Special Deal on the Interflo 14 Water Filtration System

interflo water filtration

Can you really put a price on clean, healthy drinking water? As much as you can put a price on you and your family’s health and wellbeing. The water that comes through our taps is normally filtered enough, we’ve seen time and time again that sometimes contaminants can make their way through your pipes and into your home. If you want that sweet peace of mind that comes from crystalline clear, pure drinking water, your best bet is going to be a water filtration system. Luckily, the crew here at Stewart has just the product for you.

The Interflo 14 is a water filtration product that will not only remove the most commonly found compounds in your tap, but also improve the overall taste of the water itself. Microscopic materials like cyst and sediments and cleaning agents like chlorine can give your faucet water unpleasant odors and off-putting tastes. When attached to the faucet, the Interflo 14 isolates and removes these contaminants for a purer, healthier glass of water.

Concerned if it can keep up with the amount of water you use? You shouldn’t be; with a flow rate of 2 gallons a minute and a filter that will last for a full year before needing to be replaced, an Interflo product can handle just about anything your household throws at it. And because the Interflo 14 is so ingeniously designed, it can be affixed to just about any faucet you have in your home or business, including, but not limited to:

  • Refrigerator Ice/Water Dispensers 
  • Cold Side of Kitchen Faucets 
  • Bar or Vegetable Sinks 
  • Designer Faucets 
  • Cold Side of Bathroom Faucets
  • Break Room Water Bubblers
  • Restaurant Beverage Stations 
  • Ice Tea and Coffee Machines

While you enjoy total freedom in where you want to put your Interflo water filtration system, that’s not the most accessible thing about it. Some water filtration systems price the average homeowner out of the market, with entry costs in the thousands. That’s not the case here. From now through the end of September, Stewart Plumbing customers will enjoy a promotional price of just $699 for their Interflo 14 installation. Home and business owners can rest easy knowing that their water and their bank account are healthy!

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