store anything valuable in the basement. Fortunately, a working sump pump can prevent this problem.


Reduced mold and mildew

If you have stagnant puddles of water and constant dampness in your basement, molds and mildew are likely to grow there. Not only can this damage building materials and other goods, but it can also cause various health problems. Having a sump pump can keep your basement dry and avoid heavy mold and mildew growth.


Increase property value

This may be an obvious advantage, but homeowners like it when their homes, current or future, are safe from damage. Installing a sump pump in your home can help maintain its value and keep the structure of the house from being compromised by water damage.


Reduced fire risk

“Less fire” may sound like a strange benefit for owning something that keeps your basement dry. However, flooding is a big cause of electrical fires. The water that builds up in your basement can cause short circuits in any appliances you might have down there, like washing machines and heating systems. Even if the water doesn’t cause a fire, your appliances will be ruined. A sump pump can protect your appliances from water damage and electrical fires caused by said damage.


Why should I have Stewart Plumbing be my plumbing company of choice?

Whether working with the average homeowner or the Graceland estate, Stewart Plumbing brings high-quality service to every job. Since 1993, our drug tested and background checked plumbers have been helping people across Mississippi. In addition, every single one of our jobs comes with the best warranties in the business to ensure you’re satisfied with our work. If you’re looking to install a sump pump, call the pros at Stewart Plumbing!

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Are Sump Pumps Important?

Are Sump Pumps Important?

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Sump Pump installation by Stewart Plumbing

If you have ever had water in your basement, the answer to this question is easy: yes!

Read on to discover how important a sump pump installation from Stewart Plumbing can be to the safety of your home and property.

How do they work?

Sump pumps are a critical component in preventing water damage in your basement or any other level of your home below ground. Sump pumps are typically installed in the basements or below-ground levels of a home and work to collect water in a sump basin or pit. After water collects in the basin, the pump diverts the water safely away from the structure so that water does not flood your home.

What should I look for in a sump pump?

Sump pumps are an important part of waterproofing your basement area, so getting the right features are critical. Any sump pump you buy should be installed with a battery back up. A battery back up can be the difference between coming home to water damage and property loss or a dry, safe basement. Most sump pumps run on electricity and will shut down if the home loses power, like in a severe storm. Another key feature that can come with a sump pump is a water level alarm which will sound when the water covers the pump. Some pumps may also come with liners

Can I install a sump pump?

Sump pumps should be installed by professionals since the labor involved is usually outside the average DIYer. Installing a pump can involve digging through the home’s foundation and the installation must be up to building code. An improperly installed sump could malfunction or leak, defeating the purpose of having it installed at all.

Are they required by law?

Sump pumps are not required by law. They are bought on a voluntary basis to protect property from water damage. If you live in a home with a sloping foundation, live in an area with heavy rainfall, or your home was built on former swampland then a sump pump would be a critical investment for protecting your home. Even if none of these categories match your home, you could still experience flooding. If you’ve ever noticed water seeping into your basement after a heavy rain, then investing in a sump pump will save you trouble in the future.

If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, or an older home at risk of flooding, then a sump pump will be one of the most important investments in your home. A sump pump will protect your basement and property stored down there from damage.

For a Free Sump Pump Installation Quote from Stewart Plumbing, click here

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3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Sump Pump in Hernando, MS

3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Sump Pump in Hernando, MS

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Your sump pump keeps you protected from flooding, pumping away any excess water it detects. It’s important to regularly check it for any problems, as any hindrances to its normal operation can put your house and property at risk for high-cost damage. Setting a calendar reminder on your phone or other mobile device to check it with some regularity is a great preventative measure. If you’re not sure what exactly you should be looking for when you check it, though, don’t worry — here are three common signs that you should call a plumber for help repairing your sump pump in Hernando, MS.

  1. You notice a musty odor when you are around the sump pump: This one is generally noticeable even if you’re not doing a regular check — if you notice a musty smell in the vicinity of the sump pump, one reminiscent of mold and mildew, that probably means that significant growth has built up and needs to be cleaned out. If it hasn’t been addressed for quite a while, it may require repairs in addition to cleaning, so make sure you call a professional to come check it out.
  1. The sump pump is noisy during operation: If your sump pump is making a lot of loud, mechanical noises, you should call for repairs right away. Normal pump operation is ordinarily quiet, and the sounds could be a sign of serious technical problems that may prevent the pump from doing its job and lead to flooding and/or water damage.
  1. You notice water starting to come in around the sump pump: This one, of course, is the most obvious of all. If you’ve already got leaking or flooding around your sump pump, it’s a sure sign that it’s not doing its job correctly. This is another case where you should immediately call for repairs; holding off can have damaging consequences for your property.

If you notice any of the above problems with your sump pump in Hernando, MS, don’t delay — call Stewart Plumbing for the best service. With their help, you’ll ensure you and your family never have to worry about flooding or the property damage that comes along with it.

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

3 Reasons to Consider Sump Pump Installation in Memphis This Spring

3 Reasons to Consider Sump Pump Installation in Memphis This Spring

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Living in a home with a wet basement is like living with a ticking time bomb: you know there’s going to be a problem and you’re just waiting for it to happen. Wet basements can lead to an extensive list of homeowner headaches, especially during the rainy spring months.

When it comes to wet basement issues in your home, our plumbing professionals at Stewart Plumbing recommend sump pump installation in Memphis. Below we have compiled a list of 3 key reasons to install a sump pump in your home before spring arrives.

  1. Get Your Space Back: Living in a home with a wet basement almost guarantees you won’t be able to utilize that space. Storage is out of the question, since the dampness can ruin many personal objects you would want in storage. Utilizing the basement as a living space is out of the question as well, since no one wants to spend quality time in an inch of dirty water. Installing a sump pump will alleviate the issue of a wet basement and give you back that space. Whether it’s for storage or living, you’ll be thankful to have your basement back after sump pump installation.
  1. Fight Off Fungi: A moist basement is a breeding ground for mold and fungi in the home, some of which can be hazardous to your health. Especially for homes containing young children or the elderly, having a home clear of health hazardous mold should be a top priority. Sump pump installation in the basement of your home will keep that area dry, removing the necessary dampness for mold breeding grounds. No one wants to be living among mold and mildew.
  1. Improve the Value of Your Home: Did you know installing a sump pump can increase the value of your home? Not only does the pump make your home more valuable by providing usable space in the basement, but it also protects the future of the house. A damp or wet basement can lead to structural issues in the house’s foundation later on, and installing a sump pump is one step in protecting that foundation in the future. It can also potentially help lower insurance rates, as homeowners will need to file fewer claims due to water damage.

Having a wet basement is no fun, but thankfully sump pump installation in Memphis can give back that space. When it comes to sump pump installation in the Memphis area, Steward Plumbing has the experience and professionalism to install a sump pump to bring your basement back.

By Kaitlyn Manktelow

Sump Pumps in Memphis: 4 Questions to Consider

Sump Pumps in Memphis: 4 Questions to Consider

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The fall brings with it a heightened risk of flooding, which is why it’s all the more important to consider installing sump pumps in Memphis to stop flooding in your basement before it even begins. Flooding can bring with permanent water damage that will spending plenty of time and money on home remodeling services. Also, flooding can also see a heightened risk of mold and other harmful bacteria growing in your basement.

The plumbers at Stewart Plumbing are quite knowledgeable on sump pumps in Memphis, and are certainly more than ready to install a sump pump in your basement. We offer emergency installment in situations where unequipped to prevent flooding or your current sump pump isn’t working. Whatever the case, you can expect personable customer service from our team!

4 Questions to Consider on Sump Pumps in Memphis

We’ve got plumbers in Memphis on standby to help you answer any of your sump pump-related questions. There are certainly plenty of questions to ask, but here are 4 of the most important:

  1. How Can This Protect Me from Flooding? A sump pump is your best defense against a basement flood. It works by actively pumping water out of a designated area, and away from your home. Even with the cost of the installation, a sump pump could save you a ton of money on future water damages. It will also increase the value of your home.
  2. How Can This Improve My Home? Your basement doesn’t have to be flooded to impose a health or safety concern. A little dampness can be a huge threat to you and your family. A wet atmosphere is the perfect home for mold and mildew growth. Sump pumps help by regulating the humidity in your basement. With less humidity, the less you have to worry about harmful bacteria invading your indoor air.
  3. Where Should It Be Installed? The location of your home is a big factor in the decision of installing a sump pump. Though Memphis sees its fair share of heat but the flooding can be immense and disastrous. However, it’s important to consider the amount of space you have in your basement, so you can install the right sump pump that’s not ill-fitting in any way.
  4. What Can I Afford? That new, fancy sump pump model may look nice, but if it doesn’t fit in with your budget, then it’s better to take into consideration what you can realistically afford. Remember: high pricing does not necessarily translate into high quality. You can still find the perfect water heater at the right price.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about sump pumps in Memphis. Install one in your home and start fighting off floods now!

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Why You Should Install a Sump Pump in Memphis

Why You Should Install a Sump Pump in Memphis

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If you’re a homeowner, landlord, or property manager, you know how important it is to keep your estate routinely serviced. Routine maintenance can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. But how have you prepared your property against flooding? A property with a sump pump can defend itself against damages caused by flooding. Even if you have never experienced flooding in your home, it’s always a safe bet to have a sump pump installed. One flooding incident can leave your home or property with a ton of damage, lessening the retail value and even making it unsafe to occupy. For security against flooding damage, you need a sump pump!

If you’re ready for a sump pump in Memphis, Stewart Plumbing, Inc. can help you with all of your sump pump needs—from identifying the best location for it to having it installed, you’re sure to have all of your sump pump questions answered by Stewart’s!

Endless Benefits from Sump Pump Installation

A property flood can lead to several damages. A sump pump not only prevents those damages, but it has a ton of other benefits as well. It can better regulate the temperature in your home, especially lessening humidity. In the heat of the summer, there is nothing worse than a humid day! By keeping dampness under control, you are keeping your home cool and comfortable, too.

Dampness in your home can seep in where you least expect it. Unfortunately, when this happens it can take years to find evidence of damage. Mold is a common outcome of a damp environment. It is incredibly harmful to your health and safety. By having a sump pump installed, mold growth is kept to a minimum.

A sump pump also adds value to your home. It is a real advantage when faced with a flooding emergency. So be prepared! Keep your home or property structurally strong by keeping it safe from the damages caused by flooding!

For sump pump installation in Memphis, call the experts at Stewart Plumbing, Inc. today!

By Kaitlyn Manktelow