Top 10 Reasons for Drain Line Stoppages in Memphis

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There are a vast number of things that can go wrong in your drain and sewer lines. And if even, if you are not facing a full-fledged clog or stoppage, the items listed below can also hinder normal, free flowing drain function until properly fixed.

  1. Tree roots are hungry, fast growing things that can easily wrap your drain line in a stranglehold.
  2. Grease going down your kitchen sink may look harmless enough as it circles the drain, but the fact is that grease is one of the worst culprits of clogged drain lines that we encounter.
  3. Inappropriate items being ground up by your kitchen garbage disposal can quickly turn your drain line into an unmanageable mess.
  4. Mud, clay, grass, leaves and other outdoor detritus can become stuck in your drain line in a number of ways. We won’t know for sure until we can do some investigating.
  5. Feminine hygiene products being flushed down the toilet can cause a backup nightmare for even the mightiest of plumbing systems. Bottom line: don’t do it.
  6. Collapsed sewer lines are a tough, costly fix and unfortunately often require excavation.
  7. Incorrectly installed or connected piping is often the source of many problem plumbing systems. The only advice we can offer would be to make sure that this time around you hire a drain cleaning company who knows exactly what they are doing.
  8. Sagging sewer lines slow down the natural downward flow of your drain lines and can cause backup issues.
  9. In some cases, we find the municipal government is at fault for your clog. If they aren’t maintaining their sewer lines, you might be experiencing the ugly face of someone else’s back up.
  10. Line breakages cause debris to pile up at the damage site continuously until the problem is professionally addressed.

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