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Water Softening

Most homeowners today are more concerned than ever with the quality of their drinking water.  As a result, many people have turned to bottled water, since it is supposedly safer to drink. No matter where you live, you probably find yourself buying drinking water from time to time. Even if you have great water in your local water system.  We find that most homeowners do not even know they can get the same quality drinking water from a simple water filtration system installed in their home at their kitchen sink and for their icemaker water supply.

“Whole House” and “Point of Use” Water Treatment Systems:

At Stewart Plumbing we offer low-cost alternatives to alleviate the constant spending on bottled water.  We have systems that can be installed to give you” bottle quality drinking water” with years of service. Once the system is installed it can be maintained for “penny per gallon” of actual water used.  There are two main types of systems:

  • Whole-House- One installation cleans and softens your entire home!
  • Point-of-Use– This affordable alternative water treatment system will attach to a high-priority pipe or faucet to treat the water directly entering it, but only that water.

Call today to have one of our licensed professionals come out and look at your needs and we can perform a simple water analysis to see what options we can offer for your home. We can also help you determine what size water softener is best for your home.

Hard water is water that is overly rich with minerals like calcium and magnesium, and it is an all too common problem for Memphis home or business owners. The effects of hard water can be seen and felt in almost every aspect of your life where water is involved. If you have hard water in your home or business, you could be experiencing:

  • Hard deposits on and around fixtures.
  • Rings around tubs.
  • Spots on glass shower doors.
  • Dingy clothing.
  • Dry or itchy skin after bathing.
  • No lather when using soap or shampoo.
  • Foul-smelling hot water.
  • Deposits in clothes and dishwashers.
  • Reduced water pressure from showerheads.
  • Energy waste & low performance from your hot water heater

How to Solve Hard Water Problems

At Stewart Plumbing, we have been dealing with hard water problems for years. The most common solution we suggest is installing a water softener in your home. The minerals in hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing, damaging your appliances and fixtures if the problem is not handled promptly and correctly. A water softener can actually remove the ions from calcium and magnesium minerals in your water by replacing them with sodium, using salt.

Water Softening Options

Stewart Plumbing offers a number of different water softening options:

  • Water filtration: This will make the water you drink and use for cooking taste better by removing some of the calcium and magnesium from your water. However, if your water is extremely hard with high calcium and magnesium levels, water filtration may not make a large enough impact.
  • Salt-based water softener: Salt-based water softeners are an excellent option to combat hard water. However, they do require minor amounts of maintenance to stay efficient.
  • De-scaling: De-scalers will not only soften the water your home’s water, but will also address the build-up of those harmful minerals in your water heaters and piping.
No matter how hard water affects your life, the water softening experts at Stewart Plumbing are here to help you decide on the best option.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softening products are guaranteed will reduce the mineral levels in your water that make it hard. When your hard water becomes soft once again, you will begin to notice many benefits:

  • Cleaner clothing.
  • Better tasting water.
  • Increased appliance performance.
  • Cleaner dishes.
  • Increased water pressure.
  • Cleaner feeling skin and hair.

Well Water Treatment for Low PH

If you’re a homeowner with a well, you may have a few water conditions that can cause serious plumbing system damage.

The most common well water condition is known as acid water. You can identify acid water by evidence of bluish-green stains on plumbing fixtures and also by the deterioration of the chrome plating on the tub and sink drains.   When well water drops below 7 on the PH scale, it begins to break down the water piping by leaching all the copper, brass, and zinc components out of the piping and valves.

Over time, this condition will result in “pinhole leaks” and piping failure. This piping failure can result in flooding and property damage, often amounting to thousands of dollars worth in renovation and repairs. So if you have acid water from a private well, don’t wait!

At Stewart Plumbing, we offer a solution to all your well water conditions to meet any need you may have with a low PH condition. We provide everything from simple up-flow to backwashing neutralizers, all to ensure that the water in your home is safe and clean. Give us a call today to get a water analysis and let us help you find the solution to your acid water situation. We offer financing and ongoing calcite replenishing to properly maintain your system once installed by our professionals.

Well Water Treatment for Iron:

If you’re a homeowner with a well that has a heavy concentration of iron, you will notice the “reddish stains” in the back of the toilet tanks and also on the side of white porcelain plumbing fixtures.  You may also notice stains on the side of your brick if you use your outside water hydrants.  This well water condition can be the most difficult of all well water problems to correct.

But don’t worry — Stewart Plumbing has your back!

We offer a full line of water treatment products to take care of the Iron problems with your well.  You can start by scheduling a service call to meet with one of our plumbing professionals to look further into your plumbing system and identify the correct solution to the excessive iron in your well water.

Don’t live another day with hard or impure water. Call the water treatment experts at Stewart Plumbing today for a free water analysis and enjoy clean, healthy water again!

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