Tune Up Your Plumbing System This Fall

With the beginning of fall officially here, it’s time to start focusing on your home’s seasonal maintenance. No homeowner wants to be stuck with plumbing repairs in the middle of winter, so it’s best to maintain your system before the cold weather comes in. Yearly system maintenance not only saves you money on costly repairs, but also stress and frustration when your system shuts down at the most inconvenient time.

This year, Stewart Plumbing has a variety of new offers to get your plumbing system in good working order before winter is here. To help prepare your home for the colder months, here are 4 plumbing maintenance services Stewart Plumbing can help you with this fall:

1. Water Heaters

Your water heater works its hardest during the winter, and there is no time of year where it is more inconvenient to be without hot water. To make sure that your water heater is equipped to handle the harshest season of the year, make sure to get the tank flushed, removing all the sediment that inevitably builds up throughout the year.

2. Toilet

No one wants to be stuck with a broken, clogged or leaking toilet in the middle of winter. A broken toilet drastically disrupts your daily quality of life, and can cost you a lot in repairs and wasted water. If your toilet is old, running, or not working properly, you should consider a toilet tune-up before a small problem becomes a big repair. We replace the parts of your toilet that wear down over time, and improve your system’s overall efficiency.

3. Drain Cleaning

A backed up drain is no fun for any homeowner. If your drains are moving slow, it’s best to maintain your drains before a small buildup turns into a full clog. This preemptive approach is key to avoiding clogs altogether and keeping your lines clear all year round, increasing the life of your entire system.

4. Main Drain Video Inspections

If you’re unsure whether or not you have a clog or buildup in your drains, a video inspection is a sure way to identify how big of a problem you may be dealing with, and locate it quickly. You’ll be able to see the problem for yourself, and get an accurate estimate for what service or repair may need to be done.  No invasive digging, excavation mess, or costly emergency repairs required. 

5. Main Line Cleaning

If your drains are moving slowly, backed up, smell bad, or are gurgling, you may need to service your main sewer line. Like other drain cleanings, regularly servicing your main line is key to preventing serious clogs and other plumbing emergencies while also extending the life of your plumbing system.

Schedule your fall plumbing tune-ups with Stewart Plumbing today, and make sure that your whole system is in good working order now so you are far less likely to encounter a major problem in the middle of winter. 

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