The Risks of Undetected Leaks

Even the smallest leak can quickly turn into a major problem in your home. Most leaks require professional attention just to figure out where they are coming from! If left to worsen, they can cause mold, mildew, structural damage and sky-high utility bills. If you are experiencing any of the following problems in your home, call Stewart Plumbing for leak detection and repair today. You may have undetected plumbing leaks!

When to Call Stewart Plumbing

  • Mold or mildew. Any amount of mold or mildew is never a good sign. When excess moisture is left accumulate, they can grow at a rapid rate. This can be a health hazard for your home, as it causes asthma symptoms to worsen and other breathing related illnesses to pop up. If you notice spots of mold or mildew on the walls, ceiling, or anywhere else in your home, it’s likely that you have a leak.
  • Wall damage. Leaks can happen almost anywhere in your home, including inside your walls. If you see warped or peeling paint and wallpaper, you probably have a leak behind the wall.
  • Water stains. If your roof is leaking, it may cause dark or discolored patches on your ceilings. Sometimes the color of the stain can also help to determine what caused the leak. Dark brown or copper stains are usually caused by a leaking pipe.
  • Musty odors. If there’s mold in your home, you may be able to smell it before you see it. When something smells musty, it’s a sure sign of excess moisture somewhere. Be mindful of any foul odors. If you suspect you smell something musty, call a plumber.
  • Warped walls and doors. Water damage can be very destructive to the wood in your home. Be sure to check your walls for any curved planks, uneven surfaces, or slight discoloration. Water damage from a leak can cause windows and doors to become warped as well.
  • Excess moisture. Do your walls look sticky, almost like they’re sweating? This is usually the result of a moisture buildup behind the wall.
  • Cracked foundation. Don’t forget that leaks can happen underground as well! If you see cracks in your garage floor, you may have a waterline leak. Leaks under your home can lead to soil erosion, causing parts of the house to settle at a lower level.

How Stewart Plumbing Can Help

Leaks area very time sensitive issue because often be difficult to detect and, if overlooked, may cause severe structural damage to your home. No matter the type of water leak you are facing, we are ready to help. Our leak repair services include:

  • Leak detection.
  • Wall, ceiling, and floor leak damage repairs.
  • Plaster and drywall leak damage repairs
  • Foundation leak repairs.
  • Basement crack repairs.
  • Moisture readings.

Don’t let leaks damage your home any more than they already have. At the first sign, call Stewart Plumbing. 

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