Sump Pumps in Memphis: 4 Questions to Consider

The fall brings with it a heightened risk of flooding, which is why it’s all the more important to consider installing sump pumps in Memphis to stop flooding in your basement before it even begins. Flooding can bring with permanent water damage that will spending plenty of time and money on home remodeling services. Also, flooding can also see a heightened risk of mold and other harmful bacteria growing in your basement.

The plumbers at Stewart Plumbing are quite knowledgeable on sump pumps in Memphis, and are certainly more than ready to install a sump pump in your basement. We offer emergency installment in situations where unequipped to prevent flooding or your current sump pump isn’t working. Whatever the case, you can expect personable customer service from our team!

4 Questions to Consider on Sump Pumps in Memphis

We’ve got plumbers in Memphis on standby to help you answer any of your sump pump-related questions. There are certainly plenty of questions to ask, but here are 4 of the most important:

  1. How Can This Protect Me from Flooding? A sump pump is your best defense against a basement flood. It works by actively pumping water out of a designated area, and away from your home. Even with the cost of the installation, a sump pump could save you a ton of money on future water damages. It will also increase the value of your home.
  2. How Can This Improve My Home? Your basement doesn’t have to be flooded to impose a health or safety concern. A little dampness can be a huge threat to you and your family. A wet atmosphere is the perfect home for mold and mildew growth. Sump pumps help by regulating the humidity in your basement. With less humidity, the less you have to worry about harmful bacteria invading your indoor air.
  3. Where Should It Be Installed? The location of your home is a big factor in the decision of installing a sump pump. Though Memphis sees its fair share of heat but the flooding can be immense and disastrous. However, it’s important to consider the amount of space you have in your basement, so you can install the right sump pump that’s not ill-fitting in any way.
  4. What Can I Afford? That new, fancy sump pump model may look nice, but if it doesn’t fit in with your budget, then it’s better to take into consideration what you can realistically afford. Remember: high pricing does not necessarily translate into high quality. You can still find the perfect water heater at the right price.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about sump pumps in Memphis. Install one in your home and start fighting off floods now!

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