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Stewart Plumbing Products- Bio-Clean and Root-X

Here at Stewart Plumbing, we pride ourselves on delivered talented, personable service to fix any and all of your home’s comfort and health issues. We know that there’s no plumbing problem that our professionals can’t handle! Still, as skilled as our plumbers are on their own, we also know the importance of having the right tools. Our own professionals always have the very best technologies on the market — and that on its own makes a huge difference.

Now, we’re proud to be sharing some of those premier technologies with our Memphis home and business owners!  Stewart Plumbing is a certified dealer of the following plumbing products.  Just go to their websites through the links provided to see more information about these items and how they can make your life easier.

To buy the product, just go to their dealer page (here for Bio-Clean and here for Root-X) and enter your zip code to find the certified dealer closest to you. It could be your local experts here at Stewart Plumbing!



bio-clean-infoWhen your drain gets clogged and you need a solution fast, don’t use chemical drain cleaners! These agents might work quickly, but those nasty, toxic formulas corrode your pipes overtime and aren’t safe to have around your home.  You can get the same fast and effective results without the risk when you rely on Bio-Clean — an organic solution that is completely safe to handle and better for your pipes. Instead of dissolving all the matter in its path (including metal and plastic pipe walls) like many chemical drain cleaners, Bio-Clean breaks down clogs by essentially digesting them. The enzymes and bacteria in the solution are specifically designed to attack and decompose hair, paper, grease, soap scum, food waste, and all of the other usual suspects for drain clogs, leaving your pipes totally clear.  Since they enzymes and bacteria are alive, they can spread through your system unrestrained by gravity, clearing all accumulated waste.  Bio-Clean is:

  • Fast-Acting
  • Multi-Purpose
  • 100% Safe for the Environment
  • Non-Corrosive to Piping…or to People!
  • More Effective than Chemicals

Monthly bio-clean treatments will keep your plumbing problems at bay all year long.  Click the picture to be taken to the Bio-Clean site, where you can learn more about the product and why it has Stewart Plumbing’s full support!




PipesRootXTree roots are designed to find moisture, and all too often they do so in your plumbing systems.  They enter your underground pipes through cracks in their seams, and in the process they can cause disjointing, obstruction, and even collapse.  A sewer line full of knotted tree roots can’t properly dispose of waste, and it may even cause unsanitary and dangerous sewer back-up.

Tree root intrusion is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately, but they’re very difficult to remove.  Generally, hydraulic rooters aren’t powerful enough to completely clear away tree roots, so most plumbers recommend high water pressure jetting — but the problem with hydrojetting is that, even though it clears out the roots and re-opens flow, it doesn’t prevent them from growing back!  For years, tree roots in the sewer line were a basically unsolvable.

Not anymore!  With Root-X’s powerful foam solution, clogs from tree root intrusion can be a thing of the past.  Just pour Root-X into the problematic drain and it immediately starts to foam, creating a thick, cleaning lather that eradicates roots and even inhibits further growth!  Don’t waste time and money on expensive pipe replacements — deal with the problem fast with Root-X today!


As a certified Bio-Clean and Root-X dealer, Stewart Plumbing can send you your own Bio-Clean and Root-X products so you can do the treatments yourself! In the event of a plumbing emergency, remember to call Stewart Plumbing for our 24/7 service.

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