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Hard Water vs. Soft Water: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of water that can flow through your residential pipes: soft water and hard water. We know, it seems strange that water can have different “types,” but it can – and the difference is significant!

What is Hard Water?

Water is considered “hard” when it carries an abundance of mineral deposits with it. It is common, and will not be a danger to the health of anyone in your family. However, the health of your pipes are a different story. The longer hard water exists in your pipes, the more those minerals can start to corrode your plumbing. There are many different symptoms of hard water, including the inability to lather, streaks on your drinking glasses, and your clothes not getting fully clean.

What is Soft Water?

Soft water is exactly the opposite – water free of those additional minerals. Soft water is preferred over hard water, because it just feels cleaner. In order to ensure you have soft water in your home, you may need a water softening system.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softeners do what it sounds like – soften water by removing all the minerals that make water “hard.” It may not seem like such a big deal, but when you go from having hard to soft water, you will notice a huge difference.

Here’s why:

  1. Your pipes won’t deteriorate as fast. The rust and corrosion that are caused by those mineral deposits speed up the deterioration process and, in turn, can cause damage to other plumbing fixtures like water heaters and dishwashers.
  2. You will get more wear out of your clothes, as soft water keeps them clean, soft, and fresh.
  3. You will have cleaner, more appealing glasses and dishes.
  4. You won’t have itchy or irritated skin after you shower.
  5. You’ll save money! By not having to replace pipes, appliances, clothes, and dishes all the time due to the aftereffects of hard water, you’ll be able to save some money in the long run.

Don’t continue to live with hard water. Call Stewart Plumbing today for more information about how a water softening system will benefit you!

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