What Can Cause Your Kitchen and Bath Drains in Memphis to Clog?

Kitchen and bath drain clogs are enough to send homeowners tearing out their hair from its roots. After all, your kitchen and bathroom contain the most essential plumbing fixtures in your home including toilets, sinks, and showers. You rely on them every day to perform the most basic tasks, including washing up after a long day. But when they’re not working properly due to a drain clog, it can really throw your day-to-day schedule into a state of flux. And the worst part? You may not even know what’s causing drains to clog!

Stewart Plumbing is here to provide you with service on your kitchen and bath drains in Memphis. Our main goal is to see you be able to live comfortably in your home, and a large part of that is ensuring your kitchen and bath drains are working well. We can apply various drain cleaning methods that blast away clogs quickly, including water jetting and drain snaking. More importantly, we’ll figure out what’s causing those nasty clogs in the first place!

The Main Causes of Kitchen and Bath Clogs

The source of drain clogs can be a mystery for homeowners. Sometimes it’s the most seemingly harmless substance that can create the worst clogs. Other times, the obstruction can come from actual physical objects. Here are a few common clog causers:

  • Hair: Sure, one hair follicle won’t do any damage, but hair will stick to your drains and build up to create a clog so momentous and unsanitary that it will send you calling for professional service sooner than you may think. Hair buildup often occurs in shower drains, either due to shaving or shampooing.
  • Cooking Grease: One would think grease could turn drains into a virtual slip-n-slide, but the truth of the matter is that grease will harden and slow down passage in your pipes, making it even more difficult to remove. Discard cooking grease in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage.
  • Paper Products: Toilet paper may be light, but it can also stick to your drains like glue. While this mainly occurs in toilet drains, buildup of paper products can also occur in garbage disposals, especially if the paper is too thick to shred up.
  • Food: While your drains can survive the passage of smaller food particles, anything like larger pieces of produce, meat, and pasta can easily clog your drains. If you have a garbage disposal, keep food particles light and small so they can be easily chopped up.

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