Why Is Water Filtration Important? Memphis, Tennessee Edition

water filtration system in Memphis, Tennessee

Water doesn’t only help regulate essential bodily functions but also plays an important role in nature. From sustaining the ecosystem to carrying nutrients and oxygen from and to our cells and organs, water does it all. Hence, we need to keep this fundamental sign of life free from all impurifications and contaminations of the world we live in today. Residential and commercial water treatment systems can do this for us. Below, we explain the importance of water filtration for Memphis, Tennessee residents.

Importance of Water Filtration in Memphis for Residents

How does Memphis’ water system work?

The water of Memphis, like many other major cities, is an easy target for contamination and impurity. It is one of the largest US cities dependent 100% on groundwater, and its water is derived from the Memphis aquifer. However, this makes the water more susceptible to contamination through industrial and agricultural wastage. Due to these activities, drinking water may have high nitrate concentrations, which raises the risk of methemoglobinemia, a lethal blood condition, especially in infants.

Major contaminants affecting the water and their disadvantages

Lead is one of the major contaminants of the city’s outdated infrastructure. This can cause serious health problems like kidney damage, high blood pressure in adults, developmental delays, and behavioral problems in children. 

Moreover, according to recent reports by Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division (MLGW) and Environment Working Group (EWG), radiological contaminants such as radium and THM were detected in the water. They can cause a risk of contracting cancer.

Recent reports also indicate that the public groundwater supply may be exposed to arsenic pollution from nearby abandoned coal plants due to cracks in the subterranean layer that shields it.

These problems can be avoided by installing home and commercial water filtration systems, which are designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water.

Overview Of Home And Commercial Water Filtration 

Home and commercial water filtration systems are designed to make water safe and pleasant to drink. Many such filtration systems are available, each with unique features and abilities.

Home filtration systems are typically smaller in size and designed to serve a single-family residence. These systems can be mounted as a countertop unit, an under-sink unit, or a whole-house system. A few examples include 

  • Carbon filters
  • UV sterilization systems
  • Sequestration filters
  • Reverse osmosis systems.

On the other hand, commercial systems are manufactured on a large scale and are used in multi-unit residences or businesses. Such systems are installed in the basement or utility rooms to filter all the water entering the building. To list a few of these systems

  • Water softeners
  • Deionization systems
  • Multimedia filters

Benefits of water filtration in homes and businesses:

  1. Improved health: Definitely a priority; health is taken care of by removing pollutants such as lead, viruses, and bacteria from the water. This helps you prevent cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, etc.
  2. Longevity of appliances: Removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water can prevent build-up in pipes and appliances. This will increase efficiency and prolong the lifespan.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Filtration is a one-time investment that can help you avoid paying for bottled water and reduce the cost of replacing and repairing appliances and plumbing fittings.
  4. Abiding by the law: Water filtration and treatment can assist businesses in adhering to local and federal laws and regulations surrounding drinking water purity, helping them avoid penalties and fines.

As you can see, there are many reasons why water filtration in Memphis, Tennessee is so important. It guarantees that the water supply is free of dangerous impurities, contributes to environmental protection, and may ultimately cost less money for you. You may ensure that you have access to wholesome and safe water within your home by investing in a water filtration system.

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