How To Avoid Burst Pipes This Winter

stewart plumbing avoid burst pipes this winter

When winter rolls around, that means cold weather. While we don’t experience terribly severe winter weather, you should be mindful of the temperature for your pipe’s sake. Ensuring that your pipes don’t burst can save you thousands of dollars, not only in repair but in property damage. Follow these 4 tips on how to avoid burst pipes this winter!

4 Tips You Need To Avoid Burst Pipes In Winter

Running Water

By keeping your faucets running, even if it’s just a slow trickle of water, you are doing two things. You are reducing the chance of water freezing by keeping it moving. You are also relieving pressure from within the lines that would otherwise cause the pipes to burst.

Regularly Check Vacant Homes

If you have a vacant home, whether that be a second home or if your home will be without anyone while you are on vacation, you should be prepared to have someone check in on it regularly. By checking in regularly, you prevent additional issues from arising should something go wrong. Plus, you can stop issues before they happen by running water or identifying issues that may lead to a burst pipe.

Keep Your Home Warm

A warm home means warm pipes. By having your home set to 65 degrees or above, you minimize the chances of having a burst pipe. It’s also a good idea to open cabinets to allow the warm air to circulate if your pipes are hidden, such as a sink. 

Drain Your Garden Hose

You may not think about it often, especially in the winter, but your garden hose should be drained, as well as the pipes leading to the spigot. By turning off the valve to the spigot inside your home, as well as draining any remaining water, you essentially prevent that pipe from bursting since you have drained it entirely of water. 

If you need burst pipe repair, be sure to call Stewart Plumbing for all your home’s plumbing needs. Be sure to check out our reviews as well!

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