5 Winter Tips for Plumbing Maintenance in Memphis

While sledding and snowman building can be fun, the wintertime see its own particular hardships and headaches. Having to scrape a firm layer of frost off your car in the morning in one thing, and even just climbing out of your warm bed to greet the cold air is another. But while the focus may be on staying warm, you may also be presented with another headache in the form of plumbing problems. It may your leaky faucets, toilet overflows, and sink clogs that may cause the biggest headache of the season!

Stewart Plumbing is here to provide you some helpful wintertime tips for plumbing maintenance in Memphis! While many people this season are focused on staying warm, we can’t stress enough how important it can be to take care of your plumbing. A season without heating is inconvenient, but a lack of working plumbing fixtures on top of that can really make life in your home difficult.

How Can You Maintain Your Plumbing This Winter?

The plumbers at Stewart Plumbing are here to help you with any of your plumbing needs this winter but in the meantime, there are several things you can do to ensure your plumbing is ready to withstand all the snow storms, ice, and strong winds ahead. Take a look at these 5 maintenance tips:

  1. Avoid Drain Clogs: Once a week, pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. It will push any potential sources of clogs out and lower the chance of future clogs. Who knew simple household items could prove so effective in drain cleaning?
  2. Keep Grease Away from Fixtures: While hot and greasy food may sound tasty at this time of year, avoid leaving grease or oil anywhere near plumbing fixture. Cooking grease can actually harden in drains and make them near impenetrable.
  3. Turn Down Water Heater Temperature: Your first instinct after a long winter’s day of snow shoveling may be to jump into a hot, relaxing shower. However, water heating will make up 14 to 25 percent of your monthly heating bills. Keep water heater temperature below 125 degrees Fahrenheit to keep energy costs down and, more importantly, avoid burning.
  4. Schedule Showers Evenly: If more than one person in your household needs to take a shower, wait 10 minutes between each shower to give your water heater a rest. Did you know you will only use 20 to 40 gallons of water on a 4-minute shower?
  5. Run Plumbing Fixtures: The best way to keep pipes from freezing or bursting is by running water at regular intervals from every valve in your home. Make sure water is warmer as well, as this will further reduce the chances of you going through the pain of getting frozen pipes fixed.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today for plumbing maintenance in Memphis and of course, follow these maintenance tips!

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