Crawl Space Flooding in Memphis

Your home’s finished crawl space can be a great place to relax; while it is a major investment, it can be a comfortable spot. When a flash flood strikes, your dream crawl space can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have a plan for flood prevention. The plumbing experts at Stewart Plumbing are here to walk you through sump pumps, and how they can prevent crawl space flooding.

A Crucial Line of Defense

One of the most effective ways of defending your crawl space is a sump pump, which is designed to take in water and move it out of your crawl space through a discharge pipe. They are typically installed in a well, or “sump pit,” that acts as the seat for the pump, while also acting as a reservoir. This pit collects the flooding waters that the pump then moves out.

However, in most cases, a crawl space’s main sump pump  are electric. Storms that cause flooding are typically accompanied by lightning, which can knock out the power to your home. Every pump system should have a backup installed, and one of the best backups is a water-powered sump pump.

No matter how intense the storm is outside, a water-powered pump will continue to work by using the water pressure provided by your home’s water supply. This removes the need for an electrical connection or battery connected to your pump. When in full operation, this type of pump can remove more than 1,300 gallons of water per hour.

Not for Minor Leaks

A sump pump is not designed for your average crawl space leak. When a crawl space has a leak, water comes from the walls, cracks or other exposed areas. A sump pump is not designed to gather and remove water from these areas. In order for a pump to work in those conditions, you would need to install a troth or drainage system that would move the water into the basin, where the pump could then remove the water.

Don’t wait until you have a flooded crawl space before taking the time to consider a sump pump. Your local Memphis plumbers at Stewart are ready and waiting to help you install, repair or replace your sump pump, ensuring that you’re fully protected. Call the experts today!

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