Drain Clog Causes in Memphis

From time to time, drain clogs can happen. It’s also possible that you might be unsure of what caused your drain to clog to begin with. Fortunately enough, Stewart Plumbing is here to help you get to the bottom of your clogged up drain issues!

Below is a list that we collected of 10 of the most common reasons that your drain might be clogged:

10 Ways Your Drains Could Be Clogged

  1. Lack of city sewer line maintenance: It’s the city’s responsibility to maintain the municipal sewer line. If they don’t stay on top of keeping it clean, then it is possible that you will get the brunt of the backup.
  2. Grease: Even though many things that you eat and cook with produces grease, it is not a good idea to put it down your drain. Grease is difficult to break up and will cause clogging.
  3. Main line break: When you have a break in your main line, you will probably notice a random pile of debris in one spot. Main line problems can cause major plumbing issues inside your home.
  4. Food items: Believe it or not, your garbage disposal destroy everything that you toss down it. Not to mention, if you don’t have a disposal, your drains will quickly get clogged up if you throw food down there. Be careful not to dispose of starchy, stringy vegetables, potato peels, coffee grinds, and other foods down your kitchen drain.
  5. Tree roots: Tree roots in the line is not only one of the most common, but also one most difficult clogs to take care of. Once these roots get into your pipes, they feed off the water and nutrients. This causes them to grow, expand, and eventually block your pipes. If the roots are left to grow there for too long, they can rupture your line.
  6. Collapsed sewer line: This will cause multiple fixtures in your home to back up and needs to be looked at immediately.
  7. Incorrectly-installed piping: Though this is beyond your control, it is smart to have this problem fixed as soon as possibles. Pipes that were not originally connected properly can cause some serious damage.
  8. Sagging sewer lines: This typically causes the drains in your home to run slower than normal. Since slow drains could be from a number of different things, you may want to bring in a Stewart Plumbing expert to check and ensure it’s not because of sagging sewer lines.
  9. Unauthorized items flushed down the toilet: This might be obvious, but accidentally flushing down foreign items like hygiene products and toothbrushes down the toilet can cause clogging.
  10. Outside debris in the line: Mud, clay, and grass can all get into the line if it has been punctured.

If you have any questions pertaining  to drain clogs, get in touch with Stewart Plumbing today!

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