10 Warning Signs Your Drains or Sewers Need to Be Serviced

10 Warning Signs Your Drains or Sewers Need to Be Serviced

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10 Warning Signs Your Drains or Sewers Need to Be Serviced

Maintaining the health of your sewers and drains is important because it eliminates foul odors and prevents water overflow issues, as well as prevents expensive home repairs and health problems. Read to discover 10 warning signs that indicate your drains and sewers need to be serviced.

1.Multiple Clogged Fixtures

Multiple clogged fixtures are the most common sign of drain and sewer problems. Fixtures that frequently pose a threat include bathtubs, toilets, and showers. These clogs are caused by a buildup of debris, such as hair, excess paper, and non-flushable items.

2. Slowly Draining Fixtures

Common causes of slowly draining fixtures are soap scum build up and an accumulation of hair and other debris, including foreign objects.

3. Wet Spots on Landscapes

Wet spots on landscapes are eyesores, and they kill your home’s curb appeal. Wet spots are puddles of standing water that make your lawn look like it is flooded in different places. Standing water not only attracts mosquitos and suffices as a perfect breeding ground, but it also causes your grass and plants to become over-hydrated.

4. Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant drain odors derive from venting problems, dry p-trap, and sewer line issues. Unpleasant odors that come from the drain due to sewer problems are an indication that there is a block or a break within the sewer line.

5. Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises in your drains are the result of grease and dirt buildup. Due to this buildup, air bubbles cannot flow freely through the pipes. This causes water to drain slowly and creates a gurgling noise.

6. Frequent Drain Clogs

Kitchen sinks clog more than any other drain in the home. Common causes of frequent drain clogs include food, grease, hair, and small objects. Items that should not be placed down the kitchen drain include paper towels, egg shells, coffee grinds, produce stickers, and corrosive substances.

7. Overflowing Toilets

Overflowing toilets are more common than many people think, especially in a home with three or more people living there. Toilets overflow because of a blockage within the pipes.

8. Leaking Pipes

The different causes of leaking pipes include strong pressure within the pipes, the amount of oxygen in the water, and the water’s pH. An abundance of oxygen in water causes pipes to corrode rapidly. An imbalance in water’s pH causes pipes to rust and deteriorate.

9. Water Damage

Broken and leaking pipes are the common cause of water damage. Other causes of water damage include sewer backup, overflowing bathtubs, and broken toilets.

10. Expensive Household Bills

Water and sewer bill expenses are based upon consumption. When you have leaking pipes and other sewer and plumbing problems, your sewer or water bill can skyrocket. Some leaks in the home are easier to locate than others. Bathroom leaks are easier to find than kitchen leaks because kitchen sinks have more complex piping systems.

Situations That Occur When Sewer and Drain Issues Are Ignored

When sewer and drain issues are left unattended, they can increase or be compounded with other problems. Homeowners suffer a great deal of discomfort, inconvenience, and expense when their services have to be interrupted or when they are unable to use their plumbing fixtures. Homeowners put themselves at higher risk for additional pipe leaks, malfunctions, and even more expense. The most devastating problem when sewer and drain issues are ignored is sanitation. Flooded toilets and sinks are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With a decreased level of sanitation, you and your family are at risk for contracting and spreading diseases and developing health issues.

The Benefits of Correcting Sewer and Drain Issues In a Timely Manner

Handling issues with your sewer and drain as soon as problems arise has many advantages, including improved longevity of plumbing fixtures and reduced risk of water damage. Plumbing fixtures that are maintained properly will save money because you will not have to frequently replace the fixtures. Sewers and drains that work properly have a reduced chance of experiencing leaks, which reduces the risk of water damage. The level of sanitation is improved because germs and bacteria will stay where they belong. To add an extra layer of protection from germs and to control the amount of bacteria, you can routinely pour bleach down your drains and use it when you clean your toilet. Peace of mind is a benefit that cannot be compared to any other benefit. You do not have to stress yourself worrying about the health of your family and the condition of your home. You can sleep peacefully knowing your sewer and drains are functioning correctly. The misery of spreading germs and bacteria, household damage, and expensive repairs is a thing of the past.


Do not ignore what appear to be simple sewer and drain issues. What seems minimal at the time could be progressing into a major problem.

Do your drains check any of our 10 warning signs your drain or sewers need to be serviced? Then call Stewart Plumbing today!

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Immediate Benefits of a Camera Inspection

Immediate Benefits of a Camera Inspection

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Sewer pipe repair

Spring and summer cause a wide range of plumbing issues to pop up. Because most of your plumbing is located behind walls or underground, inspections and repairs used to involve extensive cutting into walls or digging into your yard. With the benefits of a camera inspection, you no longer need to ruin your walls or lawn!

Using this non-invasive tool, plumbers can see directly into your pipes to diagnose the problem without harming your system. Maintaining your plumbing is important, and a camera inspection can help to prevent and treat the following problems in your home.

Problems Camera Inspection Can Detect

  • Tree root damage. Did you know that plumbing problems are often caused by tree roots? Because a majority of your plumbing is located underground, it’s likely that they will come face to face with roots.  Your main sewer line is full of running water. For trees and plants, this is their source of food. In their quest for nourishment,  they may break right into your pipes. This can cause the affected pipes to break or collapse.
  • Old pipes. As your pipes age, they are more susceptible to leaks and breakages. Wear and tear over years of use can weaken and warp your plumbing. A camera inspection will be extremely beneficial in confirming the age and condition of your plumbing.
  • Extreme clogs. Because some clogs are impossible to reach without professional help, and a camera inspection helps your plumber treat the clog efficiently by finding the direct source.
  • Cracked or misaligned pipes. Deep clogs are often caused by a crack in your pipes or a bad connection between them. A camera inspection makes it significantly easier to detect cracks, clogs, and leaks without having to cut into your walls or yard.

How Stewart Plumbing Can Help

Besides the obvious benefit of less destruction while looking for the source of the problem, benefits of a camera inspection done by Stewart Plumbing can include:

  • The ability to locate the exact location of the issue: This helps keep the repair localized and less expensive for the homeowner.
  • Early problem detection: While you may have called us out for a drain clog, while using the camera we can see if your pipes are corroded, have damage or need replacing. This can catch a small problem before it becomes a major leak or repair.
  • Accurate repairs: We no longer have to guess at the cause of your problem. With camera inspection, we will be able to guarantee that the work we did will fix your problem.

Don’t rip open your pipes until you are positive it is necessary. Call in the Stewart Plumbing camera inspection squad today!

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Six Signs That You’re in Need of Sewer Repair

Six Signs That You’re in Need of Sewer Repair

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Sewer replacement

Maybe your home is your hobby and you look forward to performing maintenance and doing upgrades on your days off. Maybe it’s an investment in your future and you don’t hesitate to have professionals work on it to increase its value. Or perhaps it’s simply the safe, comfortable place where your family relaxes and you want to keep it that way at all costs. Whatever your home means to you, if your sewer isn’t in good shape, then the truth is that your hobby, investment, safe place, or all of the above could be at risk—and you need to take immediate action.

Do You Need Sewer Repair?

Here’s how you can tell if your sewer might be in need of repair:

  1. There’s an unpleasant odor in and around your property. If the sewer line is damaged, wastewater could be escaping into the foundation or the ground around your home. If this is the case, you’ll notice an unpleasant smell. There could also be an unpleasant odor coming from the drains.
  2. Water is slow to drain. If your sewer line has caved in or becomes clogged for some other reason, then waste water can’t drain away properly. You’ll most likely notice this with the bath and shower first, then the toilet, and then any sinks. Note that if only one drain doesn’t run off properly, it’s more likely an indication of a blockage in that drain rather than a damaged sewer.
  3. There are frequent sewage backups. If wastewater can’t run off properly, then you’ll start to notice the sewer backing up. This is not only unpleasant; it’s also very unhygienic.
  4. A noticeable increase in the number of critters around your home. Raw sewage attracts all sorts of unpleasant pests—and those pests attract larger predators. If you start to notice more insects, rats, and other critters than usual, then you’ve likely got a problem with your sewer.
  5. There’s wastewater pooling in your driveway or yard. If the wastewater is leaking out of the sewer but can’t run off, it will start to pool in your driveway or yard, depending on where the sewer line runs.
  6. Your plants are doing better than ever. If there’s a part of your yard where the plants or lawn suddenly start doing much better, it could indicate a broken sewer line. The plants will feed off the nutrients they capture from the leaking wastewater.

How Stewart Plumbing Can Help

Your sewer main is the primary sewer line that connects the city’s main sewer line to your home. When it becomes clogged, blocked, or damaged, you could be looking at an unpleasant and expensive issue in your home. In the event of an issue with your sewer, Stewart offers:

  • Repair
  • Excavation
  • Slop Lining
  • And other repair or prevention services!

If you are experiencing issues with your sewer this holiday season, call Stewart Plumbing today! 

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4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Memphis

4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Memphis

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sewer camera inspection in Memphis by Stewart Plumbing

Are you having problems with your plumbing and can’t discover the cause? It might be time to call someone to perform a sewer camera inspection on your Memphis home! A sewer camera is a long, flexible rod with a camera at one end. The other end connects to a computer that’ll show a live feed of what the camera sees inside your sewer pipes. From there, we can decide the best way to get your pipes cleaned out. But how does sticking a camera into your pipes help you get your pipes fixed?

Here are four ways a sewer camera inspection in your Memphis home can make your life easier:


Get the right fix the first time

There are a variety of reasons your drain pipe may not be working. Things flushed down the toilet or the sink drain may have caused a blockage, tree roots might have grown into the pipe, or the sewer line may be cracked or disconnected. There’s also the possibility you have a water leak. Each problem requires a unique solution, and a sewer line camera can help us figure out exactly what we need to do to fix it.


Receive a reference video for insurance

Some insurance companies can be a little unwilling to give out insurance money unless you have hard evidence of a problem. Fortunately, we can help. After we clean out your pipes with the help of the camera, we’ll give you a copy of the camera footage. This can be useful if you have to explain to your insurance company what happened and get the insurance money you deserve.


Much cheaper

As well as being cheaper and faster than digging for pipes, a sewer camera inspection can help you locate early warning signs of bigger problems. By finding these issues and dealing with them quickly, you can save more money by not undergoing serious repairs.


Avoid unnecessary digging

Normally the only way to examine your pipes involves digging a trench into your yard and ruining your lawn. However, with sewer camera inspections, we can offer a non-intrusive way to look at your pipes without tearing up your garden. All we need is access to the sewer pipe’s opening and we can get a good look at the insides.


Why call Stewart Plumbing to handle your sewer problems?

The Stewart Plumbing team believes in the importance of serving clients’ needs with the best plumbers and customer service reps in the business. At Stewart Plumbing you can rest easy on the knowledge that your plumber has passed a rigorous series of technical training, certifications, and tests.  All Stewart plumbers are drug tested and background checked as part of the hiring process to make sure you are at ease every time one of our employees visits your home or business. We back all of our work with the best warranties in the industry and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Stewart Plumbing today to learn more about our sewer cleaning services!

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Call for Sewer Repair in Hernando, MS When You Notice These Signs!

Call for Sewer Repair in Hernando, MS When You Notice These Signs!

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Your sewer line is the most essential part of your home’s plumbing system. If it clogs, cracks, or collapses, you may as well say goodbye to the rest of your plumbing system. It’s as easy as that. That’s why calling up for sewer repair in Hernando, MS is so important, or else there will be plenty of plumbing-related headaches in your future. This includes problems with your most essential plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers.

If you don’t want sewer problems interfering with your daily life, please call Stewart Plumbing for service today. Our team of plumbers offers the best sewer repair in Hernando, MS. Our repair services are quick and durable so your plumbing system is working better than ever. Like any of our plumbing services, our sewer services are designed to restore a high level of convenience in your home to make life easier for you and your family. Best of all, our services ensure you won’t experience sewer problems any time again in the near future.

Sewer Repair in Hernando, MS: When Should You Call Stewart?

If you notice any of these signs around your home, please call Stewart Plumbing for repair service immediately:

  • Fluctuating Water Levels in Your Toilet: The water level in your toilet may go up and down if you have a clogged sewer line. Your toilet may appear to normal water levels at first, then have almost no water at all. This is indicates a clog is preventing water from fully entering the toilet and may result in depleted water levels entirely if not treated soon enough.
  • Rodents and Insects: Rodents like rats and mice are attracted to broken sewer lines and like to burrow inside of them. If you’re the type of person who is squeamish over the sight of tiny furry creatures running around your home, you’ll definitely want to call Stewart Plumbing immediately for service.
  • Unpleasant Odors: Sewer line problems heighten the risk of raw sewage leaks and as we all know, raw sewage leaks don’t smell too nicely. If you begin to smell an unpleasant raw sewage smell in and around your home, please call Stewart Plumbing for repair now.
  • Wet Landscape: A broken sewer line may give way to puddling on your landscape. The water may not be exactly clean either, posing a threat to the overall level of sanitation in your home. Homeowners who take pride in having a good-looking lawn will want to pay extra attention to this sign.

Contact Stewart Plumbing today for sewer repair in Hernando, MS that will keep your plumbing system in working condition!

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Why Should You Consider Sewer Repair in Memphis?

Why Should You Consider Sewer Repair in Memphis?

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Sewer repair in Memphis isn’t something most homeowners look forward to—but when you need it, you’re strongly advised to not delay it.

Dangers of Delaying Sewer Repair in Memphis

The thing about sewers is that you don’t see them because they run under the floor and underground. So it’s pretty much impossible to see any damages. However, there are other signs that your sewer might be damaged. If there’s a foul smell coming from the drains in your home, it’s a sign the sewer is damaged. At the same time, if the sewer is backed up to the extent that sewage is coming up through your home’s drains, then you need a plumber right away. Finally, in some cases, a broken sewer pipe leads to water pooling in the driveway or yard.

Not getting your sewer repaired on time is unpleasant and very unhygienic. It can even put you and your family at risk of nasty infections. And the longer the sewer isn’t repaired, the more extensive the damage becomes and the more costly the repairs become.

Benefits of Sewer Repair in Memphis

In contrast, if you do the smart thing and call a plumber as soon as you notice there’s something wrong with the sewer, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits. First of all, you won’t have to deal with a nasty odor in your home. Plus, the drains won’t overflow with backed-up sewage. And of course, it’s much more hygienic to get these kind of issues handled right away.

Finally, there’s another benefit: If your sewer is damaged, that detracts from the value of your property. However, if you can prove you’ve had work done on the sewer in the past five years, it’s a huge plus in terms of property value. Moreover, if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next few years, this could help.

If you need sewer repair in Memphis, don’t wait. Call your trusted plumber at Stewart Plumbing right away. We’ll pinpoint the problem and get to work on fixing it right away. So don’t wait: Call Stewart Plumbing now!

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3 Methods For Sewer Repair in Memphis

3 Methods For Sewer Repair in Memphis

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The plumbing in your home plays a very big part in your daily routine. Imagine trying to go a few days without running water—you would certainly be inconvenienced, and probably very irritated. It’s not easy to live without indoor plumbing, that’s why it’s so important to keep your plumbing properly maintained and regularly serviced.

Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever. Your home’s plumbing, and sewer line, will eventually need replacements, and repairs. When you need sewer repair in Memphis, you need to call in a professional that you can trust! That’s why Stewart Plumbing is your source for reliable, high quality plumbing services. Don’t settle for less than you, and your home, deserve! Call Stewart at the first sign of damage!

Sewer Repair

  • A damaged sewer line can be a major problem. Not only does it prevent you from being able to use several amenities in your home, but it can also lead to a serious mess, and a very expensive repair. Whether it’s a clog, leak, or blockage, you need a professional to address any sewer line issue as soon as possible.
  • Stewart Plumbing is your go-to plumbing service in Memphis. They will quickly have one of their experts assess the damage to your sewer line. By using a special drain camera, a licensed technician from Stewart will be able to detect the exact location of your sewer troubles, and help you avoid unnecessary excavations and expensive repairs.
  • Stewart Plumbing also offers slip-lining repair. This method is trenchless, meaning it doesn’t require excavating the entire sewer line. A slip-line repair is an installation of a smaller pipe at the source of the line’s damage. The small pipe fits inside the damaged section and the space is filled around it. In no time at all, your sewer line will be flowing properly. This resourceful option saves you a ton of money on expensive excavation, and lot’s of time as well!

For the best in the business, and all of your plumbing needs, call Stewart Plumbing today!

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