Friends of Stewart Plumbing: David Donaldson Christian Counselor


We all need a helping hand now and again. Even if you’re the one normally doing the helping.  Dr. David Donaldson has been helping members of the Memphis community for more than 20 years. His unique and insightful perspectives on love, life, and faith, have helped him in his capacity as a counselor for folks in need of a helping hand. 

Over the course of his career David and his ministry have acted as a counselor for married couples, children, those struggling with addiction, families, people suffering from depression, those grieving loved ones, survivors of sexual assault, and anyone else in need of support and guidance. His organization has offices in Sardis, Bartlett TN, and even right here in Southaven.

David has always described his counseling work as his divine calling. ” Being able to reach out to people from across the country and around the world with Christ-centered, Biblically based counseling is exciting to me. It represents two decades of service to Christ and it is, without question, the culmination of my life’s work,” he’s said.

We at Stewart Plumbing have proudly partnered with Dr. Donaldson for a number of years as we truly believe in his community-driven, faith-based approach to guiding folks through their hardest hours. We’ve always been proud to serve our own communities with our God-given talents with plumbing, and we fully support anyone doing the same.

Sadly, Dr. Donaldson has encountered some health problems of late and has needed to take some time off. As good friends of his, we know that every bit of support and every prayer said on their behalf would mean the world to David and his family. If you’re so inclined to send some love their way, you can contact the ministry here.

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