How Toilet Replacement Can Improve Your Bathroom and Home Value

How Toilet Replacement Can Improve Your Bathroom and Home Value


It might come as a surprise to homeowners that a toilet replacement can significantly improve your home value. Old toilets are prone to give you more problems than just a slow fill or incomplete flush. Toilets in need of replacement are also prone to break, which is a costly repair, or even worse, leak, which can result in costing hundreds to thousands to repair. A new toilet not only saves you from the frustration of using an old toilet, it saves you the cost and maintenance needed to maintain your old plumbing.


How A Toilet Replacement Benefits You


A toilet is one of the most used appliances in your home, which generally means it needs more maintenance than other major home appliances. When it comes to cost, sometimes paying for a repair is the most cost effective solution. Over time, however, the costs needed to maintain your toilet can exceed a toilet replacement, and that’s not even including utility bills. Here’s how a toilet replacement can help you.


  • You use less water. Toilets account for a significant percentage of your home’s water usage, about 31%. Older toilets, especially anything built and installed before 1994, are inefficient and can cost you high utility bills. By installing a new toilet replacement, you can automatically reduce your home’s water usage by 23 – 46%.
  • You save money. On top of lower utility bills, a toilet replacement saves you the trouble of any ongoing toilet plumbing issues. Frequent clogs and leaks can add up in cost, and a cracked tank or damaged floor seal not only results in a toilet replacement but water damage.
  • You can add some flair to your bathroom. As one of the most visible fixtures to sit in your bathroom, a toilet replacement gives you the option to give a little style to your bathroom. For those planning a renovation, the toilet is a good place to start. Toilets now come in multiple designs, whether you need something small and compact to save space or something flashy to impress your guests.
  • Your home value will increase. Besides the perks of a stylish bathroom, a new toilet can also increase your home value. If you plan to sell your home, visually appealing bathrooms which include appealing toilets, are shown to help homes sell more quickly and for a higher price than homes with a lackluster bathroom.


What to Look For in Your Toilet Replacement


If it’s time to replace your toilet, you’ll want to make sure you find a toilet that works best for you and your home. Replacing your toilet is something you want to get right the first time, as an improper installation will result in more plumbing problems. The size of your bathroom, budget, and style preferences are all things to consider before buying a new toilet. Here are a few things to consider when replacing your toilet.


  • Size. What’s probably most important is the size of the toilet and the space available in your bathroom. It’s crucial to measure the distance between the floor drain and the wall, as well as the toilet’s height. Different sizes can serve different functions. Taller toilets, for example, can be more comfortable, especially for taller people, the elderly, or people with disabilities. Bowl shapes are another thing to consider, elongated bowls provide more comfort while round bowls use less space.
  • Flush performance. Each toilet comes with a flush rating. The flush rating determines how well a toilet can remove waste and resist clogging. Flush ratings can typically be found on the packaging or displayed somewhere in the toilet aisle of your local store. The higher the flush rating, the better.
  • Efficiency. If you want to save money by being energy efficient then it’s important to look for efficient models. Watersense toilets, for example, are one type of toilet that can save you $90 a year on utility costs. Some local water districts will even offer rebates for installing an energy-efficient toilet.


Get the Toilet Your Home Deserves


Old, malfunctioning toilets are a pain no homeowner should have to put up with. Maintaining an old toilet is costly, so if it’s time for a toilet replacement, it’s important to contact the professionals. A licensed plumber can help determine which toilet works best for you, as well as ensuring your new toilet is properly installed. Don’t wait until the plumbing clogs, give your bathroom some love with a new toilet.

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