Leak Detection in Southaven, MS: 5 Dangers of Undetected Leaks

Being on top of home repairs can feel like a full-time job for homeowners. From electrical black-outs to plumbing catastrophes, keeping your home safe and well-maintained can be a hassle and headache-inducing endeavor. Today we want to talk about one of the more dangerous and costly issues your home can face: undetected leaks. Proper leak detection in Southaven, MS, can help keep your home happy and healthy, and save you money down the line. Below our professionals at Stewart Plumbing have compiled a list of 5 danger of undetected leaks in your home.

  1. Mold: Mold in your home is never a good thing. While some molds may just be gross to deal with, others can cause serious allergic reactions and respiratory disorders, endangering those living in your home. Undetected leaks can be one of the main causes of mold and mildew growing in your home. The added moisture from leaks gives mold and mildew a perfect habitat to thrive, endangering those in your home and leaving a gross mess to clean up later on.
  1. Electrical Issues: Undetected leaks don’t just cause mold growth in your homes. If the water leaking comes in contact with any of your electrical systems, it can easily short circuit these systems, ruining them and costing you hundreds to fix. If a leak is undetected, it could be precariously close to an electrical system, and at any time could cause total failure. Looking out for, and maintaining, these leaks is the only way to avoid potential electrical issues down the line.
  1. Structural Damage: Water leaking into your home can be destructive in more than just the above-mentioned ways. The foundation of your home can become weakened and compromised by excess water, making your home less safe and lowering the resale value later on. Being aware of and repairing undetected leaks will help prevent these issues from arising in your home.
  1. Ruined Possessions: Proper leak detection in Southaven, MS can help protect your valuable possessions as well. Undetected leaks can ruin possessions in your home, from expensive electronics to valuable art. Being proactive in fighting leaks in your home will help keep the possessions you value safe within your walls.
  1. Landscape Erosion: If leaks in your home extend outside your walls, expensive erosion damage could occur as well. While having a leak outside may not seem like too big a deal, continued leak damage can work away at the landscaping around your home and eat away at the foundation from the outside, leading to extensive and costly repairs. Proper leak detection can help prevent these problems from occurring and behind major homeowner headaches.

Undetected plumbing leaks can do a lot more damage than simply flooding your kitchen, and being aware of these dangers will help homeowners better prepare for leaks as they occur. For proper leak detection in Southaven, MS, Stewart Plumbing is available to help keep your home safe and dry.

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