Water Filtration in Memphis: What is Contaminating Your Water?

It seems like the go-to solution to avoiding to contaminated water these days is stocking up on bottled water. There are two problems with this: it’s not cost-efficient, and those plastic water bottles won’t be too nice on your local landfill. The fact of the matter is that all drinking water contains naturally occurring contaminants. After all, water is bound to pick up contaminants when it is passing through streams, rocks, and soil. Not all of these contaminants will have an impact on your health, but the danger of becoming ill from drinking water is still present.

The perfect solution to all of your contamination problems is by calling up Stewart Plumbing for water filtration in Memphis. We offer a wide range of filtration solutions including filters on faucets and appliances so you’ll have clean water for the whole family. The well-being of our customers is our top concern, and the quality of drinking water can play a large part in the quality of living in your home. We can ensure you’ll have clean water for drinking, washing dishes, cooking food, doing laundry, and more!

Common Drinking Water Contaminants

Before you take your next sip of tap water, take a look at the following contaminants that can often seep into your water supply and make it undrinkable:

  • Magnesium: Along with calcium, magnesium can lead to the creation of hard water, which can result in skin and eye irritation if it comes into human contact. Significant consumption of magnesium can have a laxative effect on the human body and also contain higher elements of lime scale.
  • Calcium: A healthy intake of calcium, primarily in dairy products, can lead to stronger bones and teeth. But when it comes to your water supply, it’s often a sign of hard water that can skin and eye irritation, spotty dishware, rougher clothes after laundry.
  • Aluminum: Though low levels of aluminum will have no real impact on your health, there are far greater long-term effects if aluminum levels are high enough. It’s been often reported that significant levels of aluminum consumption are linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s later in life.
  • Lithium: Lithium can natural occur in many water sources across the country. A scary fact, considering the effects of drinking water contaminated with lithium are threatening. Consumption of lithium can lead to vomiting and kidney damage!
  • Dirt: Yes, even actual dirt can contaminate your water. Of course, this will make your water taste horrible and certainly not what you want when you need to take a shower. There’s also no telling how many additional contaminants is carrying with it.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today if you want to learn more about water filtration in Memphis to keep these common contaminants and more out!

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