Why Should You Have a Sewer Camera Inspection in Memphis?

A backup or clog in your sewer line is a very unpleasant situation. It can be felt through the rest of your plumbing, and quickly turn into a serious problem. The experts at Stewart Plumbing understand how troublesome these issues are. They tackle sewer issues with speed and success using a state of the art technology—camera inspection. When you’re experiencing sewer issues in your plumbing, trust the experts at Stewart Plumbing for quality sewer camera inspections in Memphis.

The Importance of Camera Inspections

A camera inspection should be the first service performed on a sewer line experiencing clogs, leaks, or other forms of blockage regardless of how frequent they happen. A camera inspection allows the plumber to actively locate clogs and leaks. Before this technology, it was a guessing game to locate obstructions usually concluding in excessive work, time, and money to excavate entire sewer lines. Today, camera inspections allow timely sewer analysis that is accurate and practical.

Camera inspections save time and money. They help to evaluate the entire health of your sewer line instead of focusing on one aspect alone. For example, a camera inspection will allow a plumber to identify more than one leak, crack, or identify an unknown obstruction such as tree roots. In this way, they can save you from future issues by identifying premature blockages or leaks.

When to Have a Camera Inspection

Since camera inspections help identify the location of clogs and blockages, it’s imperative to utilize this technology when your sewer line is experiencing a backup. But this isn’t the only time a camera inspection is useful, inspections also allow a plumber to view and evaluate the condition of the sewer line and its additional pipes based on its interior and any visible cracks, leaks, or corrosion. This is especially beneficial information when looking into new real estate or attempting to sell your own.

When you’re experiencing a sewer line issue or are interested in the health of your sewer pipes, trust the experts at Stewart Plumbing for quality camera inspection service.

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