How Can Water Filtration in Memphis Improve Life in Your Home?

Wells leading to underground aquifers supply most of the water to Memphis. Although this water is high in quality and relatively clean, water filtration in Memphis has many benefits to improving life at home. That’s because various impurities, compounds, and lifeforms exist naturally in water.

For example, the water may be pure but lead from residential and utility pipes can leach into it. The only way to know if there’s lead is to test for it. Run the tap if it hasn’t been turned on for a few hours, when this compound most often accumulates. Various types of filters can remove lead as well, including distillation and reverse osmosis filters.

In addition to lead-free water, having a filter at home has many other benefits.


Many types of filters remove bacteria and viruses, including cryptosporidium, E. coli, and salmonella. Water filtration in Memphis can actually keep you from getting sick. These organisms occur throughout nature and can be present in any water. The only sure bet on getting rid of them is to have a filter at the tap source.

Nitrates, pesticides, and in some cases radium or radon can leak into water supplies. Filters can remove these and give you peace of mind. Some compounds are known to have health effects if you are exposed to them over time. An affordable home filter can keep these out of your drinking water.

Better Quality

Home water filtration is also known to improve taste. Tap water may have chorine that is used to kill microbes before it gets to your home. Chlorine also has a lasting effect and even kills bacteria and viruses in pipes. Having a filter at the water’s destination point can rid it of that compound and its less than desirable taste.

Other Benefits of Home Water Filtration

Filtered water at home certainly improves water quality and health. Without chlorine, you can avoid the toxic effects it can have on the skin and lungs. Filtration can also protect appliances. Iron, for example, can create rusty stains around appliances and a filter can reduce these and the rotten egg smell that can go along with them.

In addition, some filters can soften water. You’ll see less residue buildup around the home. They also remove impurities so you’ll have softer hair and skin, plus you’re washing machine may yield cleaner clothes. At the very least, a water filter takes out the dirt and sediment so you don’t have to see these coming out of the faucet, into your hair, or in your drinking glass.

Better tasting water, lower lead levels, and fewer disease-causing microbes are reasons water filtration in Memphis improves life in your home. Naturally occurring and man-introduced contaminants are present in utility water everywhere. To ensure you don’t have to contend with these, get the best water filtration in Memphis today by contacting Stewart Plumbing!

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