Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line in Memphis, TN

Here at Stewart Plumbing, we’ve noticed that every year at right around January, we start getting calls about the very same plumbing problem: tree roots in the sewer line.  As the snow starts to melt and every tree in Memphis starts to come back to life again, homeowners see their fixtures not working properly — toilets don’t seem to flush right, kitchen sinks smell rotten, showers start to have standing water build up — and they call us in.  We often find that pesky tree roots are the problem, as the roots that have already invaded start to rapidly grow again.

Why does this happen? Well, tree roots are designed to seek out moisture.  All too often, they find the wetness and nutrients they need in our sewer lines, and once they break in through the pipe seams they start to cause all sorts of problems, including leaks, clogs, and even complete disjointing.  Even worse is the fact that, once there are tree roots in your sewer line, they keep coming back, so year after year you keep having the same sorts of problems.

But never fear: Stewart Plumbing can help.  We have two main strategies for dealing with tree roots in your sewer line, and they are:

  • Hydrojetting– High pressured water jetting is the high-tech alternative to rooters and drain snakes; when those conventional means can’t get the job done, it’s time to call in the hydrojetter for a more complete clean!  Hydrojetting sends a powerful blast of water through your drains that not only blasts away tree roots completely but can also restore your pipes to the condition they were in ten years ago by removing all of the grease, oil, and grime from the pipe walls!
  • Root-X– This product is a favorite or ours for its fast acting and effective root elimination and prevention.  When Root-X goes down your drains, it turns into a thick foam that surrounds and destroys roots completely.  Stewart Plumbing is a certified dealer of Root-X, so you can purchase the product from us for your own uses online at this link!

Both of these techniques are so thorough that they can actually prevent further tree root intrusion in the future.  Also, remember that Stewart Plumbing is currently offering FREE whole-home plumbing inspection to homeowners, so if you suspect you might have these problems, you should call now for preventative care!  Call Stewart Plumbing for service today, and we’ll keep your plumbing running smooth all through the winter and spring.

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