Stewart Plumbing’s 30th Anniversary: A Word From The Founder

Tim Stewart from Stewart Plumbing

May 1st celebrated the 30th anniversary of Stewart Plumbing, your go-to plumber in the greater Memphis area! We hope you are as excited about this as we are, and want to share some thoughts from owner and founder Tim Stewart about the business over the past 30 years.

Stewart Plumbing Goes Into Business In 1993

“Stewart Plumbing officially became a business on May 1st 1993! We filed for our federal ID and set up an accountant and bank accounts to begin my journey as a then-single guy that had acquired all the necessary licensing over a 10-year period of working as a plumber in the commercial construction community. I simply had the best launchpad for a plumber to learn and build my skills over this period. I apprenticed under some of the best plumbers in our area and consider it a privilege to have such good mentors. It took 10 years to build the skills and knowledge to start my solo journey in the plumbing trade. I acquired as much education as I could find from trade schools and apprenticeship efforts under some really good plumbers!”

The Stewart Family & The Company’s First Employees

“My partner Kathy and I met in 1992 and fell in love and officially tied the knot in January of 1995. Her role in the company became official in mid-1995 when we filed the documents to become a corporation in the States of Mississippi and Tennessee. Kathy helped with all things administration and continues in that role today.”

“We were blessed with our firstborn daughter in 1998 and our son in 2001. While being a full-time mom, Kathy managed the home and business on a part-time basis when the children were born. We hired our first full-time office staff member shortly before our daughter was born.”

Stewart Plumbing’s Business Model: How It’s Changed Throughout The Years

“In our first 13 years of business, our focus was on commercial and new construction efforts. Our business model looked very different then and we found great success with a short list of construction-based contractors that we supplied plumbing system construction for until 2006.”

Economic Impacts

“2006 came along with a downturned economy and the realization that we needed to shift our focus to a service and repair model with a shifting focus on residential repair. The market for expansion was wide open and there was a great need from the residential community for plumbing repair service.”

Leaving Behind Construction & Commercial Services

“We closed out our new construction and commercial service business endeavors in 2022.  Our last commercial customer was Graceland (have you heard of the famous rockstar Elvis?) and Stewart Plumbing still acts as an advisor to the Graceland Staff for their plumbing needs.”

Stewart Plumbing Proudly Serves Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion

“My claim to fame is that I am the only plumber alive that can claim to have worked on the water closet in the Graceland Mansion.  The Graceland Staff is truly my family as many of us grew up and spent our entire lives taking care of the King’s home in Memphis, TN.”

The Future Of Stewart Plumbing

“Our future looks bright with my current passion of passing my knowledge down to a great community of young people. I am excited to finally see a large number of young people coming back to the trades due to a shift in our workforce over the last few years. We are good at building plumbers and delivering the best service available to our clients. Kathy and I are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and give back in a big way with our time and resources behind the scenes. We are still a small plumbing company with a big heart for customer service and we would be honored for the opportunity to continue to prove that to our clients over the coming years together. We are committed to the success of everyone tied to Stewart Plumbing!  Thank you for your trust so far and the best is yet to come!” – Owner and founder, Tim Stewart

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