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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Whole House Plumbing System Check, Courtesy of Stewart Plumbing

Stewart Plumbing is excited to be offering a FREE Whole-Home System Check this winter to help Memphis homeowners be better prepared for the cold!  That’s a $149 value, courtesy of Stewart starting this October. Read this article to see why this service is so important, then call Stewart Plumbing for your free system check right now!

Reason #1:

Most homes over five years of age begin developing minor plumbing issues, such as clogged tubs and shower drains. As it turns out, these problems can cause delays in bathing time and can even cause odors as a result of waterlogged shower pan membranes. If not properly taken care of, these clogged drain conditions can worsen over time and will lead to more extensive maintenance costs and increased inconvenience to your already busy daily schedule.

At Stewart Plumbing, we offer drain line maintenance solutions by restoring your drain flow with low cost, weekly drain maintenance products. By using our environmentally safe products, we will reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminate the need to have further drain maintenance. Our licensed, trained professionals can offer solutions to any drain clogs that you may have throughout your home, including air conditioning condensate drains, water heater emergency drains, bath tub drains, washing machine drains, kitchen and bath drains, main line blockages, and basement drain line blockages.

Water damage is the leading cause of insurance claims in most homes today, and without proper drain line maintenance, your home could be at risk for property damage and an insurance liability.

Reason #2:

Water heaters are the next biggest maintenance concern for most homeowners. Today, with ever-increasing safety concerns for consumers, water heater manufactures are faced with building safer and more energy-efficient water heating products. With these new safety requirements that are protecting our families better come increased maintenance costs for homeowners. The maintenance for water heating products is increasing with every new generation of water heaters produced.

It can be difficult for homeowners to stay informed about water heater maintenance. Fortunately enough, the Stewart Plumbing Whole House Plumbing System check will include a water heater safety inspection to help you identify your water heater maintenance needs.

Reason #3:

Another item that we see costing homeowners quite a bit of money is high water usage due to running toilets and leaking faucets. Most toilets require maintenance within 24 months of installation. Surprisingly, toilet maintenance not only can be a simple procedure, but can be less costly than most homeowners realize.

If your toilets are regularly maintained, you can avoid those high water bills that can occur with leaking toilets and faucets. We have seen toilets run up water bills to well over $500 a month. Most toilets have over 12 leak points that need to be inspected, as well.

Reason #4:

We are constantly seeing mold and mildew damage to homes due to a lack of sink and faucet maintenance. The majority of these leaks begin slowly and gradually appear after the damage is done, so to speak.

These leaks can be avoided by making simple adjustments to faucets and drain components, in addition to avoiding mold and rot damage to your home’s interior finishes. Most people do not realize that a kitchen sink with a disposal and dishwasher has over 30 leak points that can cause property damage. A bathroom sink has over 15 leak points that should be checked on at least an annual basis.

Reason # 5:

If you are a homeowner, you should know the condition of your water service and sewer piping between the house, as well as the city connection to your municipal sewer and water supply lines.

Over time, the contraction and expansion of clay soils along with root growth from landscape components can present stress on underground piping and cause ruptures. These occurrences can cause damage to driveways, sidewalks, in addition to damage to foundations and the landscaping of your home.

You should know the condition of the piping, along with its age, so that you can properly plan for repairs as the property ages. We see most water service repairs occurring to PVC piping anywhere from two to 10 years after the home is constructed, depending on landscape placement. In most cases, the improper planting of trees and landscaping causes these types of repair needs.

Above are just five reasons to have your plumbing system properly maintained by professionals. Be sure to call Stewart Plumbing or to fill out the form linked below to schedule your Whole House Plumbing System Check today!

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