Frozen Pipes and How to Prevent Them 

When winter arrives in Memphis, the chance of your pipes freezing goes up. Anytime the temperature is going to hover around 32 degrees or below, that is when the chance of frozen pipes goes up. Frozen pipe prevention is a key factor in your plumbing getting you through the winter without any headaches.

The pipes in the most danger are those in basements and attics. These spaces are typically less insulated than other rooms in your home and can freeze more easily. These spaces are also the least visible in your home, so you may not notice the frozen pipe immediately. A frozen pipe left alone can easily turn into a burst pipe. A burst pipe causes flooding damage to affected rooms and loss of water to parts of your home. The other vulnerable spots in your home are exterior faucets and hoses. These pipes are closest to the outside and at risk of freezing.

Here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes:

  • Keep the Heat On: It is critical to have a functioning heating system. This is your first defense to frozen pipes. By keeping the heat above 55 degrees in your home, you are decreasing the chance of a frozen pipe. 
  • Insulating Vulnerable Areas: Insulating your attic and basement will help retain the heat in those areas. It will save your pipes and save you money on your heating bills. 
  • Insulating Pipes: If you add insulation to the outside of your pipes, you are decreasing the chance of a frozen pipe. The insulation stops the water inside the pipes from freezing and bursting. This insulation has some secondary benefits as well: it insulates even when the weather is warmer, so you do not have heat loss when hot water travels through the coldest pipes in your home. 
  • Shut Off Outside Water: Before the cold weather sets in, shut off the water to your exterior hoses and pipes. You should disconnect any hoses that are attached to them 

If your pipes do freeze- don’t panic. Your local technicians at Stewart Plumbing are here to help. We can assist with repairing your burst pipe or insulating them before they freeze!

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