Pipe Repair Warning Signs To Look Out For

Pipe repair is the plumbing service you need this fall if you suspect leaky pipes and want to ensure you save money on utility bills, and prevent the water damage from getting worse. However, knowing when the time is right for service may prove difficult. Since pipes are not immediately visible to the eye, and since many homeowners will take pipes for granted, problems with pipes can often go unnoticed. This means a serious issue may be forming in your pipes right now, and you may have no idea. Pipe problems will eventually present themselves in a number of unpleasant ways around the house. Your plumbing fixtures may suffer from low water pressure, your water supply may be hazardous, and you may even begin to notice dampness on the walls and floors of your home. These troubles can build up one right after the other, snowballing into a huge mess that will leave you unable to live in your home. But while these headaches can distract from any of your fun plans this fall, identifying the signs telling you to call for pipe repair is not impossible. In fact, sometimes all you really need to do is take a closer look around the house so you know to call for service immediately.

How Can Stewart Plumbing Help You?

Fortunately, when you do decide the time is right for repair, Stewart Plumbing will always be available to provide service. Our repairs are fast and durable, so you are not spending another moment this fall with faulty pipes. We have a team of plumbers available who offer dedicated customer service that will always go above and beyond to keep you satisfied. We can take a closer look at the inner workings of your home’s piping, assessing what areas need improvement and making quick fixes to any area of concern. Even if it is just a matter of a few tiny leaks, we can make repairs to ensure your pipes continue to work at their best. If we find your pipes are well beyond repair, we can replace them with modern piping ready to withstand anything. Once you work with us, you are guaranteed to relax so much easier this fall.

10 Warning Signs That Indicate You Need To Schedule A Pipe Repair Service

Though you may think identifying problems with your pipes will be too difficult, please take note of any of these 10 easy-to-spot signs around your home:

  1. Corroded Pipes: You may be able to see pipes outside of the house or in some other locations like the basement, which allows you the chance to inspect them for any signs of corrosion. Corrosion may be significant enough to detract from a pipe’s durability, costing you more money on repair. 
  2. Rusty Spots: In addition to rust on pipes, homeowners are sometimes going to see rust spots in odd places throughout their home. This is especially true if your pipes are older. Calling for repair as soon as possible before you experience any significant damage.
  3. Multiple Leaks: You may have to call for emergency plumbing repair if you are experiencing multiple leaks coming from all angles of your plumbing system. This is a sign of a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately.
  4. Unexplained Dampness: Noticing random water stains on the walls and floors?  Many unexplained pipe leaks occur simply due to the homeowner not being aware of the age of their pipes.
  5. Strange Noises: Be alert of any loud and unsettling noises from your pipes. You may even hear sounds of a blockage coming from your pipes, which may indicate you also need drain cleaning.
  6. You Have Older Pipes: Pipes made out of material like polybutylene, clay, or cast iron are outdated and may be on the verge of crumbling to pieces. Call Stewart to upgrade as soon as possible.
  7. Low Water Pressure: Once your pipes stop working, you may notice you won’t have enough water pressure to take a shower or wash dishes. This may be a sign of pipe failure, and you need to call for repair to stop it in its tracks.
  8. Murky Water: Water quality may take a hit once your pipes malfunction. If you are noticing a murkiness to your water supply without it ever going away, it’s time to call for repair before you put your family’s well-being at risk.
  9. Extensive Physical Damage: Even the smallest physical damage can lead to some serious problems with your pipes, so don’t allow any tiny cracks or holes within the system go unfixed. You should definitely call for repair when these problems are interfering with your pipes’ performance.
  10. You Live In an Older Home: If your home was built before 1960, you may want to consider having a professional inspect your pipes. There is a good chance you still have the piping of the original property, making it more likely to experience issues.

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