Drain Backups in Memphis: 4 Most Common Types of Backup

Drain backups in Memphis are certainly not fun. No matter where they form in your home, drain backups can bring a lot of trouble and stress to your peaceful home, and they’ll make you fork over the cash to have them repaired. However, even though they are rather troublesome, it’s still nonetheless important to seek professional treatment so your drains are working again in no time. You rely so much on your plumbing fixtures every day of your life and without drains in working order, living in your hoe can be downright impossible.

Stewart Plumbing has a plumber waiting in the wings to solve any of your drain backups in Memphis. We offer a wide range of drain cleaning solutions that will leave you impressed due to their overall effectiveness. When it comes to drains backups, we don’t want you feeling left out, which is why we aim to cover all the bases to meet the needs of all our customers.

What are the Most Common Drain Backups in Memphis?

If you think your drain backups are too much for our Memphis handle, then think again. Here are 4 of the most common backups types encountered by our team of plumbers:

  1. Shower Backups: Shower or tub backups are arguably the single most common drain backups dealt with by our drain backup service in Memphis. Due to a buildup of hair or soap, showers are often the area of your home most vulnerable to drain backups, and they cannot even be helped by the use of a plunger or a drain snake. Our drain backup service in Memphis deals with them fairly often, however, can use water jetting to blast away the clog for good.
  2. Toilet Backups: Toilet backups are often considered an everyday part of maintaining your home’s plumbing. More often than not, they can be solved by the use of a plunger or a drain snake. But more serious clogging requires the attention of a Memphis plumber, or else it can to unsanitary consequences not even a professional would want to clean up.
  3. Main Drain Backups: When your main drain experiences a backup, it can prevent your toilet, sink, and shower from working at their best. Your first order of business should be to check the plumbing fixtures closest to the ground, and then call a Memphis plumber if the problem is serious enough.
  4. Kitchen Drain Backups: The main cause of kitchen drain backups is usually cooking grease, which can stick and harden in drains. This can prevent usage of sinks and garbage disposals. It can really deter from your kitchen’s otherwise warming atmosphere. Worse, it can be incredibly hard to remove if it goes without treatment, but our team of plumbers can handle it in no time!

Contact Stewart Plumbing today to solve any of your drain backups in Memphis, especially if you’re experiencing four common backup types.

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