How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal in Hernando, MS

Your garbage disposal in Hernando, MS is one of the helpful tools in preventing drain clogs. Otherwise, you may find yourself calling for drain cleaning service on a more frequent basis, allowing those repair bills to rack up in cost and leave you with more stress. That’s why maintaining the disposal is highly important. It doesn’t just improve its performance; it’s ensuring you can continue to live in your home stress-free.

At Stewart Plumbing, we want to see you with a garbage disposal in Hernando, MS that works to the best of its abilities, and part of guaranteeing that is with a little TLC. You can’t get away with throwing large pieces of food down the disposal and think everything will be okay. You need to know what works for your disposal or, in many cases, what doesn’t to ensure you don’t make a call for drain cleaning service any time soon.

Tips for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal in Hernando, MS

The next time you’re looking to improve the performance of your garbage disposal, please consider the following:

  1. Run It Regularly: Your disposal is one of the most useful plumbing fixtures in your home, so why not use it as much as possible? Longer periods of inactivity can actually be bad for your disposal, as it begin to rust and allow any potential sources of blockage build up. Your best move is to run it regularly so it continues to work effectively.
  2. Cold Water Helps: Make sure to run cold water when your disposal begins grinding up food. The cold water will solidify substances like grease or oil so they can be easily chopped up by the disposal and prevent a clog.
  3. Cut up Larger Food Scraps: Just throwing that large piece of produce down the disposal and thinking the situation will solve itself is means for disaster. Cut up any pieces of larger food scraps that would otherwise make for an easy clog. Chicken and fish bones should be discarded in the regular garbage, as they may prove too dense for the disposal to handle.
  4. Keep Grease & Oil Away: While grease or cooking oil can be solidified by running cold water, it’s best you don’t throw it down the disposal at all, as there is a high risk it will find itself down the drain and harden. Place any grease or cooking oil from your last meal in a storage bag and then discard it in the regular garbage.

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