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Why get a tankless water heater?  Our blog on Friday discussed some of the benefits, but when you get right down to is, how is this purchase going to affect your wallet? Is it would the cost of installation? Well, the first step is to stop thinking about tankless so much as a “purchase” and to start thinking of it as an investment in energy efficiency.  At Stewart Plumbing, we want to make sure every home in Memphis has access to the superior quality and savings of a tankless unit, so let’s talk numbers.  What do you spend, and what do you get in return?

The Original Cost

Depending on what fuel-type you decide on (electric or natural-gas fired) as well as where you have your tankless installed (interior/exterior, whole-house vs. point-of-use), the labor, geography, and equipment of a tankless could cost up to $1,100 per heater.  With Stewart, we’ll try to save you as much as possible while still ensuring that you get a reliable, long-lasting system.  If you call now, you’ll receive a free consultation and an up-front estimate, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying  before we start.  But yes, we realize that the cost is sizeable!  Can tankless really save you that much? Let’s look a bit closer.

What You’ll Save on Replacement Costs

With constant maintenance, a storage tank water heater will need a tank replacement in about 8 to 10 years of use.  For most Memphis homeowners, however, that average is close to 4 to 7 years due to hard water damage, lack of regular up-keep, and other issues that inevitably arise.  That means that in 30 years, you could be paying for four tank replacements or more.  Tankless heaters last up to 20 years with maintenance and they never require tank replacements, so you won’t need to worry about paying for labor and replacement for the full life of the machine.  Tankless water heaters come with flexible warranties for your convenience.

What You’ll Save on Energy Costs

A conventional water heater runs at about 60% efficiency: that means that less than 2/3rds of the energy your pay for actually goes into heating your water.  This is partially because tank-type heaters store water at a pre-set temperature, so your water is being constantly heated even when you aren’t using it.  With a tankless water heating system, energy efficiency is closer to 95%, meaning an up to 35% increase!  Each year, a tankless water heater will save you $100 on your energy bill just by using your energy more efficiently.  That means that you could cover the cost of installation in just 10 years.

So what are you water for?  Call the Stewart Plumbing professionals for a free consultation today.

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