4 Benefits of a Water Filtration System in Memphis

4 Benefits of a Water Filtration System in Memphis

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water filtration system in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

In just about every part of America, your water goes through a water treatment plant before it gets to your home. However, not everything can be cleaned out of the water. In addition, it’s always possible that the water can get contaminated again on its way to your home. Even fluoride and chlorine, chemicals purposely added to the water for treatment, can be bad for your health. If you want to make sure your water is completely safe, consider investing in a water filtration system. At Stewart Plumbing, we’re the Memphis experts on installing a water filtration system in people’s homes. 

Here are 4 reasons to get your home a water filtration system in Memphis:

Safer drinking water

The big draw of a water filtration system is having clean drinking water. Your home’s water may get treated by the plant, but not everything gets removed. Parasites, heavy metals, and water treatment chemicals can cause all sorts of health problems over time. A water filtration system can help get these out of your water, keeping you healthier. In addition, purified water also tastes better and has less pH.

Protect the environment and spend less

People aren’t very good about recycling their water bottles, and only a small percentage are actually recycled. The ones that make their way to landfills take about 450 years to completely decompose. With a home filtration system, you can use less bottled water, saving money and the environment. If you have water bottles, you can fill them with filtered tap water and reuse them.

No more hard water

Water filtrations systems work similarly to water softeners in that they both clear out the minerals in hard water. Hard water is a collection of minerals like magnesium and dissolved calcium can damage your various plumbing systems and water-using appliances. In addition, hard water can leave soap scum on your dishes, dry out your skin and hair, and make your clothes wear down quicker. Cleaning out your water with a water filtration system can alleviate all of those problems.

Prepare for disaster

It’s a hard truth to admit, but disaster can happen at any time. Many different things can happen that can pollute your drinking water, such as a burst sewer line. However, if you have a filtration system, you can help protect your water from contaminants.

Why should I choose Stewart to help filter my home’s water?

Stewart Plumbing has been working with clients, including the famous Graceland estate, on their plumbing issues since 1993. When you choose to have a water filtration system installed by us, we will install the system and provide you with the maintenance and care information you need to get the best water possible. Whole-home filtration can include filtering the water as it enters your home or separate filtration systems for each faucet. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about keeping your water supply pure!

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Top 5 Benefits of Water Softener Installation in Memphis

Top 5 Benefits of Water Softener Installation in Memphis

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The benefits of installing a state-of-the-art water softening system in your home go way beyond the simple elimination of hard minerals from your water supply. A new water softener offers real savings in the maintenance and replacement of appliances due to wear and tear caused by hard water. Examples of appliances that benefit from ‘soft water’ include water heaters, dishwashers, showers, and washing machines. Softened water will eventually remove lingering hard water deposits in water heating systems and new installations offer a wide range of benefits including:

1. Protects and preserves your skin. Hard water is extremely irritating to your skin. It can cause itchiness and painful dryness. But with a water softener, you can begin enjoying life with smooth, naturally moisturized skin as a result of a daily dose of soft water!

2. Cleaner-than-ever bathrooms and floors! With soft water, cleaning can be easier than ever. Dirt and grime wash away like a dream! In most cases, a water softener can reduce household cleaning time by nearly 50%! What will you do with all that newfound free time?

3. Big-time savings. Equipping your home with a water softener is solid investment these days. Most new water softeners will fully pay for themselves within 7 to 8 months of installation. And a lifetime of unlimited softened water will ultimately save you an incalculable amount on detergents, heating, and appliance operation costs.

4. Decreased lime scale. Hard water is terrible for your plumbing system. Water softeners will eliminate plumbing headaches such as clogged shower heads, lime scale scum build up on your shower doors and bath tub and disgusting hard water build up in your pipes.

5. Water heater operation cost reduction. With clean, pure water flowing through your water heater because of your new water softening system, you will see savings of up to 20-30% on gas, oil and electricity costs.

The benefits of soft water speak for themselves. Don’t hesitate any longer—contact Stewart Plumbing today to learn more today!

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