Drain Cleaning Tips from the Memphis Plumbing Experts

Whether you’re experiencing a small drain clog or a more serious backup, both can ruin your day. Don’t let a drain clog drag you down! Know how to unclog small blockages and when to call for help. When you need a drain-cleaning expert, contact your local Memphis plumbing professionals at Stewart Plumbing.

Drain Cleaning Tips

The best way to rid your plumbing of a drain clog is to avoid one altogether! Grease, bits of food, and hair are all villains when it comes to debris buildup in your plumbing. One effective way to keep these things from entering into your drains is to keep a drain strainer in your sinks and shower.

You can also routinely clean your drains with baking soda and vinegar. This mixture will eat at any grime buildup and send it on its way! Let it sit for a few hours and then rinse with hot, boiling water.

For small clogs, you can use a drain snake to fish out the debris. Drain snakes are a wise investment as you can use them more than once and they won’t hurt your pipes or the environment (unlike other drain-cleaning, harsh chemicals).

If you’ve taken these necessary precautions against a drain clog, and you notice a backup in your plumbing system, don’t wait! Trying to unclog serious blockages on your own can often make matters worse. Trust a trained and experienced plumber to alleviate your drain clog quickly and effectively.

Stewart Plumbing—Drain-Cleaning Experts

No matter the size or location of your drain clog, Stewart Plumbing can help! They begin every drain-cleaning service with a camera inspection. These inspections save a lot of time (and save you money) because a plumber can identify the exact location of the clog. They can see how large the blockage is, if there are numerous locations, and what the debris consists of.

Depending on the clog, a skilled plumber from Stewart Plumbing will use a high-pressure water jet or a drain snake to remove the clog safely and effectively.

If you’re experiencing a drain clog, don’t wait another minute! Call the experts at Stewart Plumbing and get on the schedule today!

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