Drain Cleaning Tips for Memphis Homeowners

Nobody wants to deal with drain clogs.  Unfortunately, they’re an extremely common problem for homeowners in the Memphis and Northern Tennessee area, and they’re something that we at Stewart Plumbing are called in to deal with all of the time.  As they age, pipes tend to lose their flow capacity to residue build-up, corrosion, and constant use — that’s just a fact.

But there are some things that you can do to ensure your drains last as long as possible, and the Stewart Plumbing professionals want to share them with you!  Follow these 5 simple tips to keep your pipes running smooth all the way into their old age:

  1. Landscape Carefully– A huge problem we have here in the Memphis area is tree root intrusion.  That’s when the roots from trees and bushes in your yards find moisture in your pipes and invade through the seams.  Tree roots in your sewer line can cause leaks, clogs, backups, and even disjointing, so when you plant trees be very careful that they’re far away from your underground pipes!
  2. Don’t Flush, Throw it Away– It may seem like your toilet drains can handle anything, but over time flushing absorptive papers or hygienic products can build up into major problems.  When in doubt, through it out!
  3. Avoid Drain Cleaning Chemicals– Brand products like Drano may eliminate some of your clogs, but over time they actually cause more issues than they solve.  Corrosive chemical agents tend to degrade the lining of the pipes, causing sediment build up and further complications.  They don’t actually address the root of the issue, which is generally flow restriction from oil and grease. Speaking of…
  4. Never Pour Grease Down the Sink– It’s unavoidable that some greases and oils from your plates will wind up in the drains, but when you can avoid letting those sticky, fatty runoffs go through your plumbing, do so!
  5. Proper Maintenance– At the first sign of a problem, call Stewart Plumbing to get your drains cleaner right.

Have a drain problem?  Call Stewart Plumbing for service today!  And don’t forget that Stewart is currently offering whole-home system checks, a $149 inspection value, absolutely FREE!  So call today, and enjoy your holidays worry-free!


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